RxCase Minder®.  Simple and More...


The reminder is for the

next day that you'll need
RxCase Minder® to remind
you your prescription will
need to be refilled. 

There are certain options given
and those are:
- A week from the current day
- Fifteen days from the current day
. A month from the current day, or
- You can pick the date.


You can set alarms for only one time

or you can set alarms that will repeat
in a range that goes from every 5
minutes to every 48 hours... your choice.

If for instance, you take a medication
only certain days of the week,
no problem... you can also set that
kind of alarms.

This mobile app is designed to remind you about:

- When to take your prescriptions
- When to order your prescription refill.  That simple.

This is possible entering little information:
- Your prescription number (usually in written in the label stick to the bottle or box).
- Prescription name
- Patient name.
- Number of refills (in case, you need the reminder for repetitions)

With this information saved you can proceed to create alarms and or reminders.

Much more than a prescription alarm and refill reminder...

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