Using Absi e-showcase

By Absi Co -

Wait until the e-showcase has finished loading, in case images did not appear in the e-showcase you may need to refresh the page more than once.

Get an instant quotation and an e-Brochure or send an instant inquiry

Select your preferred product from the e-showcase then get an instant quotation and a brochure by clicking the "Email a Brochure" button. You can also use the "Email a Brochure" form to inquire about your selected product, you don't need to memorize or "Copy and Paste" product name, ID or image; instead you only need to click the "Email a Brochre" button.

You can shop for several products using different e-showcases by clicking the "Add to cart" button then when you are done you can use the "Add to cart" form to get an instant quotation or make an order.

Notice that the unit price of our products decreases depending on the quantity that you want to order. Use either of these buttons to provide the quantity value in order to get the corresponding price.

View more images

View more images of your selected product by clicking it's name.

Click the product name to view more images

View an enlarged image

Click the product image to view an enlarged image.

Click the product image to view an enlarged image

Browse the e-showcase and filter the displayed products

Browsing different pages of  the e-showcase and selecting a specific product is easy and intuitive. Check the image below for available tools to filter the displayed results in our e-showcases.