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Are you...Aspiring to give a presentation with confident? Desiring to overcome stage fright?

or..Aiming to expand your world by speaking English in private and business situations ?

Meguro Toastmasters Club can help your dream come true!!!


トーストマスターズとは、1924年カリフォルニアで生まれた スピーチのトレーニングを主な目的とする国際的な非営利団体です。全世界で16,200以上のクラブがあり、日本では200以上のクラブが活動しています。各国様々な言語のクラブがあり、日本では現在、日本語の他に英語やフランス語のクラブがあります。スピーチや話し方だけではなく、リーダーシップやコミュニケーションのスキルの向上や学びの場を提供しています。

What is Toastmasters Club?

Toastmasters is an international non-profit organization born in California in 1924 whose main purpose is to train his speech. There are more than 16,200 clubs worldwide, and more than 200 clubs are active in Japan. There are clubs in various languages in each country, and in Japan, there are currently clubs in English and French in addition to Japanese. It provides a place for learning and improving leadership and communication skills as well as speaking and speaking.







単に人に教わるだけではなく、各会員がお互いのスピーチへフィードバックを行うことで、様々な気づきや考える力が身につきます。また、我々は、これらを楽しみながら学ぶことを大切にしています。 クラブ運営やイベントを一緒に経験することで、コミュニケーションやリーダーシップのスキルも自然に向上していきます。

例会の概要 / Overview of our meetings

草原を駆け抜ける風のように爽やかなスピーチ、思いのこもった感動のスピーチ、ひたすら笑い転げるスピーチ、いろんなスピーチをやっています。[machine translation] We are giving refreshing speech like the wind running through the meadow, a heartfelt and moving speech, a speech that makes us laugh, and various speeches.



第317回 特別ワークショップ



電話 03-3791-7901

最寄り駅 : 目黒駅 




2月10日の例会は、大嶋友秀さんを講師にお招きし、 スピーチコンテスト用準備スピーチに関しメッセージの伝え方を題材としたワークショップを開催いたします。






日時 :2024年2月10日(土) 18:15~20:15

場所 :田道住区センター三田分室  












Next meeting is on 

Feb 10(Sat) 2024

18:15 ~ 20:15 

317th Meeting : Special Workshop

Place : in person

Dendojyuku Center Mita Bunshitsu

Address : 2-10-33 Mita Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Nearest station : Meguro Station (8 min. walk) 

via JR, Namboku Line, Meguro  Line 


At our regular meeting on February 10th, we will invite Mr. Tomohide Oshima as a lecturer and hold a workshop on how to convey a message in preparation for a speech contest.

I think this will be a good opportunity to learn how to convey and create messages, and how to communicate with the audience.

On the day, you will actually create your speech and receive feedback from the lecturer and other participants.

You can receive backing. For the speech contest

I think it will be a meaningful opportunity.

Details of the workshop are below.

Date and time: Saturday, February 10, 2024 18:15-20:15

Location: Tadojuku Center Mita Branch Office

[Reference] Last year's workshop


If you are not a member and would like to participate, please contact us using the form below! (Please set 2024/02/10 as "desired date of visit")


Please join us at Meguro TMC, the friendliest place in the world!

Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Guests are welcome! 

Please feel free to join us !!

Visits are free up to 3 times. Membership fee is 10,800 yen for 6 months in addition to initial admission fee 3,000 yen 

(Just FYI :1,800 yen for 1 month)

例会開催スケジュール /meeting schedule

毎月 第2・第4土曜日 18:15 ~ 20:15

2nd and 4th Saturday of every month from 18:15 to 20:15

会場 / Venue


Public facilities near Meguro Station

費用 / Cost

入会金:3,000円(教材込)、会費: 6ヶ月 10,800円、ご見学は、3回まで無料です。


Admission fee: 3,000 yen (including teaching materials), membership fee: 10,800 yen for 6 months, visits are free up to 3 times. (Just FYI:1,800 yen for 1 month)





海外で身振り手振りや簡単な単語だけでも通じた、という経験はないですか? たとえ語彙が少なくても、なまりがあっても、表情やボディランゲージ、声の出し方といったコミュニケーション能力があればこそ伝わるのです。これは文法や発音は関係ないという意味ではありませんが、「自信がない」「怖い」というだけでスピーキングの上達は遠のいていきます。 まずは、コミュニケーションの道具として、人前で話すことに慣れることを推奨しています。





 [machine translation]
Differences from English conversation or speaking schools

Toastmasters does not have teaching role such as a teacher or trainer.

