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So based on our experiences we have found these links useful when it comes to develop mobile apps.


  • AndroidPit: Just published your application and you want to get noticed? this is the place for you, here your app can get tested, reviewed and also is an alternative distribute channel to the Android Market.
  • Android Guys: Stay connected with the latest news about Android.
  • VisionMobile: VisionMobile is an ecosystems analyst firm working with top-5 telcos and handset makers. Best known for Developer Economics, the de-facto knowledge hub of the app economy.
  • Stack Overflow: Developer's questions get answered on this site.
  • this site is defined as "a google android blog in Spanish", but it is so much more.  The little time we spent exploring it, everything we found it seemed very interesting.  You can also follow them in, among other sources.

There is not only One book fits all, when it comes to learning anything... Specially Android.  Here is some that have helped us along the way:

How to Program the Google Android Camera to Take Pictures

posted Oct 21, 2011, 3:20 PM by Simmone Mago

This is a very good article we found on the Web, worth to be mention in our Developer's Corner.

For us that have had a hard time understanding and making it work, I believe it is a Excellent tool.

Original authors are: JibeerDev and Simon Hill from BRIGHT HUB (

Here is the link to the article:

And since links sometimes can be outdated, here is a document with the article's content.


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