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Website Policies

MDUUC Electronic Communications Policy

As Approved by the Board on 6/15/10


  • The MDUUC Web Committee shall be comprised of three or more committee members responsible to the board for overseeing the building, maintaining, and posting of content to the website, including approving all major changes to the fundamental design or structure of the web site.  They will develop web related policies, both for the web site and for other web related services and tools, such as Social Networking (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), and will oversee any official MDUUC presence online.  The Web Committee shall act as a committee of the Church.
  1. The mission of the web committee is to assure that the website presents an attractive and accessible introduction of our church to the general public, and facilitates helpful and meaningful communication among our members and friends.
  2. The Chair of the Web Committee will be approved by the Board of Trustees annually and will be responsible for submitting an annual budget request to the finance committee for required expenses.
  3. The Web Team shall be comprised of two or more members who will be responsible for the development, maintenance and operation of the website and Announcement List.  It will operate as a sub-group of the Web Committee.
  4. A List Manager will be approved by the Board of Trustees annually and shall serve as a member of the Web Committee. The List Manager will work with the Church staff and committee chairs to keep the Announcement List and all Church email lists - such as Board and committee lists - up to date.
  • Social Networking (such as Facebook, Twitter): Any official MDUUC presence on these sites must be approved and overseen by the Web Committee. Unofficial (personal) fan sites or groups should be clearly identified as such, and should not use the MDUUC name or logo unless granted permission by the Web Committee or Board.
  • MDUUC Announcement List:  The purpose of this list is to provide an electronic reminder (via email) of upcoming events to members and friends of the congregation for whom a valid email address is available.
  1. Submitted items for announcement should concern Church sponsored events or activities with wide appeal, such as special events held at the Church, Church sponsored fund raising events, memorial services, denominational events, special worship services, programs, speakers, musical or theatrical performances, or community events.
  2. Posting to this list will be restricted to the Ministers, Intern Minister, Director of Lifespan & Religious Education, Administrator, Board President and List Manager (for newsletter).
  3. Announcements should be limited to two announcements prior to the event and one follow-up announcement after the event.
  4. Announcements will be consolidated where feasible into one single weekly announcement email.  Occasionally it might be used to disseminate emergency or time-limited messages.
  5. The general category of all List Announcements should be clearly identified in the subject line of the email (e.g.  – This Week at MDUUC', 'Upcoming Memorial Service at MDUUC' ), and should always include an 'opt out' instruction for recipients following the body of the announcement.
  • Church email lists: The List Manager will maintain all Church related email lists used for internal Church related communications among members of committees and groups within the MDUUC Church community. For example:
  1. Requests for the formation of new lists require approval by any staff member or committee or council chair.
  2. The membership of these lists will be reviewed and updated at least annually by the List Manager with appropriate committee chairs and/or Church Staff.


Content/ Safety Policies

Confidential information

Confidential information will not be displayed in public areas of the MDUUC website.  The following are examples of confidential information:

  1. Birth date, place of birth, ethnicity, home address, personal phone numbers
  2. Personal email addresses — in public areas of the web site only email addresses will be allowed.  An alias can be created if needed by emailing the request to
  3. Social security number, credit card number.
  4. Personal health information.
  • For minor children under no circumstance will the following information be posted on the website:
  1. Birth date, place of birth, home address, personal email addresses, personal phone numbers, last names
  2. Social security number, credit card number
  3. Personal health information.
  • For adults under no circumstances will the following information be posted anywhere on the website:
  1. Social security numbers.
  2. Personal credit card numbers.

Content Guidelines

  • To accommodate Members and Friends that do not have access to the web, major events should also be published in the Beacon, Order of Service, or other print media.
  • All content should be compatible with our Covenant of Right Relationship, and:
  1. MUST NOT CONTAIN: pornography/adult material, hate or violence-oriented material, material which supports racial intolerance, advocates against any individual or group, has an insulting, obscene, or degrading tone, or contains profanity. If the decision to exclude or rewrite material is contested, the MDUUC Web Committee will decide what is proper.
  2. MUST NOT contain copyrighted material without the express written consent of the copyright owner.
  3. MUST NOT contain any content that violates any law, is considered defamatory or libelous, or infringes on the legal rights of others.
  4. MUST NOT include a personal email message, letter or other correspondence, or a reply to one of these.
  5. MUST NOT include a photo or work of a child under the age of 18 that has not been approved in writing by a parent or legal guardian. See posted Permission to Publish form . All children’s names must be submitted with the photo(s). The person providing a child's photo is responsible for obtaining the permission and showing the Web Committee adequate proof of this.
  6. Photos of adults may be posted, but must be removed from the site if requested by the person pictured.
  7. No items will be included for a profit making or non-church sponsored activity without approval from the Web Committee.
  8. Our publications cannot accept announcements that may jeopardize our MDUUC 501(c) (3) tax exempt status. For example, the Church cannot be perceived as favoring one political candidate over another, or trying to enrich a candidate’s or elected leader’s campaign fund. When politicians are scheduled to appear at the church, announcements to promote such events must be reviewed and approved by the Secretary of the Board or other designated person.