Attn: Administrator 

We have a non-violent disruptive and destabilizing technology that can 
be effectively and efficiently applied to any public relations or 
political agenda to entrench or to overthrow. 
Our arsenal of propaganda tactics are mightier than a nuclear bomb. 
We can expose your agenda to the 88 million affluent recipients in our 
US. Database, for a fraction of the cost, in comparison to any other media. 
Our cluster of cloud mail servers have the capacity to send an unlimited 
number of messages daily, that bypass filters. 
We have a daily circulation capacity that exceeds that of the Wall Street Journal, 
the USA Today and the New York Times – combined, at a fraction of their costs. 
We can make some equitable arrangements based on the RESULTS of us 
applying our resources to perpetuate your agenda, without you 
assuming any RISK. We may assume a financial interest or position in 
some arrangements. We can GUARANTEE the results. 
Please advise me of your possible interest. 


James Barbone, CEO 
Wilmington, Delaware 

This message is a communication of information in accordance with the right of free speech. 

“ He lives dangerously, who trusts his health to a doctor, his rights to a lawyer, 
his money to a banker or his soul to a preacher “