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Discovering Buddhism by FPMT
This is the place to get readings and other materials for the Discovering Buddhism courses at Land of Medicine Buddha.

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Discovering Buddhism (DB) is one of the standardized education programs supported by the FPMT Education Department. This means that you can take DB courses at various FPMT centers, or even as Home Study, and can feel confident that you have covered basically the same material.

With the successful completion of each module, you will receive a completion certificate for that topic. With the completion of all the modules, including a rather intensive practice module, you will receive a certificate for the whole of Discovering Buddhism, enabling you to be a candidate for teaching introductory classes and meditations (upon invitation).

The DB modules have numbers, 1 through 14, corresponding to the order that these topics appear in the Lam-rim, the classic presentation of the Stages of the Path. However, we don’t necessarily offer them in that order. Sometimes we like to offer certain topics to fit in with the seasons or other things going on. If you miss a topic at one center, you can keep your eye out for it at another one of our Bay Area FPMT centers. It takes about 2 years to get through all the topics.

See more about the whole Discovering Buddhism program at Land of Medicine Buddha, here.

Benefits of Membership

Scholar-level membership covers donations for regular classes. Look into becoming a Scholar.