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Teleconference March 8, 2011

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Mt. Edgecumbe High School

Statewide Teleconference

March 8, 2011

I.                    Roll Call 7:10pm AKST (Alaska Standard Time)

A.       Roll call was taken and recorded by the name of the enrolled child(ren.)


1.        Blossom Twitchell (Home/School Coordinator) gave a reminder that a final roll call would be given at the end of the teleconference to make sure all names were recorded.

2.       It was requested that all participants in the teleconference to place their phone on mute, so that background interference would be at a minimum.

B.       People in Attendance in Sitka, Alaska


1.       Bernie Gurule, MEHS Academic Principal

2.       Andrew Friske, MEHS Residential Principal/Athletic Director

3.       Tracy Dupee, MEHS Dorm Counselor

4.       Kari Lundgren, PA C MEHS Clinic

5.       Carl Blackhurst, Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator

6.       Blossom Twitchell, MEHS Home/School Coordinator


II.                  Updates, Progress and Events at MEHS

A.      Bernie Gurule, MEHS Academic Principal

1.       Liberal Arts Day @ MEHS, Saturday , March 10

2.       Our MEHS Battle of Books Team took 6th at State.

3.       Our National Honor Society Induction Ceremony will be held March 21, 2012.

4.       Prom was moved from April 7 to April 6, due to Sitka High School scheduling their prom on the same day.  Rescheduling our prom will avoid any overbooking of dinner reservations or hair appointments.

5.       Prom dress alterations & tuxedo rentals are being arranged by Mr. Ivy and a group of volunteers who are flown up here from around the country by Alaska Airlines.  This year, Mr. Ivy and the group were able to work out a deal with Men’s Warehouse.  Previously, tuxedo rentals started from $200.00 here in town.  This year, the price of the basic rental tux will start at $60.00 and it will go up from there depending on the options you choose.  The tux’s will also be flown up here courtesy of Alaska Airlines.

6.       The Standardized Test dates are as following: April 2-6

7.       Graduation information will go out to parents in the last progress report : March 30

8.       Questions

a.        No questions were asked at this time

9.        Contact Information for any questions or additional concerns.

a.        Bernie Gurule, telephone: 1 (907) 966-3202

b.       e-mail:

 B.       Kari Lundgren, MEHS Clinic PA C

1.        The 2012 MEHS Health Fair will be held during Saturday School on March 10th.  We have gotten a tremendous response to participate from Health Care professionals throughout the community.  Participating organizations will be the US Coast Guard, Mental Health providers, SEARHC Dental staff, UAS Nursing students, SEARHC Diabetes Prevention program, SEARHC Tobacco Cessation, UAS Health Careers staff, Sitkan’s Against Family Violence, and the SEARHC Pharmacy staff. The exhibits will promote healthy lifestyles and disease prevention, but also promote careers in health.

2.       Questions

a.        No questions were asked at this time.

 3.         Contact Information for any questions or additional concerns.

a.       Kari Lundgren, telephone:  1 (907) 966-3227

b.      e-mail:

c.       MEHS Clinic, telephone:  1 (907) 966-3264

 C.       Tracy Dupee, MEHS Counselor

 1.        MEHS counseling support is available during the school day as well as every evening in the dorms until about 11:30pm, in addition to the help and support available through MEHS, we also make referrals to providers in the community for drug and alcohol counseling and mental health counseling.

2.       If you have any concerns about your child, please feel free to call the school and ask for a member of the counseling team or you can find our direct numbers and e-mail addresses on the website. 

3.       Questions

a.        No questions were asked at this time.

