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By 1803 John MEDFORD appears on a tax list Jackson Co., Tn. (Jackson Co., Tn. formed 1801 from Smith Co.) as does a James (corruption of Jonas) MEDFORD.

20 Sep 1807

Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee
"Ansearchin" News

Affadavit of Jonas MEDFORD of Jackson County that sometime in May 1807 William THOMPSON of Jackson County requested MEDFORD to "draw some instrument of writing" to prevent his wife living in Virginia from obtaining his property.  Dated 20 September 1807.  Subscribing Justice B. HOUSTON?, Justice peace for Knox County.
(4 pages)    I assume to be the number of pages in the issue that contained the citation ?  
This tells us:   1.) Jonas MEDFORD was literate  2.) This is the same William THOMPSON of the Knox Co., Tn. citation that names James MEDFORD.  Thanks to Jim Willis of the Tn. Genealogical Society for supplying this transcription that was requested by Temple Simmons after a snippet was discovered on Google Books by Jonathan Medford.

Knox Co., Tn. 1809 (formed 1792 from Green & Hawkins Cos.) indicates John is closely related to Jonas Medford.   This Knox Co., Tn. record involved the case of one Agnes Thompson of Va. who was seeking a divorce from her husband William Thompson on the charge of abandonment of she and their children.  The Jonas MEDFORD of the 1803 Jackson Co., Tn. Taxpayer list is surely the same Jonas MEDFORD who testified in 1809 Knox Co. that he was acquainted with this William Thompson and  knew him to have been in Davidson Co., Tn. in 1803 and that he owned property.   _ Rutherford Co., Tn. was created from Davidson Co. in 1803. _  
(reference: shared by Donna Ford in a 1997 Medford discussion group)

1810 Jan
1810 January Rutherford Co., Tn.
Deborah Medford m. Samuel Jacobs
Deborah Medford b. 1796 N.C.
d. December 1859 Johnson Co., Arkansas
Samuel Jacobs served under Captain George Barnes, TN Militia.  They served in the Battle of New Orleans.
Source: War of 1812 Pension App. & Paula-Jo Cahoon

1810 Rutherford Co., Tn. census:
John MEDFORD   21001-21010
It is conceded this census will not accommodate the older sons  Jonathan, **George, Isham but they were old enough to be _at work_ and enumerated in other households here or elsewhere.

1811 Rutherford Co., Tn.
The name Isham MEDFORD appears on a road gang list.

1812-1813 Rutherford Co., Tn.
The names Jonathan and Isham MEDFORD appear on poll tax lists.

Tn. Soldiers in the War of 1812:
John MEDFORD - Pvt., Brig. Gen. Johnson & Capt. Robert Carson
Jonathan MEDFORD - Pvt., Col. Thomas Benton & Capt. Isaiah Renshaw
Isham MEDFORD - Pvt., Major Wm. Russell & Capt. Flemmon Hodges 

Jonathan MEDFORD as well served with the 7th Regiment, Perkins' Battallion, of the Ms. militia.  Adam RAMER was a corporal in this unit.
_A_ James MEDFORD bc 1787 N.C. served in War of 1812 Georgia

1813 Rutherford Co., Tn.
Isham Medford pays poll tax

1813 Madison Co., Al. (Ms. Territory) Jonathan MEDFORD pays poll tax

Jul 1813
July 1813 Rutherford Co., Tn. court records:
Grand Jury presents true bills against Isham MEDFORD & William Duke.

8 Oct 1813
October 8, 1813 Rutherford Co., Tn. court records:
Cornelius Dabney & wife vs. John MEDFORD & wife

2 Nov 1814
November 2, 1814 Madison Co., Al. (Ms. Terr.) Court Records:  Isham MEDFORD indicted by a grand jury on charges that on October 14, 1814 "he then and there beat, wound and illtreat, to the great damage of one said Isaac Riley and against the peace and dignity of the Ms. Territory".  Guilty by jury and fined $12.25 and costs.

