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Problem Water

Problem Water

     Don't live with bad water!  Whether it be smelly, cloudy, or tastes bad we can fix it!  Image taking a comfortable shower again and not having to worry about bottles of drinking water constantly.  We can take the water from your well and turn it into pure, crisp, clean water no matter how bad it is.

Sediment issues are clearly evident when pouring a glass of water and observing cloudiness.  We offer a number of solutions to this problem from standard sediment filters to Nano-filtration technology.

Blue/Green Staining
Blue staining on pipe and/or fixtures indicates a PH imbalance of your water.  This blue color is actually tiny pieces of your copper piping!  Be sure to have us balance the PH before your pipes start springing leaks!

Orange/Red Staining
Orange or red staining?  This is an indicator or Iron in your water.  Having iron in your water can make it taste bad, stain anything it touches over time, and ruin your plumbing fixtures!  Iron sulfide also creates a very bad smell.

Brown/Black Staining
Brown or Black staining usually indicates Manganese.  Manganese causes unsightly stains usually in toilet tanks, but other places with high levels.  It can also cause bad tasting water.