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Finals Schedule

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Dear Parents and Guardians of Mt. Edgecumbe High School Students, 

       In a recent state-wide teleconference a concern was raised regarding the scheduling of the end of semester final examinations and projects. The concern was a two-fold issue: (1). Parents were concerned that there may be too many final examinations required of their children on the same day and (2). If parents knew when the final examinations were scheduled they would be in a better position to arrange travel for their children in order to miss the least number of school days. Given the fact that the dormitories will be closed at the end day on Friday, December 20 at 5:00 p.m. and will be reopened for second semester on Saturday, January 11, 2014 at 11:00 a.m., the window of opportunity for travel is defined. 
    In response to this concern the academic staff has established a “Final Examination“ schedule. Final examinations for class periods one (1) and five (5) will be administered on Monday, December 16. Final examinations for class periods two (2) and four (4) will be administered on Tuesday, December 17. Final examinations for class period three (3) will be administered on Wednesday, December 18. Although in the past the staff has informally followed a similar arrangement, a more formal schedule was required in response to the voiced concern. 
        Please feel free to call Academic Principal Bernie Gurule (907-966-3202) if you have further questions or concerns regarding this very important issue.


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Taheta+ Union Business is selling a limited quantity of stainless steel thermoses. They are BPA free, 18oz, vacuum sealed, and can be used for hot or cold beverages. They are $15, but $20 to be shipped out of Sitka, part of the proceeds will go to Hope4Alaska, a suicide prevention and awareness program founded by a former MEHS student.  

Contact Info:

Business class in the EMT room or

 Bill Winslow for order info

Phone: (907) 966-3249


Address: MEHS 1330 Seward Ave. Sitka, Alaska 99835

Checks payable to: Sitka Junior Achievement


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Pre-enrollment has begun for the 2013-2014 school year.  If you look at the Scheduling Timeline displayed in the box to the right, you notice the schedule for completing the process prior to May 9th when student depart for summer vacation. 

Currently students are meeting with the academic counselors and completing their course selection for next year.  The information collected will be used to help guide the administration in developing a master schedule that accommodates student needs and reflects the interests of our students regarding elective courses offered. 

If you would like to review your student’s selections, contact your student for their log in Student ID and PIN numbers.  If you have questions, feel free to contact Paula Clayton or Joel Lueders at 966-3200.


Scheduling Timeline

Below is the scheduling timeline for next school year.  It will closely following the process used during the past years.

March 13 -16  - Student pre-enrollment during 1st hr.