11 Jan 1815
January 11, 1815 Rutherford Co., Tn. court records:
Isham MEDFORD vs. Cornelius Dabney

12 Oct 1815
October 12, 1815 Rutherford Co., Tn. court records:
John MEDFORD vs. Cornelius Dabney
NOTE:  specifics of these Rutherford Co., Tn. records

1815 Madison Co., Al. (Ms. Territory) Jonathan MEDFORD's name appears on a tax list.

17 May 1816

May 17, 1816 Madison Co., Al. (Ms. Territory)
Elizabeth MEDFORD m. John RAMER

26 Jun 1818

June 26, 1818 Rutherford Co., Tn. 
Aberilla MEDFORD (b. 1802 N.C. or Tn.) m. Hyram BELT  ***  (1850 census sp. Averilla)

9 Jul 1818
July 9, 1818 Morgan Co., Al.  grant to Jonathan MEDFORD

5 Oct 1818
October 5, 1818 Old Huntsville Land Office Records & Military Warrants 1810-1854 compiled by Marilyn Davis Barefield ... grant to Jonathan MEDFORD.

1819 Morgan Co., Al.
Jonathan MEDFORD's name appears on a road gang

1820 Morgan Co., Ga.
George Medford    1- - - 1    5 - - 1      HOH no younger than bc 1794?

20 Jun 1822
June 20, 1822 Morgan Co., Al.
Isham MEDFORD m. Rhoda Crawford   (this is obviously Isham's 2nd mg.)

6 Jun 1823
June 6, 1823 Morgan Co., Al.
Mary MEDFORD m. William Young

1823 Morgan Co., Al.
Isham MEDFORD served as constable.
Isham MEDFORD's name appears on a poll tax list

14 Sep 1824
Sept. 14, 1824 Morgan Co., Al.
John MEDFORD bc 1802 Al. (Ms. Terr.?) m. Margaret Bryant

30 Jun 1825

June 30, 1825 Morgan Co., Al.
Jane MEDFORD (b. 1806 Tn.) m. John J. (T.) Edwards ***


1825 Morgan Co., Al.
Isham MEDFORD's name appears on a poll tax list

1825 Morgan Co., Al.
Jonathan MEDFORD served as overseer to the poor

29 Nov 1825
November 29, 1825, The name John MEDFORD SR. appears as a purchaser at the estate sale of Robert J. Morris Morgan Co., Al.

28 Jan 1826
January 28, 1826 Jonathan MEDFORD's name appears as a purchaser at the estate sale of Asahel Bullard

Jul 1826
July 1826 - Morgan Co., Al.   -   Jonathan MEDFORD served as exec. of the will of Adam Ramer in Morgan Co., Al.   NOTE: Adam Ramer was corporal in the same Ms. Terr. War of 1812 unit as Jonathan; marriage for Adam Raimer May 30, 1791 Davidson Co., Tn..  From this record is apparently where it's been assumed that Jonathan's wife Sarah was a nee Ramer/Ramey but this will shows no indication of relationship; marriage records exist for the widow and one of two named daughters; none of which was named Sarah. Further note:  marriage of apparent dau. Elizabeth of the old John Medford's to a John Ramer in 1816.

1827 & 1829
1827 & 1829    (ages/pob taken from 1850 Tippah Co., Ms. census)
George MEDFORD has 2 daus. born in Tennessee

Sep 1828

September 1828 Jonathan MEDFORD appointed guardian of the person and estate of Andrew Jackson Wilkes (b. 1813).  Andrew Jackson Wilkes the younger brother of Zachariah Medford's first wife Martha Wilkes m. 1830 Morgan Co., Al.   (see Wilkes lineage)

8 Mar 1828
March 8, 1828, McNairy Co., Tn.
Wm. Tipton to Isham MEDFORD 25 acres; occupant claim under the Act of 1825 ... this appears to be a grant.  

