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Ankstyva reabilitacija būtina po kelio sąnario raiščių operacinio gydymo

Niujorkas. Ištyrus 502 asmenis po priekinio kryžminio kelio sąnario raiščio rekonstrukcinės operacijos nustatyta, kad ankstyva reabilitacija yra būtina siekiant išvengti blogų gydymo rezultatų, rašoma žurnale American Journal of Sports Medicine. Reabilitacijos metu siekiama išvengti kraujo susikaupimo sąnaryje, kas yra viena pagrindinių priežasčių sukeliančių sąnario skausmą ir kontraktūras. Pačiau...
Early knee motion important for ligament repair

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – People with limited knee motion soon after repair of a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) are at risk for having poor long-term outcomes, according to a new report. Therefore, patients and their doctors should make every effort to improve motion after repair.

Among 502 patients evaluated at least 10 years after ACL reconstruction, Tinker Gray and Dr. K. Donald Shelbourne, from the Shelbourne Knee Center in Indianapolis, examined how a reduced ability to extend or flex the knee normally affected the long-term results.

Using standard criteria, 73 percent of patients had normal knee extension and flexion. However, 10 percent had normal knee extension but reduced flexion, 10 percent had reduced extension but normal flexion, and in 6 percent, extension and flexion were both below normal.

Patients with sub-normal extension and flexion had significantly lower knee stability than patients in all other range-of-motion groups and significantly less quadriceps muscle strength than patients with normal extension and flexion, the researchers report in The American Journal of Sports Medicine.

Abnormalities were seen on x-rays in 29 percent of patients with normal extension and flexion, versus 71 percent of patients with reduced extension or flexion.

Rehabilitation soon after surgery should aim to make sure the patient does not get a build-up of blood in the knee joint, "which is a main problem causing pain and limitation in range of motion," Gray told Reuters Health. "The rehabilitation should include cold/compression device, elevation, and a short period of bed rest" to prevent blood collecting in the joint.

Gray added, "During the rehabilitation process, patients need to monitor their range of motion and make sure to maintain full range of motion as they begin strengthening and they return to activities."

SOURCE: American Journal of Sports Medicine, March 2009.