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Isham Medford

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Generation Late 1700s
Line Name: JohnM17

b. 1780s in North Carolina
d. in Texas

Isham was born in North Carolina about 1786 and was in Rutherford Co, TN by 1810 and then his family moved into Ms. Terr. (Madison Co., Al), to Morgan Co., Al. and Monroe, Yazoo, Itawamba, Tippah, Pontotoc Co.'s in Ms. and Nacogdoches/Cherokee Co., and Hamilton Co., Tx.


[courtesy Temple Simmons]
1st Marriage to Leah Todd, daughter of Benjamin Todd
Jonathan               1812  Tn.  m. dau. of George Medford
Mary "Polly"          1813 Tn.   m. a Mr. Waters
Margaret "Peggy"  1814-1815 Tn.  m. a Mr. Ables
Levi Medford          1818 Tn.    m. Jonathan's dau. Tabitha
John Anderson "Andrew"      1819 Tn.
2nd mg. to Rhoda Crawford 1822 Morgan Co., Al.
Minerva Ann           1823 Al.
Sarah Elizabeth      1824 Al.
Deborah Lenorah     1825 Al.
Rhoda Jane             1831 Ms.
Isham "Bud"            1829 Ms.
Keziah                    1834 Ms.    George Medford's eldest known dau. named Keziah
Saphronia                1836 Ms.
Samuel J.                1840 Tx.
3rd mg. to Rebecca Danzy Collier Finley    (widow of Zach Finley)
Green K. Medford      Apr. 1847


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War of 1812 In Tennessee


Isham Medford                        Russell’s Separate Batt’n, MTD Gunmen, TN Volunteers        Private

Isham Medford                        Russel’s Separate Batt’n, MTD. Gunmen, TN Volunteers        Private

John Medford                          2nd Reg’t (Cheatham’s) W.Tennessee Mil.                               Private

Jonathan Medford                   2nd Reg’t, (Benton’s) Tennessee Volunteers                             Private

Jonathan Medford                   Batt’n 7 Reg’t (Perkins’) Mississippi Mil.                                 Private


Isham Medford in McNairy County, TN (McNairy Co, was taken from Hardin Co, TN)

Deeds - Index to Deed Book Vol. A  1823 to 1838


Isham is on page, 23, 178 & 179


1830 Yazoo County, MS Census

Isham Medford-----age:30-40

Wife’s is--------------age:15-20 (it would be hard for her to have 7 children by age 20)

Oldest boy is 15-20

4 boys & 3 girls and young wife

July 1835

Medford’s of MS (History of Virgil A. Stewart by H.R.Howard  “Page: 163”'s+of+Mississippi&source=bl&ots=j0PHb_o5VD&sig=5uJO9lFrIRykr0r0TSsnlYyKdGY&hl=en&ei=dZPXSb2JL5DvlQfa3_TkDA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3

November, 1835

State Of Mississippi, Holmes County.


“The undersigned, citizens of said state and county, do hereby certify, that we were present and heard the confessions of Captain Isham Medford, of Attala County, on the 5th day of July 1835. The said Medford did not make his confessions while under the lash, but after he was released, and was assured that he would not be further punished. We do farther certify, that he implicated two of his own sons-in-law, as well as Judge Clanton, of Yallabusha County; and, from the Consistency of his story throughout the whole matter we are bound to believe that he told the truth as to his own guilt,as well as of those whom he implicated.

“Given under our hands and seals, this 17th day of July 1835.

James C. Bole,


Job Taylor

Thomas Gerrel



There is a strong corroborative analogy between the statements of Capt Medford, as given in James C.Bole’s letter to Calanton, and Dr. D.O. Williams’s publication as to the places of rendezvos for the clan.

We leave the reader and the public to draw their own inferences from the evidende above.



1837 Washington Co, Arkansas— GLO--Land Patents

1837 Isham is in Washington County, AR

Oct 1838

Medford, Isam            Mounted Gunmen
                         2 Regt., 3 Brig., [Texas Militia]
                  Oct 26, 1838 - Nov 12, 1838  [A1]
           (Pay)  Oct 27, 1838 - Nov 12, 1838  [A1]
                  Nov 16, 1838 - Jan  3, 1839  [A1]
           (Pay)  Nov 16, 1838 - Jan  3, 1839  [A1]


Cherokee came from  Nacogdoches County, Texas


Isham Medford ended up in Cherokee Co, TX


1850 Cherokee Co. TX Census  (Isham is alive in the 1850 Census, don't know who the Isham is that died in 1847 and married several women)

10  515  515 Medford   I----------------age: 64   M -- Farmer ----1,000--- N.C.
11  515  515 Medford  Sarah-----------age: 55   F ----------------------------N.C.                          
12  515  515 Medford  Elisha R.-------age: 27   M---Farmer---------------- AL.

28 Apr 1854
Benjamin Todd and others Heirs of Said Benjamin Todd deceased. Be it remembered that on this 28th day of April 1854 this cause was heard before Chancellor Ridley, presiding at Murfreesboro .. It appeared to the Court that Benjamin Todd lately died intestate in Rutherford County and Complaintants Robin Todd, Sally Todd, Margaret Lusk, Jemima Espy, and Defendants Benjamin Todd and Mary Lusk ...the only surviving children of the said Benjamin Todd deceased . It appeared that the defendants Levi Medford, Jonathan Medford, Andrew Medford, ____ Ables and his wife Margaret Ables and Polly Waters are the only children of Leah Medford decd, who was one of the children of said Benjamiin Todd deceased. It appeared to the Court that Complaintants Fielden Todd and Asa Todd have been regularly appointed the Administrators of the estate of said intestate. (Benjamin owned) a tract of 143 acres bounded on the north by John McCrary, on the east by John McCrary and William Todd, on the south by lands of William Todd and on the west by the lands of Samuel McCrary. was unsusceptible of a division between the heirs and it should be sold..

[From: Minute Book of Chancery Court B page 385 to 386
Robin Todd and others Heirs and Administrators of Benjamin Todd decd.

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