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Statewide Teleconference 10/6/11

posted Oct 14, 2011, 2:54 PM by Mark Nance   [ updated Oct 14, 2011, 2:56 PM ]

Mt. Edgecumbe High School

Statewide Teleconference

October 6, 2011

I.                    Roll Call 7pm AKST (Alaska Standard Time)


A.       Roll call was taken and recorded by the name of the enrolled child(ren.)


1.        Blossom Twitchell (Home/School Coordinator) gave a reminder that a final roll call would be given at the end of the teleconference to make sure all names were recorded.

2.       It was requested that all participants in the teleconference to place their phone on mute, so that background interference would be at a minimum.


B.       People in Attendance in Sitka, Alaska


1.       Randy Hawk, MEHS Superintendant

2.       Bernie Gurule, MEHS Academic Principal

3.       Andrew Friske, MEHS Residential Principal/Athletic Director

4.       Tracy Dupee, MEHS Dorm Counselor

5.       Kari Lundgren, PA C MEHS Clinic

6.       Blossom Twitchell, MEHS Home/School Coordinator


II.                  Updates, Progress and Events at MEHS


A.      Randy Hawk, MEHS Superintendent  


1.        2011-2012 Enrollment













































October is our enrollment count period so we hope to maintain the current enrollment which would help with our funding.


2.      The Advisory Board approved the 2012-2013 Calendar at last night’s meeting.  First semester will start on August 27th and end on December 20th.  Second semester will start on January 14th and end on May 9th


3.     We just had our Advisory Board meeting last night and one of the things on the agenda was to formally approve Capital Improvement Projects for the upcoming Governor’s Budget.  Projects recommended to be put forward were:

·         Heating Plan Upgrades – Phase II, III, IIIa

·         Locker Renovation in the Gym

·         Girl’s Dorm Siding

·         Back-up Generators for the MEHS Campus


New Construction

·         Academic Wing Expansion


Much depends upon what the Governor feels should be included in his budget so we will have to see what he does approve.


4.      Contact Information for any questions or additional concerns.


a.        Randy Hawk,  telephone:  1 (907) 966-3201

b.      e-mail:


B.       Kari Lundgren, MEHS Clinic PA C


1.        The MEHS Clinic is an, “On Site,” primary care facility that also offers, “Sick Bay,” care for any students that are not well enough to go to school.

2.       The MEHS Clinic works closely with all MEHS Athletes’, we make sure that they are physically fit to complete the sports that they are involved in and help with any physical ailments that may come up. 

3.       Every Monday, we hold a Sports Clinic for any and all who need time with a Physical Therapist.

4.       We also have on site nutrition, and we have held a popular, “Healthy Choices/Diet,” clinic.

5.       The Flu Season has started, and we will begin to hold a vaccine clinic.  Information will be sent out with the Progress Reports.  We will have enough for everyone at the school to receive a shot.  If you do not want your child to have the flu vaccine, please contact the MEHS Clinic.

6.       This year we have had a very healthy campus due to 92% of the students receiving the flu shot last year.

7.       Questions


a.        Are Non-Native Students also covered by Denali Kid Care?  Yes, all MEHS Student’s are covered by DKC, (Denali Kid Care.)  You as a parent can also have your child covered by your private insurance, if the school doesn’t have your insurance information already, feel free to call the clinic:  (907) 966-3264

b.      Are there Dental Services available to our children? Yes, the MEHS Clinic can schedule dental appointments, you are able to call the clinic and request an appointment scheduling for your child.

c.       Can we request copies of the appointments our child/children go to?  Yes, you can call the clinic and we are able to e-mail or fax your the records.

d.      Do our children have the opportunity to see an eye doctor?  Yes, all of the students have their eyes and teeth checked during Edge Camp at the beginning of the year; and then you are always welcome to call the clinic and request that an appointment be made for your child.

e.      My child’s glasses broke.  DKC cover’s one pair of glasses a year, you can call the clinic and we can set up an appointment for your child.

f.        Will I get billed for contacts?  DKC will pay for glasses buy not contacts.  The Eye Clinic at the hospital will notify you of the cost of the contacts before they are ordered.

g.       What about cardiology clinic’s, is that a service that you provide?  If you have a concern about your child, and you feel they need to be seen by a cardiologist, contact the clinic and we will work on getting them into that specialty clinic at the hospital.

h.      How long does the DKC coverage last?  Denali Kid Care (DKC,) is good for one year.

i.         Is the Denali Kid Care, (DKC,) coverage a perk for attending the school?  Yes it is.

j.        Will we be able to get a DKC card for over Christmas Break?  Yes, have your child stop by the MEHS Clinic and ask for a copy.


