About Us

What is SIG?

SIG is the Surgery Interest Group at AECOM whose members are medical students aspiring to or potentially interested in pursuing a surgical career.  We work together with the Albert Einstein Surgery Department & Surgical Clerkship Program to give students more information about the field of surgery as well as exciting, hands-on opportunities to learn more about surgical specialties. 

Our Mission

SIG's mission is to educate, inform, and keep students up-to-date about the exciting world of surgery through lectures and interactive workshops with leading surgeons at AECOM.  Through our extensive shadowing program, we also enable development of mentoring relationships and insight into the daily life of a surgeon.

Bearing in mind the common stereotypical misconceptions about the surgical field, our events try to focus on both the social and procedural aspects of surgery.  SIG sponsors panels in which surgeons from different specialties offer to speak openly about their work hours, family and social lives, factors influencing their career choice, autonomy, and experiences transitioning from the classroom to the operating table.  In addition, our surgical externships and interactive workshops offer practical, hands-on application of some basic surgical and medical skills. By keeping an open mind, we hope to assure interested students that pursuing a surgical specialty is a worthwhile, satisfying, and refreshing endeavor! 

Why join SIG?

SIG offers many great opportunities to learn more about surgery directly from practicing surgeons as well as expand one's general medical knowledge base.  Many of our events are aimed at complementing the medical student's education and, in particular, Einstein's anatomy course.  We also offer shadowing opportunities and interactive workshops that help in developing basic suturing skills and other valuable medical techniques.