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Be the first digital hospital offering data driven care to the communities in emerging countries.

Mission: We enable a digital hospital innovation that supports our customers in delivering on Universal Health Coverage while empowering our consumers to access health resources on demand.

Our USP:  We are the One stop shop to access all healthcare capabilities and resources for more empowered families at anytime from anywhere across in Emerging countries. 

Strategic Objectives: In the coming 2 to 3 years, MEDxCare will aim at attracting Hundred thousands of patients and families across the emerging globe. As a step for nations to Achieve universal health coverage, including financial risk protection, access to quality essential health-care services and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable healthcare for all. This will be achieved through tight collaboration or partnership with B2B and B2G in the health sector and industry. 

Our Target Audience:

  • B2C Care Providers (Nurses, Lab technicians, Doctors, specialists) 
  • B2B Care providers (Hospitals, Labs and other care companies)
  • B2G Healthcare Institutions needing digital health Consultancy and work 
  • Our End - Consumers: Care Seekers and their family structure          

About MEDx eHealthCenter 

This all started back in 2013, when Co-founders  were triggered by cases of misdiagnosis which claimed the lives of loved ones and threatened a few others. 

We started the journey as consumers trying to understand why this would happen so frequently and how this can be prevented in the future. The outcome of this first phase of market research was a very patient centric view which 2as implemented as MEDx 1.0 ,the prototype. Which was taken to audience for feedback.

Upon receiving feedback we realised that we were lacking perspective from healthcare providers. This was a group of contributors who wanted to be heard and who had a lot to say. As many would say, there are 2 sides to every story. So, we embarked on Phase 2 of our market research, focusing more on healthcare providers and health institutions to understand their challenges and their needs.

The outcome of these years of market research is what we know today as the MEDx blueprint for holistic healthcare management in growth countries. Specifically, to improve accessibility and affordability to quality healthcare in 'developing and emerging countries' (herein referred as growth markets). Our initial vision has rapidly transformed into a journey pioneering healthcare. Today, the platform offers 7 services including self care, medical care, medicinal care, material care, financial care, emotional care and institutional care. These services target the needs of the healthcare seeker, while creating added value for the healthcare providers. 

With headquarters in Eindhoven the European capital of innovation; we combine passion, commitment and continuous learning to deliver impactful innovations to growth markets across the globe.

About Our Partners

Our partner engagement Department is referred to as the ¨Engagement Office¨. Whether you are contemplating on how to start a smart business, grow an existing one or take your business to a new level, MEDx has more than innovative health solutions (services) for you. Our knowledgeable Team will work with you every step of the way to success.  


  • Integrity and Respect: Our passion for what we do should reflect in our attitude towards working together with our partners. We should aim to share that passion as well as respect differences with all parties involved in collaborations (colleagues, customers or partners).
  • Agility: Work with resources to thrive in a complex and ambidextrous setting. We aim to be agile with our thinking, focusing on constructive interaction to embrace uncommon ideas and differences.
  • Reliability: We aim to build robust systems matching standards of developed countries, and deliver them in simple ways so they can effectively run in environment with simple IT infrastructure and processes.


HealthCare is the most critical Human Right that affects every layer of economy, government, environment and population development. We offer an environment to develop your business further and an opportunity to make your dreams come true. 

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