We can provide training in a number of areas:

  • Project management. Project design and management - practical skills and tips to help your project achieve and maintain high standards.
  • Survey training, Surveying - from using a piece of string to a total station and everything in between. From simple but effective techniques to sophisticated technical survey with high precision instruments. We have developed a range of surveying solutions suitable for use by community groups.
  • Research skills, Documentary research training, 
  • Mapping, Once you have surveyed a site you will want to turn your results into maps and plans. We can take you from basic CAD drawing to draw accurate maps and plans, to smart mapping using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and on to improved cartography where we can help you make high quality maps for exhibitions and publications.
Our training is all based around the use of free opensource software and will give you skills and resources that you can transfer to other projects or situations.