1830 census Morgan Co., Al.
Jonathan MEDFORD     2 - - - 1 - 1  Males   - 1 2 1 - 1  Females  HOH born 1780-1790 
Zachariah MEDFORD   - - - - 1 Male   - - - - - 1  Female                HOH born 1800-1810
George MEDFORD       - 1 1 - - - 1 Males     -  1 1 2 3 - - 1            HOH born  1780-1790
1830 census Yazoo Co., Ms.
Isham MEDFORD    21001 - 21010     HOH born 1790-1800
1830 census Monroe Co., Ms.
John MEDFORD    One male and female aged 60-70  (1760-1770)

Zachariah MEDFORD has verifiably relocated to Marion Co., Al.  (abuts Monroe Co., Ms.)
Jonathon MEDFORD's son Elisha Randolph reported born 1829 Marion Co., Al.
            *** Marion Co., Al. records destroyed in a CH fire in the 1880's
George MEDFORD buys land in Morgan Co., Al.

1832 Yazoo Co., Ms.
Isham MEDFORD sold through an agent the land in McNairy Co., Tn. 

1836 Itawamba Co., Ms.
Zachariah MEDFORD's name appears on a tax list.  Several land dealings in Itawamba Co., the last found dated 1846 and Zach's wife Martha signed this deed with him. 

1837 Ms. State Census
Isham MEDFORD Madison Co., Ms.
1837 John MEDFORD (Jr.) Taxpayer Smith Co., Tn.   (NE of Rutherford Co., Tn.)
1837 - 1839
Isham MEDFORD patents 240 acres in Clark/Pike & Howard Cos., Ar.   (BLM Records)

1840 census Itawamba Co., Ms.    (Itawamba Co., Ms. then abutted Tippah Co., Ms.)
Zachariah MEDFORD
1840 (Feby.)
George MEDFORD dau. Mary Ann marries in Hardeman Co., Tn.
1840 (Sept.) census Tippah Co., Ms.
1840 census Morgan Co., Al.
Jonathan MEDFORD
1840  there is no 1840 Texas census but Isham MEDFORD was verifiably in Texas at this time.  He had served as a Capt. in the War for Texas Independence and received land (headrights) Nov. 1837 as did son John Anderson, son Levi MEDFORD in 1839.
1840 - 1841 Isham MEDFORD patented (6 entries)land in Choctaw & Attala Cos., Ms.  as did son Levi MEDFORD in Feby. 1840 so they are obviously back on _home ground_ and one might surmise one purpose for the trip to be talking Jonathan MEDFORD into joining them in Texas ... which he did.
1840 census Hempstead Co., Ar.
Jonathan MEDFORD  -  s/o Isham Medford who had m. George MEDFORD's  dau. Keziah
1840 census Wilson Co., Tn
John Medford  (Jr.)   211- - - 1 males  1-11-1 females         HOH is aged (1790-1800)

1841 Itawamba Co., Ms., Minute Book 1, Circuit Court,  Zachariah MEDFORD vs. William Bullen

January 1841
In applying for a 640 acre headright Jonathan MEDFORD states he had arrived in Texas in January 1841

1845 - Pontotoc Land Office  (BLM)
Zachariah MEDFORD patents land in Itawamba Co., Mississippi
Jan. 13  - 159.25 acres
Jan. 13  - 199.2 acres
Oct.   9  -  50.65 acres

1850 census Pontotoc Co., Ms.
Zachariah MEDFORD   -  Zach married his 2nd wife in 1850 Pontotoc Co., Ms.
1850 census Tippah Co., Ms.
1850 census Cherokee Co., Tx.
Isham MEDFORD is deceased - numerous of his ch. appear as HOH ... extensive probate
Jonathan MEDFORD  -  and his 2 sons James Evan & Elisha Randolph Medford
R. D. MEDFORD (although this census states the HOH is a male; this is verifiably Isham's third wife and widow Rebecca Dancy Collier & Findley Medford.
1850 census Smith Co., Tn.
John MEDFORD  (b. 1802 Al.)
in jail for horse theft   -- to date no trace found of his family represented by the 1840 census