We at Meguro Toastmasters Club are a place to practice speeches and English, not to teach them.Through the experience of speech, you can learn the elements as a "communicator", how to get closer to the audience who can use it regardless of language, and the composition of the story.

At Meguro Toastmasters Club, we don't require perfect English.

Have you ever been able to understand gestures and simple words overseas? Even if you have a small vocabulary or a dullness, you can communicate only if you have communication skills such as facial expressions, body language, and how to make a voice.This does not mean that grammar and pronunciation are irrelevant, but just because you are "not confident" or "scary" will make your speaking progress farther away. First of all, we recommend that you get used to speaking in public as a communication tool.At first, it's okay to just listen to the English part! Please be assured that some members will try it after getting used to it a little, and some will participate only in Japanese.

The motto of Toastmasters is to get used to it rather than learn it.

At Toastmasters, we aim to develop comprehensive communication and leadership skills rather than mastering techniques.If you want to learn specialized knowledge and techniques regarding public speaking, it is best to have one-on-one teaching such as a speaking class. However, by getting feedback from various people many times, I naturally get used to speaking in public.Also, by listening to a lot of impressions and opinions that you have given to ordinary people, you can objectively re-examine "how is your way of speaking generally viewed?"Toastmasters does not have a per-period curriculum, so you can proceed at your own pace. If you have the motivation and time, you can play the role of going out and talking every time, and on the contrary, if you do not have time, it is effective to participate about once a month.However, it is difficult to improve reliably in a short period of time. This is because not everyone can give a speech every time because it is operated independently by the members. For example, the performers and management staff of one event are shared by the members each time.

What we value.

At Toastmasters, we also value maintaining and improving our motivation to recognize each other's individuality and praise the good points. And as for the points to be improved, instead of teaching "do this", I will propose "Isn't it better if this is done?" Therefore, you can listen to the opinions of various people and freely select the one you want to incorporate. In addition, by turning to the side of giving feedback, you can develop new awareness and listening ability at the same time.Another thing we value is the result of improved speaking style and "I feel confident in myself!".Through organizational management, you can improve leadership skills that cannot be obtained by "learning". In addition, it is also a place to practice communication that promotes interaction between members. Both financial and time efficiency are excellent when it comes to providing a "place of practice."


Q. 人前で話すのがものすごく緊張するのですが参加できるでしょうか? 

A. はい、大丈夫です。


Q. スピーチのプロに教えてもらえるんですか? 

A. いいえ、教える役割の者はおりません。

英会話や話し方セミナーとは違いますので、トレーナーや講師はおりません。また先生・生徒という関係で教えてもらう事もありません。 会員がお互いにスピーチのフィードバックを行うことで学ぶ場です。

Q. そもそも大勢の前で話す機会が全くありません。それでも参加するメリットはありますか? 

A. はい、あります。

Q. 見学の申し込みをした後、目黒トーストマスターズクラブから返信が来ないのですが?

A. そのまま会場にお越し下さい。


Q. ホームページに写真がたくさん載ってますが、勝手に掲載されてしまうんですか?  

A. いいえ、見学者も会員も本人がOKな場合のみです。 / No, only if the visitor and the member are OK.


Q. 二次会や懇親会って参加しなきゃいけないの? 

A. いいえ、任意参加です。


Q. 参加資格や条件はありますか? 

A. はい、下記に該当する場合は参加できません。 


Q. 会費が安いのはどうして?  

A. はい、会員による自主運営をしているためです。 


Q. 匿名やハンドルネームで参加できる? 

A. いいえ、本名で参加ください。


Q. 代表電話ってないの? 

A. はい、ありません。


Q. 一度見学してから、ものすごく間があいてしまった。また行っても大丈夫?

A. はい、見学はいつでも大歓迎です。  


FAQs [machine translation]

Q. I'm very nervous to talk in public, can I participate?

A. Yes, that's fine.

I'm very nervous at first, but gradually I get used to it and start to speak. On rare occasions, some people like to talk in public, but please be assured that many people are originally shy.

