Special Education and Student Services

The Medford Area Public School District will continue to educate and inform our staff, students, and parents on the many happenings in our Special Education and Student Services departments. You can find out more information on our: 
  • Medford Area Public School District Special Education and Student Services Facebook page,
  • Joseph Greget's Special Education and Student Services Blog (jgreget.blogspot.com), and
  • Twitter (@Joseph_Greget)
Special Education Staffing
The Medford Area Public School District offers a wide range of special education staff and services for students in our school district. We employ:
  • Director of Student Services and Special Education
  • 2 School Psychologists
  • 3 Speech Language Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Special Education Secretary
  • Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
  • 5 Special Education Teachers at MAES
  • Special Education Teacher at SES
  • 7 Special Education Teachers at MAMS
  • 6 Special Education Teachers at MASH
  • Vision Impaired Services (CESA 10 contracted)
  • Hearing Impaired (CESA 10 contracted)
  • Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Sign Language Interpreter
  • Paraprofessional Support in each building
  • Adaptive Physical Education teachers at MAES, MAMS, and MASH  

Staffing Alignment in 11-12

Speech Language

Sheryl Balciar – 3 year olds to 5 year olds at MAES, 2 sections of Kindergarten, itinerant services, and Holy Rosary

Eliza Decker – MAMS, SES, and Immanual Lutheran

Ann Jochimsen – Grade 1 to 4 at MAES, 4 sections of Kindergarten at MAES, and MASH


MAES Special Education

Early Childhood and Pre-K RTI = Amber Fettes

Grade PK-4 PBIS and Cross-Categorical = Richelle Woller

Grade K-1 LD/CDB and Grade K-2 RTI = Marla Hemke

Grade K-1 Autism/EBD/CDS = Tasha Daniels

Grade 2 Cross-Categorical and Grade 2-4 EBD = Misty Galli

Grade 3 Cross-Categorical and Grade 2-4 CDS = Amy Wagner

Grade 4 Cross-Categorical and Grade 2-4 CD Severe = Kathleen Schumacher


MAMS Special Education

Grade 5 = Julie Kakes

Grade 6 = Tara Niemi and Ryan Brown

Grade 7 = Carol Wieman

Grade 8 = Jill Chasteen

Grade 7 and 8 = Sue Laher

Grade 5 to 8 EBD and Autism Consult = Jan Farmer


MASH Special Education

Grade 9 to 12 CDS/Autism = Brenda Ann McNary

Grade 9 = Nicole Gripentrog

Grade 10 = Beth Van der Berg

Grade 11 = Paul Boettcher

Grade 12 = Shari Gajewski

Grade 9 to 12 EBD = Nathan Bluhm


SES Special Education

Grade K to 4 = Kris Brandner


Research and Evidence Based Curriculum

We use research and evidence based curriculum in our special education classrooms. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Wilson Reading
  • Wilson Fundations
  • Corrective Reading Decoding Strand
  • Reading Mastery Signature Series
  • Edmark Reading
  • Read 180
  • Academy of Reading
  • Achieve 3000
  • Reading Assistant
  • Expert 21 
  • Saxon Math
  • Voyager Math
  • Voyager Math Live
  • Connnecting Math Concepts
  • Academy of Math
  • Number Worlds
  • Everyday Math.
New this year is the addition of Apple iPad technology into many of our special education classrooms. Last year we added promethean boards in middle and high school special education classrooms. New teacher and additional student computers have also been added.  We remain diligent in staff training and use of this technology with our students with disabilities to help them become 21st century model students.  The purchase of this technology has been made available through ARRA stimulus funds, federal IDEA grant, and local grants.
County-Wide Committees
As the Director of Student Services I am a regular member of county-wide committees to help promote regular collaboration of ideas and resources between the school district and local organizations. These include: 
  • Special Education Advisory Council
  • School Health Advisory Council
  • Community Learning Center Advisory Council
  • Alternative High School Advisory Council
  • Taylor County Interagency Communications
  • Taylor County Safe and Stable Families 
  • Taylor County Prevention Council
  • Taylor County Early Childhood
  • Taylor County Parent Resource Center Board of Directors
  • Taylor County Library Board of Directors
  • Taylor County Family Support  
Medford Adult Diploma Academy
We have started a Medford Adult Diploma Academy for students 18 years of age and older who never completed high school and would like to earn a traditional high school diploma. This is a collaboration between NTC and the Medford Area Public School District. For more information contact Alternative School Teacher Cindy Gibson at 715-748-1520. 
Taylor County Alternative High School
The Medford Area Public School District offers the Taylor County Alternative High School Partnership for students at risk of not graduating from high school.  We offer morning and afternoon sessions where students attend school for three hours per day and perform work or community service hours for an additional 15 hours per week. For more information contact Alternative School Teacher Cindy Gibson at 715-748-1520.
Student Services
We offer Student Services programs including, but not limited to:
  • School Guidance Counseling at MAES and SES
  • School Guidance Counseling at MAMS
  • School Guidance Counseling at MASH
  • Police Liaison
  • School Nursing
  • English Language Learner
  • Four Year Old Kindergarten Programs at MAES and SES
  • Preschool Options
  • Positive Behavioral Intervention Support Model
  • Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model
  • Foster Grandparent Program
  • Senior Citizen Employment Training
  • Grandma Readers at MAMS
  • Medford Alternative Program at MASH
  • Taylor County Alternative High School Program
  • Medford Adult Diploma Academy
  • Taylor County Reality Fair
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Read 180