Brentwood Elementary School Counseling

Welcome to Brentwood Elementary's School Counselor Page!  The purpose of this page is to be a resource for students, parents, families, teachers and other school counselors.  I hope everyone had a wonderful summer full of laughter and fond memories.  Please feel free to visit this site to keep you up to date about what's going on in the world of school counseling at Brentwood, resources that may be available for families, or other pertinent information as the school year progresses.  

To kick off the 2016-2017 school year, here's a bit of information about school counselors and what we do.

School counselors can help by...
  • Helping children express and deal with feelings.
  • Providing a safe environment for children to talk.

School counselors may...
  • Meet with a child who was referred to the counselor by themselves, their parents, their teacher, or an administrator.
  • Help children resolve conflicts with peers.
  • Include children in small groups on different topics such as social skills, organizational skills, changing families, friendship, listening skills, and grief.
  • Teach guidance lessons in the classrooms on a wide variety of topics.
What are some things a school counselor can do for parents and families?
  • Meet with parents to discuss concerns about their child, particularly related to social, behavioral, and emotional issues.
  • Sit in on parent-teacher conferences upon the request of the teacher, parent, or administrator.
  • Provide parents with resources in the community to meet long-term counseling needs.
  • Work with parents and teachers to develop a behavioral plan for a child who is experiencing behavior difficulties in school.
  • Suggest and/or lend books or other resources to families on a variety of topics.

School counselor help families in need or in crisis.  These crises may be emotional, personal or financial.  

  • Counselors find resources and/or refer families in need or crisis.

v     Counseling in the school setting is brief and a referral may be made to an outside agency if therapy is desired or indicated.