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The Mediterranean Policy Centre (MPC), is an independent  not for profit think tank.

The Policy Centre – in light of the social, economic and political situation for the people living in Cyprus – will work towards knowledge-based intellectual and autonomous progress in activities, and the execution of a self-sufficient, sustainable and competitive structure.


The Policy Centre, has been established to analyze and interpret important developments occurring or likely to happen in Cyprus and around the world, to provide feedback, bring together experts and relevant individuals, provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and views, and collaborate with individuals and organizations working in this direction.

Communication tools, research, collection of information and assessment methods will provide the opportunity to study organizational developments and also will create the opportunity to collect a considerably important amount of information on human and societal behavior. Policies will be produced on the basis of available information using the disciplines of economics, political science, sociology and management sciences.

The Mediterranean Policy Centre will form a network of communication and cooperation, in sociology, management, public policy and international relations – including prominent individuals and institutions.

With collaboration and cooperation underpinned by applied scientific studies the Policy Centre will bring accelerated development to the island and the area.

The desired outcome of the Policy Centre is to not only to carry out studies in the specific geographic area in which it was established, but also to work globally and produce alternative solutions to the whole world and contribute to the progress of humanity.

Studies at the Mediterranean Policy Centre will reflect growth in our rapidly changing world, and it will become an instrument of transformation for governing bodies which want to keep up with changes accruing around the world, to assist them in formulating plans, and to help them understand the process of how to replace old and ineffective structures with organic and dynamic systems.

The Mediterranean Policy Centre will produce  projects and alternative solutions targeting social, economic and 
political progress based on the premise that logic, science and accumulated knowledge should replace old routines and habits that are not serving the community well or solving long-standing problems.