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Get Access to Post (Publish) Content on Web Sites

Background Information

MDUUC has a public web site,, and a collection of sites for committees use on Google Sites.

For the most part, little or no technical knowledge of the web is needed to post on those sites.  The sites have built in editors which work like word processing documents or like writing an email.  The Web Committee runs the public web site, and a sub group, the Web Team, provide technical support.


Access to post on the Public Site (limited)

This access is limited to MDUUC staff, committee representatives who maintain areas of the public site, and the Web Team.  The reason for this is to keep the public site simple, up-to-date, and consistent.  If your committee wants to post information for visitors or newcomers, please contact the Publications Coordinator ( to discuss your idea.

Access to post on the committee sites (open)

This content is developed by committee members (and sometimes staff).  Any MDUUC Committee or group can have their own area to post information. You will need a Google Account for this, and if you do not have one, MDUUC we can create one for you.  In order for the site to remain a safe and positive place, all content must follow our Electronic Communications Policies and Covenant of Right Relationship.  The hope is that this site will assist in community building and communication among members and groups of members.  Members are encouraged to be creative and come up with new content for this area.  Contact the Publications Coordinator (