March 18 - 20 - Develop Master Schedule Draft

March 21 - 26 - Departmental Feedback and suggestions

March 27 - 29 - Final Master Schedule Established

April 1 - 19 - Students scheduled, schedules printed and distributed

April 20 - May 8 - Process student schedule changes

MEHS Fundraising Event

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Sentinel Staff Writer
     Sitka High School and Mt. Edgecumbe High School will cohost a charity-hoops fundraiser Monday, Dec. 17, that will bring in talented basketball players from Southern California as well as dust off some local talent at the two high schools.
    The event, hosted at Mt. Edgecumbe High School, will feature a game between the Fab4 Streetball team – headlined by former Ketchikan star Jesse LeBeau  – and a group of local all-stars from Sitka and Edgecumbe.
    The event will help fund scholarship accounts at both high schools, said Sitka High Activities Director Mike Vieira.
    “We’ve done this sort of thing in the past and it raised quite a bit of money for the scholarship account,” Vieira said. “People in Sitka like their basketball.”
    Three other players who have worked in the basketball entertainment industry will join LeBeau – who has starred in commercials for Foot Locker and Nike on top of working in films with NBA All-Star Kevin Durant.
    Johnny Pfeiffer and his freestyle ball-handling talents, according to the team’s web page, have appeared in numerous commercials for Nike, Taco Bell, IBM and McDonald’s, as well as Hollywood films that include “Scary Movie 2” and “Fantastic Four.”  His on-court moves have been motion captured for “And 1” and “NBA Ballers” video games.
    Sheldon Bailey and Chris Brew round out the flashy foursome. Brew played his college basketball at UC Santa Barbara and has served as a stand-in for Kobe Bryant as well as worked in commercials with NBA All-stars Rajon Rondo and Blake Griffin.
    On top of appearing as a stunt double for LeBron James, Dwight Howard and NFL wide receiver Calvin Johnson, Bailey has also published a book of poetry.
    The group will perform a dunk contest prior to the charity game and will also work with elementary aged kids at halftime, Vieira said.
    “They’ll play two games and throw in a bunch of other stuff for the kids and for entertainment’s sake,” Vieira said.
    Sitka High hosted a similar event four years ago that brought in around $6,000 for the scholarship fund. Vieira said it was such a success they wanted to move it over to Japonski for a bigger venue and to get more people involved.
    “That was the most packed I’ve ever seen the gym at Sitka High,” Vieira said. “And we thought we could do a lot more if we included Mt. Edgecumbe.”
    For this fundraiser, Vieira wanted less flash than the previous group and a little more substance.
    “This time around I wanted to do something that was a little bit more real basketball,” Vieira said.
    “Real basketball” means rather than stooging for the act, the local team of Sitka and Mt. Edgecumbe staff members will compete to score points.
    Activities Director for Mt. Edgecumbe Andrew Friske, a former standout at Haines, will be among the staff members playing in Monday’s game.
    “It was kind of cool because one of the things I’d asked him (LeBeau) when we were on the phone is if there was anything they wanted us to do to put on for the crowd a little,” Friske said, “and he said we could just play a hundred percent because they were looking forward to a real game.”
    Casey Demmert, principal at Keet Gooshi Heen, long with Lady Wolves and Lady Braves basketball coaches Rich Krupa and Carl Blackhurst, will be among those joining Friske. Vieira, however, won’t be bringing back his previous talents as a guard at Sitka High.
    “Someone has to actually run the event,” Vieira said.
    Friske credits Vieira with the organization of the project, but said he’s happy for the opportunity for Mt. Edgecumbe and Sitka to work together. Vieira said he’s expecting the event to raise around $10,000, which will be split between schools to help pay for kids to participate in athletics.
    Vieira said he’s happy that they could find a Southeast connection for an event that supports athletics in Southeast.
    “We’re excited to have Jesse (LeBeau) back in Alaska, and I know he’s excited to come back for an event like this,” Vieira said. “Even though he’s from Ketchikan, he’s kind of one of us.”
    Tickets for the event are $10 for adults and $8 for students if purchased in advance and $12 for adults and $10 for students at the door. The dunk display begins at 6 p.m. in the Mt. Edgecumbe auditorium Dec. 17.

Octopi Dissection

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Students at MEHS had the pleasure of dissecting Octopi during WhaleFest.  Here is a link to the story and photos of the students in action.
Octopus Dissection

Business Class Sale!

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On The Edge:

Frontier Services WHO'S THIRSTY?!? The Mt. Edgecumbe Business Class is now selling 16 oz. all black travel mugs with the Edgecumbe Braves logo. Part of the proceeds will go to the SAFV Shelter in Sitka. The shelter helps women and children who were victims of family violence. Please help the Mt. Edgecumbe Business Class support a good cause.
They are $15 a piece. Please see Nelson Kanuk, Daniel Alexie, Russ Lawrence, Laurie Shellabarger, Huey Samuelson, Hope Kiunya, Kayleen Teeluk, Nathan Brown, Eden Cronk, Jacob Alikar at
Or stop by Mr. Winslows' classroom at the ETT Room.

Pinnacle Gradebook is Up!

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The Pinnacle Gradebook is now working.  Thank you for your patience while Tech Support resolved this issue.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Update from the Guidance Office:

We are entering the Fall Testing Season and I wanted to update everyone on what lies ahead in the next month or so.  Although the freshmen and a small number of seniors will test, the students most affected are the juniors. 

Listed below are the dates and a brief description of the tests being administered;

ASVAB – September 20, Juniors

                The ASVAB is part of the MEHS Career Guidance program.  The scores are reviewed with students and          often add insight for students as they prepare for their senior year and transition from high school.

HSGQE Retests – October 2-4, Juniors and Seniors

                Any junior or Senior who has not passed the Reading, Writing or Math sections of the HSGQE will   retest during these days.  The Reading test is on Tues, 10/02, Writing on Wed, 10/03 and the Math is on Thurs, 10/04.

EXPLORE – October 9, Freshmen

                As part of the comprehensive testing program being implemented this year, all freshmen will take the          EXPLORE test.  This is a test developed by the same company that provides the ACT college entrance      exam and the WorkKeys test used by the state.  The EXPLORE provides an opportunity for 9th graders to    begin thinking about career planning and post high school options as well as introduces them to tests like the ACT and SAT which they will take during their junior and senior years.

