Why the Project?

You might be visiting this website because you were contacted about the Medford DNA project. You might have never researched your family history but you may be interested in learning more about your Medford ancestors. You may have dabbled in Medford genealogy research or you might be a seasoned genealogist.

No matter how much experience you have with Medford genealogy it is important to know that a lot of erroneous or unfounded information has been published.

Are you a descendant of one of these Medfords?

John MEDFORD bc 1760 likely in the Carolinas
Israel MEDFORD bc 1790 in North Carolina died 1860 in North Carolina
Jonas MEDFORD bc 1786 in North Carolina died 1855 in North Carolina
William MEDFORD bc 1780 in South Carolina (some say "Ireland") died 1842 in Georgia

There are numerous websites, books and gedcoms files that confidently claim the parentage of these individuals. Guess what? To our knowledge, the parentage of these individuals have NOT been proven. If you have documentation that proves otherwise, we would LOVE to see it.

[note: there are two reasons I selected these individuals for this example: 1) their parentage is unknown or unproven and 2) they have traceable descendants that could be tested for this project.  There are many other examples that should be on this list, but we have are constantly learning about new lines that need to be studied.  If you have a line that should be studied please email the info to jon@medfordgenetics.com]

How can we find out if these individuals are related?

Going back to basic biology females carry two X chromosomes and males carry an X and Y chromoshome. This Y chromosome DNA is passed down from male to male virtually unchanged for generations.

I am a descendant of Israel Medford, therefore I carry virtually the same yDNA as him.

How closely does my DNA match that of descendants of George, William, Jonas, Jonathan and Isham?
What about the proven male descendants of Martin County, NC Medfords?
What about the Medfords of Maryland?

Medford DNA Project

We are starting the Medford DNA Project to get answers. We want to find willing male Medfords to participate from each major Medford line in the United States, and provide side by side comparisons of their DNA results.

How can you participate?

1) Join the DNA project if you are a Medford male.

2) If you are a Medford female, find a brother, uncle or male cousin that can do the test for you.

3) Signup for our email newsletter to receive notification of the latest findings!

4) Identity living Medford males that would be willing to participate.

5) Identify the head of additional Medford lines that needs to be researched. (any Medford line in the US that has unknown parentage aka "brick wall")

6) Email me documents to be placed on the website (pictures, wills, obits, census, war, letters, muster rolls...anything and everything).

7) Think of ways that we can raise the funds to pay for DNA tests for those willing to participate but not willing to pay. The 12 marker tests are $99 but we really need to use the 25 marker test for more defining results. $149. You can order the 12 initially then they will test additional markers later on.

8) I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so please email me.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Medford