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Statewide Teleconference

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September 8, 2011

Mt. Edgecumbe High School

Statewide Teleconference

I.                    Roll Call 7pm AKST (Alaska Standard Time)


A.       Roll call was taken and recorded by the name of the enrolled child(ren.)


1.        Blossom Twitchell (Home/School Coordinator) gave a reminder that a final roll cal would be given at the end of the teleconference to make sure all names were recorded.

2.       It was requested that all participants in the teleconference to place their phone on mute, so that background interference would be at a minimum.


B.       People in Attendance in Sitka, Alaska


1.        Randy Hawk, MEHS Superintendant

2.       Bernie Gurule, MEHS Academic Principal

3.       Andrew Friske, MEHS Residential Principal/Athletic Director

4.       Tracy Dupee, MEHS Dorm Counselor

5.       Kathy Eggan, MEHS Clinic Nurse

6.       Blossom Twitchell, MEHS Home/School Coordinator


II.                  Reports Given as followed


MEHS Superintendent’s Report

September 8, 2011



2011-2012 Enrollment

There are more applicants than ever before applying to MEHS. 

There is a high number of returning students. 


     Enrollment                                                          Returning/New























































2011 AYP

MEHS did not make AYP this year – we raised our scores significantly from 2010 to 2011

We made AYP in all areas except in Limited English Proficient in Language Arts.

SBA passing bar went up from the 09-10 school year to 10-11 school year.  It will be 100% by 2014

We raised our proficiency in Language Arts 1% - up to 81%.

We raised our proficiency in Math 12% - up to 73%.

In Limited English Proficient, we lowered our proficiency in Language Arts 3% - down to 65%.

In Limited English Proficient, we raised our proficiency in Math by 7% - up to 60%.

Most of our scores are nearly 10% higher than the State average. 


  9th SBA Proficient                                                                













  10th SBA Proficient
















Results from the 10th HSGQE are found below.  These scores are also well above the State average – especially in the Math area.

                         10th HSGQE Proficient



















Summer Update

Installations of our new phones, our new network upgrades, and our new wireless have been completed. 

The rollout of our Pinnacle Gradebook is also underway, information is being sent to parents in the mail.

MEHS Capital Improvement Projects Update

We just finished the bathrooms, laundry rooms, and hallway renovations in the Boys Dorm.

Randy Hawk, MEHS Superintendent

Academic Principal’s Report

September 8, 2011


Three New Teachers 

Bruce Christianson- Special Education

Kerry McAdams , Social Studies

Emily Routon, Reading


Four Intern Teachers

 Ms. Buck – Science, Ms. McCrehin-English, Ms. Emmens- English,&  Mr. Crouch- Social Studies

Three AmeriCorps Volunteers: Ms. Reynolds, Ms. Doughty & Mr. Dempster

One Foreign Exchange Teacher – Ms.  Sachiko Inomata, Japanese language classes


1.       Japanese delegation of eight students and four adult teachers will begin their visit to MEHS on Friday, September 9. They are from Muroran Shimizugaoka Senior High School, Muroran City, Hokkaido, Japan



2.       MEHS will host a delegation of four Chinese teachers from Kunming, China in late September. We will work to eventually arrange for exchange students to China for a semester. Currently we have two exchange students from China. They are enjoying the new environment.


3.       Three important forms were mailed to parents this week. (1) 2010-11 Adequate Yearly Progress Report, (2) On –Line Pinnacle Grade Book information to access your child’s progress on a daily basis., (3) Student Verification of Information  form – Please update our data base with current contact numbers etc.


4.       Explanation of MEHS Block Schedule: Every class meets every day for 80 minutes. Every student has four classes, except senior students who may have five, or student  in advanced classes or Journalism. They will earn full credits in one semester and get a new schedule of classes second semester. There are full year classes in English and Mathematics.


5.       We will begin our second year of Law Enforcement Cadet Corps. It was very successful last year and we have many new students interested in being part of the organization.


6.       The MEHS Corps Knowledge & Skills of our basic required courses branch out into several areas: Science & Engineering, Technology, Trades, Education careers, Health care Business, and Law & Law Enforcement.


My contact number is 907-966-3202.

Bernie Gurule, MEHS Academic Principal


Residential Dorm Principal’s/ Athletic Director’s Report

September 8, 2011


   The 2011-2012 school year is off to a great start!  MEHS had twenty-one upper classmen who traveled from all over the state to lead this year’s, “Edge Camp.”  All twenty-one Orientation leaders did an amazing job informing new students about the rules and regulation’s here at MEHS, as well as taking them on tours of campus and the City of Sitka.


   The Dormitories are staffed by two Residential Advisor’s on each floor at all times.  We also have a team of highly trained Recreational Staff who take the students on daily hikes, berry picking trips, and various other outdoor and indoor activities.  The MEHS Campus also has Security personnel who are here 24 hours a day.