PSAT – October 17, Juniors

                This year each junior will take the Preliminary SAT as part of our comprehensive testing    program.  This       test is developed by the company that provides the SAT college entrance exam.  Students who perform            well on this test could win scholarships from the National Merit Scholarship Organization and its            affiliates.  An additional benefit is that students gain valuable experience taking college entrance tests.       These scores are used for college admissions as well as qualifying for many scholarships including the                 Alaska Performance Scholarship.

WorkKeys – November 7, Juniors and Seniors

                The WorkKeys is a mandated test for juniors as part of Alaska’s College Ready/Career Ready            initiative.   The scores may be used to qualify for the Alaska Performance Scholarship by        students                 pursuing vocational training after high school.  WorkKeys scores are also being used by a growing         number of companies in Alaska as part of their employment process.  NOTE: Any seniors interested in         retaking the WorkKeys to improve their scores should see Mrs. Clayton.    

Please feel free to contact the Guidance Office with your questions.  (907-966-3210)

Travel Update

posted Aug 2, 2012, 12:34 PM by Arleen Casey

Student Travel Itineraries have been delayed a few days.
We will be mailing them in the next couple of business days.
Please be patient.

Teleconference April 5, 2012

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Mt. Edgecumbe High School

Statewide Teleconference

April 5, 2012

I.                    Roll Call 7:00pm AKST (Alaska Standard Time)


A.       Roll call was taken and recorded by the name of the enrolled child(ren.)


1.       Blossom Twitchell (Home/School Coordinator) gave a reminder that a final roll call would be given at the end of the teleconference to make sure all names were recorded.

2.       It was requested that all participants in the teleconference to place their phone on mute, so that background interference would be at a minimum.


B.       People in Attendance in Sitka, Alaska


1.       Randy Hawk, MEHS Superintendent

2.       Bernie Gurule, MEHS Academic Principal

3.       Andrew Friske, MEHS Residential Principal/Athletic Director

4.       Bill Winslow, Health & Wellness/Small Business/ENT Teacher

5.       Tracy Dupee, MEHS Dorm Counselor

6.       Kari Lundgren, PA C MEHS Clinic

7.       Blossom Twitchell, MEHS Home/School Coordinator



II.                  Updates, Progress and Events at MEHS


A.      Kari Lundgren, MEHS Clinic PA C


1.       Sport physical’s need to be scheduled by parents before their child goes home!  Sport physical’s done by health aides do not count.

2.       Immunization letters, please have your clinic fax them to our secure fax number: (907) 623-0978

3.       The HPV vaccination is now recommended for boys now, if you would like your son to receive this vaccination, please contact us at the clinic.


4.       Questions


a.        No questions were asked at this time.


5.         Contact Information for any questions or additional concerns.


a.       Kari Lundgren, telephone:  1 (907) 966-3227

b.      e-mail:

c.       MEHS Clinic, telephone:  1 (907) 966-3264


B.      Andrew Friske, MEHS Residential Principal/Athletic Director


1.       Prom starts at 7:30pm.  Over the past four years Alaska Airlines has been volunteering hairstylists, tailors and make-up artists to help with our prom.  Thirty or so volunteer’s fly up from across the country.  This year a documentary is being made for a local show, you will probably be asked to sign a permission slip by your child so they can be on the show.  You can fax the signed permission slip to the MEHS Dorm Office, (907) 966-2642.

2.       The prom will be webcasted on our webpage:

3.       We will be sending fourteen NYO (Native Youth Olympics,) athletes up to Anchorage; we will also hold our Athletic Banquet on the seventeenth of this month.  Some more upcoming activities include:   Our biathlon, our Easter egg hunt- which we will be hiding over 900 eggs!

4.       DDF students just competed at state: Daniel Fry, Joseph Marks, Douglas McClenahan, and Anneliese Moll.

5.       The Lady Braves took 3rd at the Regional’s in Ketchakan, our cheerleaders and our Brave’s basketball team both earned berth’s to compete at State.   


6.       Questions


a.       Does MEHS have NYO? Yes this year we have about thirty to forty students participating, fourteen will be going to State, and tryouts will start this Sunday.

b.      Can you e-mail prom info?  Our prom will be webcasted on our webpage: and you can find all of the instruction on the webpage.

c.       Will there be a DVD of prom?  That is not a bad idea.  This year the t.v. show will record the prom and copies of that will be available.