28 Apr 1854

Benjamin Todd and others Heirs of Said Benjamin Todd deceased. Be it remembered that on this 28th day of April 1854 this cause was heard before Chancellor Ridley, presiding at Murfreesboro .. It appeared to the Court that Benjamin Todd lately died intestate in Rutherford County and Complaintants Robin Todd, Sally Todd, Margaret Lusk, Jemima Espy, and Defendants Benjamin Todd and Mary Lusk ...the only surviving children of the said Benjamin Todd deceased . It appeared that the defendants Levi Medford, Jonathan Medford, Andrew Medford, ____ Ables and his wife Margaret Ables and Polly Waters are the only children of Leah Medford decd, who was one of the children of said Benjamiin Todd deceased. It appeared to the Court that Complaintants Fielden Todd and Asa Todd have been regularly appointed the Administrators of the estate of said intestate. (Benjamin owned) a tract of 143 acres bounded on the north by John McCrary, on the east by John McCrary and William Todd, on the south by lands of William Todd and on the west by the lands of Samuel McCrary. was unsusceptible of a division between the heirs and it should be sold..

[From: Minute Book of Chancery Court B page 385 to 386
Robin Todd and others Heirs and Administrators of Benjamin Todd decd.

Submitted by: Richard McMurtry RMcMurtry at]

1855  Cherokee Co., Texas
Jonathan MEDFORD files for a War of 1812 pension but apparently didn't live to collect it as no disposition found.  Jonathan reportedly died in 1856.

1860 one of John Medford Jr.'s assumed children (b. 1844 Tn.) is enumerated in the HH of his (John Jr.'s) sisters.    

1866 Ms. State Census
3 males 10-20, 1 male 70-80 (1786-1796)
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DESIGNATION: 2nd Regiment of Tennessee Militia
DATES: January 1814 - May 1814
MEN MOSTLY FROM: Robertson, Davidson, Rutherford, and Williamson Counties
CAPTAINS: Richard Benson, Hugh Birdwell, Robert CARSON, George C. Chapman, William Creel, James Giddins, Charles JOHNSON, William Smith
With a total complement of 520 men, this regiment was part of the reserves at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend (27 March 1814). Prior to the battle, many of the men transferred to the artillery squad. One of the transfers, young Private John Caffery, Jr. of Captain Charles Johnson's company, was the nephew of Andrew Jackson's wife, Rachel. After the battle, Jackson proudly wrote to his wife that her nephew "fought bravely and killed an Indian." A soldier in Captain Creel's company, Levi Lee, kept a diary of the movements of the regiment.
Monroe Co., Ms.   -
     Monroe was originally embraced within the Chickasaw Indian territory, and by the treaty of Chickasaw Council House concluded September 20, 1816, that nation ceded to the United States 408,000 acres on their eastern or Creek frontier. This large tract lay upon the eastern tributaries of the upper Tombigbee River and comprised the original county of MONROE. The Creek claims to these lands were surrendered by the treaty of Fort Jackson. It was attached to the State of Alabama until the winter of 1820, when the boundary was determined by actual survey, and on February 9, 1821, the legislature of Mississippi recognized it as within the limits of the State and approved a law entitled, An act to form a county east of the Tombigbee River, and for other purposes, which defined its limits as follows: All the tract of country lying on the east side of the Tombigbee River . . . beginning on the east side of said river, where the eastern boundary line of the State crosses the same; thence northwardly with said boundary line, to the Chickasaw boundary; thence with said boundary line westwardly to the Tombigbee River; thence with the meanders of said river to the beginning. The act of February 9, 1836, which organized the Chickasaw cession of 1832 into counties, extended the limits of Monroe and defined them as follows: Beginning at the point one mile due north of the point where the line between townships 11 and 12 intersects the eastern boundary line of the State, and running thence due west to the line between ranges 5 and 6 east; thence south with the said range line, to the northern boundary of Oktibbeha County; and thence due east to the mouth of the Buttahatchy River; thence according to the present boundaries between the said county of Monroe and the county of Lowndes, to the eastern boundary line of the State, and thence along the said eastern boundary line to the beginning.
     Since that time Monroe County has formed part of the State of Mississippi, though it was long separated from the older counties in the southern part, and from the counties in the western part, erected out of the New Purchase, by the remaining territory of the Choctaws. It was connected with them by a public road through the Chickasaw and Choctaw nations long known as the Natchez Trace. Lowndes County and a part of Clay County were embraced within the old county of Monroe.