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Arsenic/Heavy Metals

Arsenic/Heavy metals

We here in central New Jersey are part of an arsenic "belt" which runs across central to Northern NJ.  Many residents test higher than the New Jersey standard for drinking water and need to have it remediated.  We here at Rely Mechanical offer more than one option when it comes to arsenic.  We can provide you with a media to capture arsenic, or remove it by Ion Exchange.  We offer many different sizes and options of both, catering to both the seller and the long term homeowner.

Some of the same treatment methods for arsenic also remove other heavy metals such as but not limited to Lead, Mercury, and Uranium.

    We specialize in Arsenic and other heavy metal remediation from your water.  We have many different options to choose from, whether it be an economical system installed in a hurry to facilitate a house sale or a system that will last you for years providing you with the water you deserve.