Topaz Trophies

By Absi Co -

The Absi Topaz Series of Trophies are made from custom engraved-in-relief (Highlighted) gold plated brass plate(s) (can be highlighted silver plated or with bronze patina) manually crafted to give the surface very fine matte background contrasted with polished embossed text and artwork (reverse proof), decorated with super high quality gold plated medal with diamond-cut border. Assembled with two cut-to-shape acrylic plates standing in contrasting colors: crystal clear and piano-black, carrying the gold plated brass plate and the medal and emphasizing the trophy shape. Any text and drawing can also be laser engraved on the acrylic body to highlight further the message that the trophy carries. Care is placed in every stage of production in order to assure product finishing of the highest applicable standards.

Topaz trophies are presented in a luxury box