   MEHS Sports is underway, the X-Country team is traveling to Ketchikan for a meet and the Girls Volleyball team will be playing the Juneau Douglas volleyball team this weekend.  We are looking forward to hold the Southeast Alaska Regional Wrestling Tournament here on campus this year!


   The MEHS Sport’s program currently has three hundred out of four hundred students involved in ASAA sports!


   Letter’s with information concerning ASAA, (Alaska School Activities Association,) the campus TAD program, (Tobacco, Alcohol, Drug,) and the new regulations that the school has adopted on Concussion’s will be sent out to parents by mail.


Andrew Friske, MEHS Residential Dorm Principal/Athletic Director



MEHS Counseling Service Report

September 8, 2011


   The MEHS Counseling Staff is available during school hours and in the dorms during the evening hours.  We provide support to students for academic and personal issues.  We also have several agencies in the community that provide mental health and substance abuse services to our students. 


   We encourage you all to contact the counseling team here if you have any concerns about your child.


Tracy Dupee

(907) 966-3224

Or all counselor’s at:

Tracy Dupee, MEHS Counselor


MEHS Clinic Report

September 8, 2011


     The Mt. Edgecumbe Student Health Center is open Monday-Friday 7:30am to 10:30pm and Saturday and Sunday 8:00am to 11:30pm.  Annual eye and dental appointments have been completed and well as the yearly TB testing.  The flu clinic is getting ready to open, if you do not wish to have your child get the flu vaccination, please notify the school.  If you have any questions, please contact us at the clinic: (907) 966-3264

Kathy Eggan, MEHS Clinic Nurse

III.                Open Phone Time
    A.       Questions, Comments, and Concerns
 Parent:  Has the leak in the Girl’s Main Dorm been fixed?  Mr. Friske:  Yes, the leak has been fixed.

            b.       Parent: When is the best time to call my child?  Mr. Friske:

Our daily schedule is as follows:

School is out at 4pm

School is out for Senior's at 2:20pm

Dinner is from 5:45pm-6:45pm (Sunday-Thursday)

Quiet Hour is from 7pm- 8:30pm (Sunday-Thursday)

Lights out is at 10:30pm (Sunday-Thursday)

Lights out on Weekends is at 11:30pm (Friday-Saturday)

            The best time to call your child is at 10pm or right after dinner or Quiet Hour.


c.      Parent:  Do the teacher’s work with students one to one if they are failing in their grades?  Mr. Gurule:  The teacher’s are at the school before school starts, and after school, if the student is failing in their class, they also refer the student to tutorials.  There is also the Online Grade Book, the teacher’s have the responsibility to let the students know that they are failing.


d.      Parent: How can we find out the Access Codes to the Online Grade Book?  Mr. Gurule:  Your child should know their access codes, and a letter has been sent out with instructions on how to log on the system.  Parent:  Can it alert you when your child’s grades are low?  Mr. Gurule:  You will be able to set up the setting to what you prefer.


e.     Parent:  Will a school calendar be added to the website?  The news on the website has been old.  Mr. Gurule:  Our IT guys have been busy working on our new wireless and telephone system, now that they are wrapping that work up, they will begin to upgrade the website consistently.


f.      Parent:  How do you manage accountably in the dorms?  Mr. Friske:  There are two Residential Advisor’s on each floor of the dorms, and they check on the students throughout the day and even throughout the night to make sure the students are safe and secure, (The students also sign on and out to where they are going, and where they have been.) After the students are in for the night, all of the doors to each dorm is locked and we have security on hand that patrols the campus.  Every employee has a radio that is how we are able to communicate efficiently in case there is an emergency.  Parent:  And what if a student is missing?  Mr. Friske:  Usually when that happens, they are in a meeting and forgot to sign out, and we find them in a matter of minutes.  If a child wasn’t accounted for, security, as well as other employee’s on hand would search campus for them, and we would give the student 15 minutes to show up, if and when they did not show up, we would then call the Sitka Police and also notify their parents of the matter.


g.     Parent:  Will I be notified if my child gets hurt and is taken to the hospital?  Mr. Friske:  Yes, you will be notified and you have the choice to be notified when your child is discharged from the E.R.


h.     Parent:  Is my child feed three meals a day?  Mr. Friske:  Yes, the students are fed three meals a day, as well as snacks before bed, 5 days out of the week, the cafeteria has the best salad bar on the island.


IV.          Final Roll Call 8:15pm AKST (Alaska Standard Time)


A.     Final Roll Call was recorder by Blossom Twitchell

1.      Final Goodnight and an invitation to our next Statewide Teleconference which will be held, October 6th at 7pm