This site is the home for an exploration into how innovations, enabled by digital technology, can help support personal well being, and services for ageing better. It builds on an earlier exploration carried out in 2012-13 for the Nominet Trust. The current exploration is being undertaken with the Digital Inclusion Group of the Age Action Alliance. 

We have now produced an interim report, concluding that we should switch our focus from programmes, to exploring in more detail what digital technology means to the individual – in different situations, with different interests, needs, capabilities and support. The scope for digital healthcare is likely to be particularly important.
The spark for a new exploration was the belief that the Big Lottery Fund’s  £82 million Ageing Better programme, launched in September 2014, could make a far greater contribution to tackling social innovation if it embraced the potential for digital innovation and wider knowledge sharing. 
The aim of the current exploration is to assemble and develop ideas for using digital technology in support of a better later life, and explore how to promote their adoption.
What is innovation in Ageing Better?
The resources page includes examples:
  • Projects using technology to improve care, tackle loneliness, address health challenges.
  • Older people increasingly using smartphones, tablets, smart TVs as well as computers, with thousands of apps designed for well-being as well as general use.
  • Innovative approaches to sharing experience, gathering ideas, raising funds and collaborating that are enabled by technology. 
The exploration process
The general process for explorations is described here

The main stages so far in this exploration have been:
The next stages will be:
  • Sharing the initial ideas at events and meetings, and gathering more.
  • Mapping the assets held by organisations and individuals, and their relationships, to see how to develop ideas as projects and collaborations.
  • If possible, facilitating more sharing of ideas and experience as actionable knowledge, and helping develop a more creative social ecosystem. More here on ecosystems.
How far we achieve this will depend on getting some funding for further work. So far it has been unfunded.

Making innovation understandable
This exploration is part of the Living Lab development being led by David Wilcox and Drew Mackie. A key element in that is the use of games and simulations to create structured conversation spaces. Here's how that works in general. Specific examples:
We'll be blogging about progress: links here.