7.        Contact Information for any questions or additional concerns


a.        Andrew Friske, telephone:  1(907) 966-3228

b.      e-mail:


C.      Tracy Dupee, MEHS Counselor


1.        MEHS counseling support is available during the school day as well as every evening in the dorms until about 11:30pm, in addition to the help and support available through MEHS, we also make referrals to providers in the community for drug and alcohol counseling and mental health counseling.

2.       If you have any concerns about your child, please feel free to call the school and ask for a member of the counseling team or you can find our direct numbers and e-mail addresses on the website. 

3.       Questions

a.        No questions were asked at this time.


4.        Contact Information for any questions or additional concerns.


a.       Tracy Dupee, telephone:  1 (907) 966- 3224

b.      e-mail:

D.      Randy Hawk, MEHS Superintendent 

 Girls  Boys  Total
 9  58  35  93
 10  61  40  101
 11  43  32  75
 12  53  31  84
 Total  215  138  353

1.     Listed is our current enrollment as of April 3rd.  Last year we ended the year at 344.

2.     The dorm contractor has asked students for room reservations for next year.  This helps us to get a tentative number of who might return for next year.  So far, only 17 students have not put in a room reservation.  We will again have a good return rate.  That being said, it is only speculation until they really do show up next fall.

3.     If this holds true, we will have less spots to fill with incoming students.  As you can see, next year’s 10th and 11th will have little room for additions because we try and maintain 100 per grade level.  New senior students may be hard to come by so our senior class may start the year as a small class.

4.     Budget Issues: Depending upon the finalization of the Legislative session, we are waiting to what next year’s funding and budget may look like.  In all likelihood, even if we get more money, we will have less money to work with to cover our costs. For example, our fuel cost went from $478,000 last year to $553,000 this year.  Our electricity costs have gone from $330,000 last year to $359,000 this year. All together, an additional $110,000 more in utilities than last year.  And, as we all know, our transportation costs continue to go up due to the high price of fuel.  So, our buying power is progressively getting less each year.

5.     Summer Maintenance Projects:  The Maintenance Department will be tackling many projects this summer.  One of the main projects for this summer will be to minimize future energy costs on campus.  We are planning to replace the lights and fixtures in all of the classrooms using major maintenance money.  The projected savings in regards to the light replacements is projected to pay itself back in two to three years.

6.     Another project that they want to tackle is to replace showerheads throughout the dorms and gym.  Doing so will almost have an immediate savings by controlling the flow of hot water for the showers. 

7.     MEHS Pool: We are officially getting the MEHS Pool started.  We will be having preliminary visits and planning sessions with DOT who will be coordinating the project.  I will be updating you on the progress once we get started.


8.      Questions


a.       When will school start next year?  School will start, Monday August 27th.

a.       Are the new students normally freshmen?  Well, we try for 400 students, and most of them are freshmen.

b.      Will the pool be finished next year?  No, they will be working on the pool for next few years.

c.       Graduation will be on May 3rd?  Yes, graduation will be held on May 3rd.



9.     Contact Information for any questions or additional concerns.


a.        Randy Hawk,  telephone:  1 (907) 966-3201

b.      e-mail:


A.      Bill Winslow, Health & Wellness/Small Business/ENT Teacher


1.  Our small business class is really doing great, every semester the Alaska Company Manager comes over to the campus and helps out with the class.  In the class the students learn about business ethics, and how business’ help out the community.

2.    They actually are learning about and running the class like a real corporation.  One have is for profit and the other half is non- profit.  The students are selling wristbands ($5.00 each,) and the profits will be split.  They are grouping up with the Easter Group and proceeds will help with the Homeless Initiative of Sitka.

3.   The motto of the class is, “Think globally, and act locally.”  The total gross sales of the wristbands are $5000.00, and are expected to grow.  We will keep the sales going through the summer through the, “Small Business Club.”  You can find more information on the website:

4.    Seven MEHS have been accepted into the VHOP program.  The Villiage Health Occupations Program is held by SEARHC Hosital, (Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium.)  It is a job shadowing program designed to show students the many health careers that are out there and that are available for them to pursue.  The program will be held April 23rd thru the 28th.