Q. Can I learn from a speech professionals?

A. No, there are no trainers or instructors.

There are no trainers or instructors as it is different from English conversation and speaking seminars. In addition, there is no need to be taught because of the relationship between teachers and students. It is a place where members can learn by giving feedback on each other's speeches.

Q. In the first place, I have no chance to speak in front of many people. Is there any benefit to participating?

A. Yes, it's worth joinging.

Communication skills will naturally improve and you will gain confidence. I often hear people say, "I can speak logically" and "I can speak from the other person's point of view." Through regular meetings and social gatherings, you can interact with colleagues from various occupations and generations.

Q. I haven't received a reply from the Meguro Toastmasters Club after applying for a visit.

A. Please just come to the venue.

We are always trying to seind you a reply from a member in charge within 3 days, but we are afraid that there is a possibility that your e-mail is automatically treated as a junk mail, or may not be arrived due to server problems or other problems of the member. However, your application is shared with other members in our club, so please feel free to come to the venues on the day that you choose.

Q. There are a lot of pictures on the homepage, but will they be posted without permission?

A. No, only if the visitor or the member is Okay.

Please be assured as we will not post your picture without your consent. If you don't want to appear in photoes, it will be great if you notify this to us at the beginning of meeting. We will pay full attention when taking photoes, but please forgive us in case accidentally your back-shot or other part is included in photoes.

Q. Do I have to attend a second party or social gathering after the meeting?

A. No, your participation is totally voluntary.

The second party after the regular meeting is an open social gathering that can be attended by visitors and guests from other clubs. Participation halfway is also welcome. There are some members who participate only occasionally when they have time, and some members who do not participate at all because they have children or are far from home.

Q. Are there any eligibility or conditions for participation?

A. Yes, you cannot participate in the following cases.

Those under the age of 18. In addition, we do not accept any participation in the cases such as for business purposes, solicitation to religious or political organizations, or collection of personal information.

Q. Why is the cost so accomodate?

A. It is because it is operated independently by the members.

Since there are no instructors or other people who will receive the fees, all membership fees will be the minimum necessary club operating fees (equipment, venue fees, etc.).

Q. Can I participate anonymously or by handle name?

A. No, please join with your real name.

Toastmasters is not an off-campus. From the viewpoints of financial matters such as membership fees, maintenance of organizational quality, and to prevent trouble, everyone participates under their real names.

Q. Don't you have a dedicate phone-number of the club?

A. No, we don't have.

Toastmasters Clubs are operated by voluntary members and therefore does not have administrative office. For regular meetings, we use a conference room of a public facility. Please note that the only means for communication is email in terms of cost and environment thereof.

Q. After the previous visit, it has been a long while. Can I visit again?

A. Yes, visits are always welcome.

There are some people who re-visit us after many months later since their first vist. Also, we fully understand that are many people who are visiting us during their busy time, while other people are visiting across various Toastmasters clubs to make their best decision carefully. Please do not hesitate to vist us even in such case that you entirely forgot to join the meeting, or cancelled the meeting  you had applied at the last time, or that you cancelled the meeting at the last minute. 


Guests are welcome! Please feel free to join us!!

ご見学は3回まで無料、会費は6ヶ月10,800円(入会金3,000円)(ご参考:ひと月あたりの会費金額1,800円) / Visits are free up to 3 times, membership fee is 10,800 yen for 6 months (admission fee 3,000 yen) (Just FYI:1,800 yen for 1 month)

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