We are using the term social ecosystem - or ecology - as shorthand for the connected cloud of people and organisations, networks, content and tools that may be involved in sharing knowledge around a situation or topic, using a range of different media.

The idea of an ecosystem provides a framework for the Living Lab games and explorations that we are developing here.
  • We see networks as the connections between people and organisations in an ecosystem. More >
  • Mapping is process to identify and display the assets and networks within an ecosystem. More >
  • Workshop games are ways to simulate ecosystems - and provide practical ways to plan projects and learn about digital technology. More >
  • Social reporting explorations are ways to research a topic, develop ideas collaboratively, and build networks. More >
  • Projects then combine one or more of these ideas and methods. More >

Through games, social reporting and projects, we'll be exploring:
  • Communities and organisations as ecosystems
  • Personal ecosystems
  • Mapping the networks in ecosystems
  • Networks 
  • Facilitating ecosystem communications - see explorations
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