5.    Questions


a.       Thank you!  Our child is having a blast in the Small Business Class, and we hear so much about it when we talk to him!


B.      Bernie Gurule, MEHS Academic Principal

1.       Our academic counselor’s are in the middle of scheduling classes for next year.  We are building around what the students want as well as the required core classes.

2.       Our Genetics Class went to Fairbanks and participated in the Alaska Statewide Science Symposium.  Seven students attended and came back with $7,500.00 in prizes won and scholarships.  The students can earn up to eight University of Alaska credits while taking the class.  More information about their trip and the class can be found on our website:

3.       There will be standardized testing all week.


4.        Questions


a.       I was just in Washington D.C. and saw many high school students touring the Capital and the Congressional area; does MEHS have a Close Up’s Program?  No, we have not had a Close Up program for three years.  One of our Social Studies teachers is looking into starting the program in the future but it was just too big of a project to start this year.


5.         Contact Information for any questions or additional concerns.


a.        Bernie Gurule, telephone: 1 (907) 966-3202

b.       e-mail:



I.                    Open Phone Time


A.       Questions, Comments, and Concerns


1.        Questions


a.       Parent:  I would like to thank the administration and the staff of Mt. Edgecumbe High School!  

b.     Parent: Thank you!   

c.     Parent:  Will our children receive a yearbook this year, and what are the costs?   Mr. Gurule:  Yearbooks will be here next year.  If you have a senior, their yearbooks will be mailed to them.  The cost of the yearbook is covered when you pay the activities fee at the beginning of the year.

d.      Parent:  How does Mt. Edgecumbe High School place statewide?  According to the, “No Child Left Behind,” regulations, how well does Mt. Edgecumbe do?  Mr. Hawk:  MEHS did not make AYP this year – we raised our scores significantly from 2010 to 2011. We made AYP in all areas except in Limited English Proficient in Language Arts.   SBA passing bar went up from the 09-10 school year to 10-11 school year.  It will be 100% by 2014.  We raised our proficiency in Language Arts 1% - up to 81%.  We raised our proficiency in Math 12% - up to 73%.  In Limited English Proficient, we lowered our proficiency in Language Arts 3% - down to 65%.  In Limited English Proficient, we raised our proficiency in Math by 7% - up to 60%.  Most of our scores are nearly 10% higher than the State average.

e.     Parent:  What percentage of MEHS students have to take remedial college classes?  Mr. Grule: Overall, our students place above average when they take college placement tests and many of our students take college classes and earn college credits while attending MEHS, and we do pay for them to take the class.  Parent:  That is a great incentive to excel! 

f.      Parent:  When will there be an opening for the MEHS Advisory Board?   Mr. Hawk:  Well, the board consists of nine members and when there is an opening, it will be advertised, we will also let you know either by mailing or SchoolReach.

g.       Parent:  What is the process of Acceptance into MEHS? Our son was not accepted.    Mr. Hawk:  Timing is a key part in getting accepted into MEHS.  The application needs to be 100% complete as well.  If an application is not 100% complete, we do not look at them, so be sure to double check the application before turning it in.  Once we view an application, we rate them, the earlier you turn in an application, the higher the rank it receives.  Then all the factors play a part, we have one dorm for boys and two dorms for the girls, so we will accept more girls due to the fact we have more space to house them. 

h.      Parent:  Can you please go over the schedule of traveling home again?  Mr. Friske:  Sure!  The Graduation Ceremony is on the 3rd, the students will begin traveling the day of Graduation.  On the morning of the 4th, everyone will be travelling to Anchorage or already be in Anchorage.  Once in Anchorage, the students will begin the travel to their hometowns, all of those flights will leave Anchorage on the 4th. 

i.         Parent:  What are the efforts in getting scholarships for students?  Mr. Gurule:  We have an entire class to help our seniors with that endeavor.  Senior Futures’ sole purpose is to connect students with our advisors to work on scholarships and college acceptance.

j.        Parent:  How can we help with the pool?  Can we call up senators’?  Mr. Hawk:  The pool is a go, all we have to do is wait for it to be complete.

k.       Numerous Parents:  Thank you!  Everyone in Attendance:  Thank you for calling in!  


II.                   Final Roll Call 8:10pm AKST (Alaska Standard Time)


A.       Final Roll Call was recorded by Blossom Twitchell


1.        Thank you for calling in this year!  Each and every teleconference was a success!

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