8.         Contact Information for any questions or additional concerns.


a.       Kari Lundgren, telephone:  1 (907) 966-3227

b.      e-mail:

c.       MEHS Clinic, telephone:  1 (907) 966-3264


C.       Bernie Gurule, MEHS Academic Principal


1.        First of all, I would like to thank the SEARHC MEHS Clinic for all of the work and services they provide for us here on campus, and I would also like to take this time to thank the GCI Operator who is listening in and making sure this teleconference is working smoothly!

2.       On Saturday the 8th, MEHS will hold a Saturday School!  There are six Saturday School Day’s throughout the school year; and we treat it like a regular school day.  We are able to finish the school year early by holding the Saturday School.  This Saturday we are having a Science Day!  Some of the many activities include a PH Lab of the Ocean’s Acid Levels, Measuring the Velocity of a Crashing Vehicle, and visiting the Aquariums in town.

3.       Ms. Sachiko Inomata is from a little town, Kamakura, about an hour from Tokyo. She comes to us through the International Internship Program which places Japanese nationals in foreign schools to teach about Japanese Language and Culture. She will be a part of our teaching staff the entire first semester. She is an expert in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Ms. Inomata is doing a wonderful job working with our students on their speaking skills.  She is also working one-on-one with MEHS students on independent Japanese studies. Mr. Kimber, our Japanese teacher and Head Wrestling Coach coordinated the internship and is serving as the host mentor instructor.

4.       Special Activities / Events: (A). Every MEHS student will participate in the Sitka College Fair on October 20. The fair is an opportunity for students and parents to obtain first hand valuable information about colleges, universities and career opportunities, financial aid and more. Representatives from over 50 institutions across the nation will make themselves available to answer questions and offer support for higher education options. (B). This month MEHS will send ten students and two staff members to the Alaska Association of Student Government Conference in Anchorage @ Service High School. This fine group of students and advisors do a wonderful job of improving our school experiences both in the classrooms and in the residential setting.  They prove to be committed week in and week out. I am very proud to be associated with them. (C). Eight Japanese students and two teachers visited MEHS for about five days in September. Mr. Kimber coordinated the activities and the sister-school partnership. The group is from Muroran Shimizugaoka Senior High School on the island of Hokkaido. Mr. Kimber has taken several MEHS student groups to Muroran for once–in-a lifetime international educational experiences. (D). Academic Counselor Joel Lueders coordinated an intensive study and prep session for our Senior students to prepare them for the upcoming ACT and SAT Tests. He volunteered his Saturday (9/24) and recruited personnel to come in and help in writing, math skills and conducted a practice test session. (E) Our Juniors participated in the ASVAB tests and (F) Paula Clayton and I will administer the WorkKeys Assessments for all Juniors and Seniors wishing to take the assessment for the second time in order to improve their chances for the Alaska Performance Scholarship opportunities.  The assessments will be conducted in mid-November.

5.       Questions

a.        How does MEHS deal with Cyber Bullying? Thank you for that question, MEHS takes Cyber Bullying seriously.  We talk to the students during Edge Camp at the beginning of the year and we teach them the consequences for Cyber Bullying.  MEHS treats Cyber Bullying as Harassment which is a Major Infraction here on campus and it comes with serious consequences.  We encourage all students to communicate with us, with any and all concerns they have about Cyber Bullying.  Again, thank you for your question.

b.      When are finals?  Parents will be getting progress reports in a couple of weeks.


