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   The mission of the web committee is to assure that the MDUUC.org website presents an attractive and accessible introduction of our church to the general public, and facilitates helpful and meaningful communication among our members and friends.

Meetings:   The team rarely meets in person, conducting most of its work by email.

Chair:       Art Ungar
                          Contact: webchair@mduuc.org
                          Webmaster email: webupdate@mduuc.org

How To Get Involved:  There are many ways to get involved with the web site:
  • Volunteering for short-term or small ongoing tasks: volunteers can help give support in a variety of ways, such as helping with tech. support/ education about how to use the web site, or doing some small updating tasks, which may be as little as 5 or 10 minutes a week.  

  • Web Team: (the people behind the webupdate@mduuc alias) are our webmasters, providing maintenance and support and posting some of the web content. They may or may not also attend the committee meetings, and communicate mainly by email.

  • Committee Web Author: Some committees, such as Membership, Social Justice, Green, and Denominational Connections are already involved in posting content on the web for visitors.   Any committee or group is welcome (and encouraged) to have their own web pages. Contact webupdate@mduuc.org to get started.

  • Other Web Author: if you are teaching a class at MDUUC or have other useful information for members and friends, you can become a web author.  This will allow you to post and update your own content.  Contact webupdate@mduuc.org to get started.

Why Get Involved:   Apart from the fact that the web committee is a wonderful group of people to work with there are many benefits to getting involved:
  • Communicate News to other members/ friends: The world wide web is one of the main places people get information these days.  As a web author, you can let everyone know about your committee or group's activities.

  • Help draw in new people: most people do their church shopping by internet before they come in personknit web site image

  • Learn new skills - training and support is offered to all of our volunteers and web authors

  • Teach others new skills - help others to learn more about using the internet and making web pages

  • Like with any committee at MDUUC it feels good to contribute to the smooth running of the church

  • It could look good on your resume too!

                                                                                                                                           It's a great opportunity to be creative!