Water Treatment

    Specializing in water treatment, we build and custom tailor every unit to fit the needs of your home.  

We here know and understand that the water which comes out of every well is different and therefore 

requires different treatment.  

    We offer expedited service to fix problem water which may be holding up the selling of your home!  We will quickly file the appropriate permits, install the equipment, and take a retest to the lab.  All without you lifting a finger!


Are your shower heads and faucets getting clogged up and spraying everywhere?  Does the soap in the laundry or shower not seem to clean as well as it should?  Do you have spotted dishes and glassware?  You need a water softener!  Don't like how your current softener makes the water feel "slimy"?  We have a cure for that!

     Don't live with bad water!  Whether it be smelly, cloudy, or tastes bad we can fix it!  Imagine taking a comfortable shower again and not having to worry about bottles of drinking water constantly.  We can take the water from your well and turn it into pure, crisp, clean water no matter how bad it is.

Reverse Osmosis is the purest form of water filtration known to man.  We can provide you with a system at your kitchen sink and refrigerator which will provide water more pure than bottled!  Don't trust water bottles with pictures of glaciers on them, read the back and see where the water really came from!  With our system you will know exactly where it came from, your well!

    We specialize in Arsenic and other heavy metal remediation from your water.  We have many different options to choose from, whether it be an economical system installed in a hurry to facilitate a house sale or a system that will last you for years providing you with the water you deserve.

Bacteria is a living organism which resides in some water.  Depending on the type of bacteria there may be a number of health concerns.  We can install a system to treat the bacteria and then disinfect your homes plumbing supply which will keep you and your loved ones safe.