6.        Contact Information for any questions or additional concerns.


a.        Bernie Gurule, telephone: 1 (907) 966-3202

b.       e-mail:


D.       Tracy Dupee, MEHS Counselor


1.        MEHS counseling support is available during the school day as well as every evening in the dorms until about 11:30pm, in addition to the help and support available through MEHS, we also make referrals to providers in the community for drug and alcohol counseling and mental health counseling.

2.       If you have any concerns about your child, please feel free to call the school and ask for a member of the counseling team or you can find our direct numbers and e-mail addresses on the website. 

3.       Questions


a.        No questions.


4.        Contact Information for any questions or additional concerns.


a.       Tracy Dupee, telephone:  1 (907) 966- 3224

b.      e-mail:


E.        Andrew Friske, MEHS Residential Principal/Athletic Director


1.        We have a new Mentor Program on campus; it is designed to help all students in the dorm with homework during Quiet Hour.  We also have a full tutorial program that is available to the students in the morning as well as 4pm to 9pm.  The Tutorial Program is offered to all students who are referred by teachers, parents or by the students themselves.

2.       We have a new Cultural Coordinator on Campus!  Tom Gamble lives here in Sitka and is a wonderful new addition to the MEHS Campus!  He lead the students and staff in a Tlingit Canoe outing.  The canoe is a traditional 24 ft long wooden canoe that holds up to eight, (8,) people.  It was an awesome sight to see!  I am excited to see what else he has planned for the cultural program here on campus.

3.       X- Country ended with wonderful results.  Crystal McNeilly took 3rd in Regions and 23rd in State.  The Lady Braves X-Country Team took 5th in State and the Braves X-Country Team took 8th in State.

4.       The MEHS Wrestling Program has begun; the team has already travelled to Hoonah.

5.       The Lady Braves Volleyball Team is 5-1 at the moment.

6.       We also had sixteen (16,) Drama, Debate & Forensics (DDF) Students travel to Juneau.

7.       Student Council members will also be traveling to Anchorage for the Alaska Association of Student Governments, (AASG.)

8.       We have about 3/4th of the student population involved in ASAA, (Alaska School Activities Association,) sanctioned activities.

9.       Dividends are out and it is a great time to purchase tickets home for the upcoming Christmas Break.  The Dorms will close December 16th at 5pm and re-open January 7th at 8am; school will start that Monday- January 9th. 

10.   Questions


a.       Who is the best person to talk to about Tutorials?  The best person to talk to is Mr. Goldsberry, the Residential Vice-Principal.  His number is: 1 (907) 966-3251 or you can also call me, Mr. Friske at: 1 (907) 966-3228.

b.      How is the best way to get flight schedules?  You can either work through a travel agent or gather travel information online from:

c.       Will the students be traveling alone?  Yes, they will be traveling alone.

d.      How long are the flights to Anchorage?  There will always be a stop in Juneau; it is usually a two and a half hour flight.

e.      Are there only two flights out a day?  Yes.

f.        Do we also have to pay for the return travel?  Yes, you do.

g.       All of you are doing an awesome job, thank you!  Thank you!

h.      How often do the Residential Advisor’s check the rooms?  The rooms are checked daily for room grades, and during evening hours they are checked every half hour.  There are two Residential Advisors’ on each floor, and they are responsible for the half hour rounds.  The campus is staffed twenty-four hours a day.

i.         My son has said that a student is coming in his room and possibly taking things.  We provide locks and room keys to each student, and we encourage everyone to lock up their items for safe keeping.  This year the theft has gone down.

j.        When are the designated computer hours that the students are allowed on the computers?  The computer use is open to the students.  During, “Quiet Hour,” they are allowed to work on their computer’s as long as it is school related, the option to, “Pay to Stay Up,” is offered to all the students if they need to work on homework after lights out.  Other than that, computers shut off at 10:15pm.


III.                 Final Roll Call 8:10pm AKST (Alaska Standard Time)


A.       Final Roll Call was recorded by Blossom Twitchell


1.        All were invited to attend the 3rd MEHS Statewide Teleconference on December 1, 2011 at 7pm.