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Eastern, NC

Muster Rolls of Edgecombe Co. N.C. Militia  #58 soldier Henry MEDFORD

2 Jun 1755
Abstracts of Deeds:  Edgecombe Co., N.C.  1732-1758
page 396  Abner ANDREWS of Bertie Co. to John BAILEY of Edgecombe Co. 2 June 1755 10 pounds sterling money of Great Britain 200 acres more or less on south side of Kehuky between HILLIARD and Abraham DEW, joining a pond and a branch all houses, buildings.  Wit:  John MEDFORD X his mark, William WILLIAMS.  Reg. Edgecombe Co. Feb. Ct. 1756 Joseph MONTFORT, C.C.

22 Jul 1769
On 22 Jul 1769 Thomas Weathersbee, Senior, Planter of Halifax County, sold to Patience Turner, of same place, for 60 pounds, a mulatto man named John. Witnessed by Jonathan Cain, Jesse Bryan, Henry Medford, and William Bryan. (Halifax County, North Carolina Deed Book 11 page 144).

17 Aug 1771
A Henry Medford  witnessed the will of a Thomas Weathersbee, Sr. August 17, 1771 in Halifax Co., N.C., said will naming sons Thomas and Wyatt Weathersbee (dec'd), gr-daughter Mary Weathersbee.  A Jonathan Cain likewise witnessed this document; a John Cain served as co-exec. of Henry Medford's will in 1774 along with John Medford.  

19 Dec 1773

The last will and Testament of Henry Medford
In the name of God amen the 19 day of December ____________ in the year or lord 1773 I Henry Medford or North Curry in the County of Hallafax Planter being low and weak in Body but of perfect mind and memory Thanks be to God for it but calling to mind mortality of my body and that it is appointed for all men once to Dye I make and ordain this my last will and Testament I give devide and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.

Itom I give and and bequeth unto my beloved Sons John Medford and James Medford that partial of lad that I bought many weathins be to them and their hears and assigns for ever_______

Itom I give and bequeth unto my beloved sons Henry Medford and Daniel Medford my manner plantation and all the land that belonging to it to the and their hears and assigns for ever_________

Itom I give and bequeth unto my beloved daughter Mary Medford two Cows and Calfs and their issues with one feather bed and furniture to hur and hur hears for ever________

Itom I give and bequeth unto my beloved daughter Ferrabee Medford Two Cows and Calfs and their issues with one feather and furniture to hur and hur hears and assigns for Ever___________

Itom I give and bequeth unto my beloved daughter Elizabeth Medford two cows and calves and their issues with one feather bed and furniture and one linning whels to hur and hur hears and assigns for ever I give and bequeth unto my Dearly beloved wife ----------mare named Finnisc with one cow and calf and thier issues to hur and hur hears and assigns forever and one Saddel and briddel to hur and also I lend to my Dearly beloved wife Elizabeth Medford all the remainder partial of my Estate to Raiz mychildren an in Divorcing hur widdow hood and if she should marry Then all I have lent in to hur may be Equly Divid betweed all my Children I Henry Medford appoint Jonathan Cain and my Son John Medford my hole and sole exetors of this my last will and Testement I Dow herby utterly Defenul revoke and disannul all and everything from Testement wills aforetimes legally and Executors by me any ways before this time named will and bequethed ractified this and no other will be my last will and Testement in witnes whence I have been unto set my hand and Seal this Day and have above written.


Daniel Hull Henry X Medford

Thomas Weatherbee mark

Henry died about a month after this will was filed. He came to North Carolina and settled in Edgecome County in 1733 or 1734. Edgecombe County divided and part became Halifax County and later another division created Martin County. He lived in three different counties without ever moving. The name "Fletcher" has been added because the family legend has it that Fletcher Medford came from Ireland and landed in Philadelphia with three sons and a daughter about 1790. He came South with Israel, Isham, Jonas, and Cinthia and settled in Halifax County. This cannot be true because there is not record of Fletcher Medford, and the Medfords were living in the Halifax County area for fifty years. The marriage record of Nancy Robinson to Peter Mease gives her mother's name as Elizabeth Medford Robinson. It was Elizabeth who married Henry Robinson, because they are listed as man and wife in the 1850 census. Cynthia Medford, illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth, married Absalum Henson. Elizabeth is listed in James' will. There are no Indians by the name of Medford living in Halifax or Martin Counties, or ever have been. Israel was not born until 1790. The Census Records list the birth place for all the above listed children as North Carolina, and with birth year and spouses as listed.