 4.        Contact Information for any questions or additional concerns.

 a.       Tracy Dupee, telephone:  1 (907) 966- 3224

b.      e-mail:

 D.       Andrew Friske, MEHS Residential Principal/Athletic Director

 1.       The Regional Basketball Tournament was held in Ketchikan this year.  Our 1st Pep Band/Rock Band in recent history, attended this year, and they were a big hit!  Our Cheerleading Squad took 2nd place and earned a spot to compete at State.  Our Braves Basketball team played hard and also earned a State berth.  Our Robotics Club also travelled to Fairbanks for the Robotics State Championships, both robots competed well.  The, “Iron Braves,” team won the Rockwell Collins Innovation Award.  The, “Titanium Braves,” team made it all the way to the semifinals in their division. 

 2.       Questions

 a.       No questions were asked at this time.

 3.        Contact Information for any questions or additional concerns

 a.        Andrew Friske, telephone:  1(907) 966-3228

b.      e-mail:

 E.       Carl Blackhurst, Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator

 1.  We will hold an all dorm Open House Sunday March 18th.  This is the one time that the boys and the girls will be able to see each other’s dorms and rooms.  This event is both highly popular and highly supervised.

2.  This time of year we have lots of activities planned, we try and keep the kids very busy with outdoor activities, along with cooking and baking.  This is the time of year where we have a lot of homesickness, so we are here to keep the kids going either being outdoors kayaking, hiking, biking or working as a group baking or cooking together.  When you talk to your child, it’s a great time to encourage them to get involved in an activity.

3.    Questions

 b.      No questions were asked at this time.

 III.                 Open Phone Time

 A.       Questions, Comments, and Concerns

 1.        Questions


a.        Parent:  How do you access my student’s report cards online?  Mr. Gurule:  Instructions were sent out in the mail, I’ll contact you later to walk you through the process. 

b.   Parent: When is the last day of school, when will my child fly out of Sitka?   Mr. Friske:  Students will fly out May 3rd, they will arrive in Anchorage the morning of the 4th and most students should fly out to their hometowns from Anchorage on the 4th.

c.     Parent:  Does MEHS have a Spring Break?  Mr. Gurule:  No, we do not have a Spring Break here at MEHS.  Not having a Spring Break allows us to have a longer Summer Break.

d.     Parent:  Will there be chaperones in Anchorage when our children fly home?  Mr. Friske:  Yes, there will be chaperones in Anchorage; the students are required to stay with the chaperones until they leave on their scheduled flight home.

e.    Parent:  My child was put on restriction for missing their tutorials but she missed her tutorials because her name wasn’t on the right list for her floor.  Mr. Friske: The tutorial lists are the same on all floors, but it is possible that her name wasn’t highlighted.  All students are welcome to discuss any tutorial write ups with Ms Sharlymae.

f.      Parent:  Is there a place online where I can log on to so I can view how many credits my child has?  Mr. Gurule: No, that information is cannot be found on the website due to its confidentiality but you are welcome to call the Academic Office during regular school hours at 1(907) 966-3200 and they will be able to look up that information for you.

g.     Parent:  Theft is an issue, how is that being handled? Mr. Friske:  It has been a while since we have had an incident of theft in the dorms.  Mr. Gurule: Unfortunately, theft does happen but when it does, we take it very seriously and the consequences are steep.  Due to the seriousness, we do have to prove that the item was taken and be sure that we have the right person, so we stress that the students take the proper measure to secure their valuables and property.

h.     Parent:  How do you purchase apparel?   Mr. Friske:  Anyone who wants to purchase MEHS apparel is welcome to call Mr. Goldsberry.  His office hours are 3pm to Midnight Friday thru Tuesday, and his days off are Wednesday and Thursday.  His telephone number is: 1(907) 966-3251 and his e-mail address is:

i.         Parent:  Do you have a bank? Mr. Friske:  We have safes in each dorm available to students, and they are welcome to store their valuables in there, we also have an ATM and there is always the option of using the local banks in town.

j.        Parent:  Thank you for the webcast’s!

IV.                 Final Roll Call 8:10pm AKST (Alaska Standard Time)

 A.       Final Roll Call was recorded by Blossom Twitchell

 1.        All were invited to attend the final MEHS Statewide Teleconference on April 5, 2012 at 7pm.