Shadowing Program

We recognize the importance of experience when choosing a specialty, and we therefore strive to offer students the opportunity to shadow surgeons, spending time in the operating room and witnessing what it is like to practice medicine in a surgical specialty on a daily basis.  As part of our shadowing program, each student is paired up with a surgeon based on the student's interests in a particular specialty.  

If you are interested in participating in the Surgery Interest Group’s shadowing program or have any questions or suggestions on how to improve our program, please email us at

In order to participate in our shadowing program, you must fill out our shadowing program form.  Once you have submitted your top 3 choices, you will need to be cleared by Occupational Health Services (OHS) before you can begin shadowing.  SIG will send you the appropriate information regarding this clearance process, which includes some additional paperwork as well as a respirator function test and mask fitting.  After you have completed these steps, we will match you with a surgeon in one of the fields you have selected. You are responsible for contacting the physician and coordinating your shadowing hours.