17 Feb 1774

MEDFORD, Henry                         
Halifax County, N.C.
Abstract of Wills of N.C.

December 19, 1773 . February 17, 1774.  Sons: John, James, Henry, Daniel (to each given a plantation).  Daughters: Mary, Ferrebee, and Elizabeth.  Wife: Elizabeth.  Executors: John Cain and John Medford.  Witnesses: Daniel Hull, Thomas Weatherbee.  Proven before Jo. Martin

29 May 1778
Martin Co., N.C.
Abstracts of Deed Book A  (1774-1787)
250  (A-199) JOHN MEDFORT and wife Elizabeth MEDFORT to Henry KENT.  29 May 1778.  39 pounds, 112 1/2 acres on east side of Middle Swamp, beginning a maple in Beaver Dam Branch, along a line of marked trees to the beginning.  John MEDFORT and wife Elizabeth MEDFORT (Seal).  Wit: Thomas Williams KENT, James (x) MEDFORT.

1 Mar 1780
Martin Co., N.C.
Abstracts of Deed Book A
323 (A-250)  John MEDFORT enters 67 acres beginning a white oak John DAWSON's corner on east side of the mouth of Reedy Branch, various courses to LEE's and BRYANT's corner, then to Betty O'CAIN's line to a red oak in Weathersbee's line:  Signed:  J. FRANK, Sec., R. CASWELL. Gov.   1 March 1780.

1 Mar. 1780
Martin Co., N.C.
Abstracts of Deed Book A
794  (A462)  John MEDFORT to Thomas WEATHERSBEE, Sr.  13 Dec. 1784.  26 pounds, 67 acres it being Deed of Grant to said MEDFORT on 1 Mar. 1780.  John (x) MEDFORT (seal). Elizabeth (x) MEDFORT.   Wit: James HYMAN, James MEDFORT.

1784-87 Martin Co., N. C. census:
John MEDFORT (sic)   01 03 01


    Henry Medford
        1 male over 16
        2 males under 16
        1 female

    James Medford (proven sons are Itha, Elijah, Richard, William, Thomas)
        1 male over 16
        4 males under 16
        4 females

    John MADFORT (sic)  01 05 01

Martin (Hallifax twnshp)

    Elisabeth Medford
        1 male 10-16
        1 male 16-26
        1 female 26-45
        1 female 45+


    Daniel Medford
        1 male 26-45
        1 female under 10
        1 female 26-45
        1 female 45+

September 1819
Henry MEDFORD  wife: unnamed:  sons: Henry MEDFORD, Stephen MEDFORD, Asia MEDFORD; daus. Mary MEDFORD, Cherlotty MEDFORD, Tempy MEDFORD, Sally MEDFORD.  mention: Fereby MEDFORD, Joseph BRYANT, Jordan WATSON  Exec. Whitney HOWELL
Wit: William BEMBRAY, Jotha (Itha?) MEDFORD    September 1819


Asa Medford

Elijah Medford
Ithe Medford
James Medford
Stephen Medford
Thomas Medford

5 Jan 1833
sons:  Itha Medford, Elijah Medford, Richard Medford, Thomas Medford, William Medford  daus: Abigail Medford, Elizabeth Medford, gr-daughter Sally Ann Cherry.  Mentioned: James Mayo, Bland Tract, Rogister (Register?) Tract   Exec: son Itha Wit: Edward G. Hammond, David Hodges.  January Term 1834
Martin Co., N.C.
Book 2, Page 190

Harriet Medford

Ithe Medford
Stephen Medford
Thomas Medford
Abbey Medford
Asa Medford
Milley Medford
Richard Medford