Welcome to my website! 
Feel free to browse around and check out all the great information I've gathered as well as information about myself and my teaching. 

I graduated in May of 2015 from UW - Eau Claire with double majors in Special Education and Elementary Education. Right out of college, I got my first teaching job at Medford Area Senior High and am now in my second year teaching here. I have loved getting to know so many great staff members and students in the town of Medford. I have attended and help plan events such as Very Special Arts (VSA), Light it up Blue for Autism, and many events within the special education department at 

While in college, I was able participate in a study abroad program in Scotland to complete part of my EBD (Emotional and Behavior Disorder) certification. I was able to observe in a school in the Orkney Islands, take several classes at the University of Aberdeen, and take a 5 day bus trip through the Scottish Highlands, where we jumped into Loch Ness - home of the famous Loch Ness Monster, also known as Nessie. This experience helped me bring many more strategies into my teaching as well as broadening my acceptance and understanding of new things. (I even tried cow tongue while I was there ~ ick!)

I also enjoyed my time doing respite care for two individuals with 
Cerebral Palsy. I am still very close with the family and visit them often. It was a wonderful way to begin working with individuals with special needs and see the capabilities of these individuals in our society. 

​​I grew up in Athens and met my husband while we were in high school. We finally got married in August of 2016 and currently live ​in Athens with our dog, Boone. We love being so close to family and friends and I enjoy the short commute to work every day! We hope to keep the Midwest our home after he has graduated with his second bachelor's degree in Physical and Health Education.