Meghan McDunnah's art work Spring 2015

Megan McOsker coordinates gifted and talented services and teaches computer science at Mount Desert Island High School. 

We encourage all of our Mount Desert Island High School students to endeavor; to try new things, to take their education out into the wider community and to have opportunities to learn, grow and achieve at a high level.             

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Illustrations by Meghan McDunnah  (MDIHS 2015)

 Mount Desert Island High School has advanced programming in the arts and academics, including many AP classes.  Students are also encouraged to seek opportunities outside the school.  On this site there are links to  academic  opportunities such as the Maine State Science Fair and the  US Senate Youth Program.  There are also links to artistic opportunities such as the Scholastic Art and Writing awards.  Our academic offerings are outlined in the MDIHS Program of studies, available online.

Another area that our students can excel beyond our walls is through high caliber community service and service learning. We have been working with the MDIHS service learning community to expand opportunities for our students to serve the community while enriching their own education.  We have an incredible, supportive community for our young people as they prepare to  launch themselves into adulthood. 

Internships are  listed under that tab. The Jackson Lab/ Mount Desert Island Biological Lab Program is not the only one!

Online Learning offers many opportunities for independent learners.  Students can take classes in the U Maine system through Academ-E, through MDIHS with VIrtual High School and through Maine's  AP4all program. 

Our advanced math students are welcome at College of the Atlantic and have taken Calculus 3 and Differential Equations with Professor Dave Feldman in recent years.  There are additional opportunities at COA for students who posses requisite skill and maturity.

We have an incredible, supportive community for our young people as they prepare to  launch themselves into adulthood.  It is imperative that students take advantage of appropriate opportunities as they prepare for college and post-secondary life.

For more information about our gifted and talented services, including screening and identification, click on that tab.  We have many high caliber students in our MDIHS community. By law we identify approximately  5% of our students as gifted (academic) and 3-5% as gifted (artistic). The full range of opportunities for advanced learning at MDIHS are available to  students irrespective of identification.   Additionally, the word gifted does not have a single definition.   Some define giftedness  solely by cognitive abilities , others by traits that include task commitment and creativity.  Resources on this webpage are aimed at anyone who is interested in any aspect of the world of highly able learners. 

Please contact Ms. Megan McOsker  with any concerns or questions:  
mmcosker at mdirss dot org