September 1, 2016

To All Mount Desert Island High School Students:

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year at Mount Desert Island High School. For some of you, this is the beginning of a new adventure. For others you'll be returning to familiar ground. Either way, we can't wait for the first day of school to see you on campus. This is going to be an exciting school year, with new challenges and opportunities.

As most of you are aware, this year brings the final phase of our evolution to a proficiency-based educational experience. There has been a lot of talk about this process and we believe whole heartedly that the changes we made will better serve all of our students in that we now have the ability to pinpoint areas of strengths and weaknesses, adjust instruction to match student needs, and clearly communicate progress. For specifics about Proficiency-Based Education at MDI High School, please visit our Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment webpage. There you will find detailed explanations about standards, assessment, grading, and instruction.

A big change this year comes in the way that parents and students can track their progress on meeting standards. Starting this fall, the Mastery Connect public portal will be in place to access the data. Your family should have received an activation e-mail from your advisor to open up the portal. Progress reports and grades will continue to be published in PowerSchool on a quarterly basis. As always, the best source of information will come directly from your teacher, please keep open dialogues going with all of your teachers.

We have made health and wellness of our students and staff one of our highest priorities, this focus will continue. We encourage students to make decisions that promote staying healthy on a daily basis. Adequate amounts of physical activity and sleep fueled by a balanced diet set the foundation for success in the classroom. Additionally, staying clear of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and monitoring screen time are very important. If you are struggling with any of these areas, we have a wide network of support. Please come see any one of us for help.

Please stop by to say hello, and do not hesitate to offer suggestions on how to make MDIHS the best school it can be. One of the suggestions we've heard repeatedly is how difficult it is for seniors at HCTC to stay connected to MDI when they miss their advisory and class meetings. To address this concern we are moving the Wednesday Advisory to the morning.

Good luck this year!


Matt Haney, Principal

Ian Braun, Dean of Students

Julie Keblinsky, Dean of Curriculum

Bunky Dow, Activities Director

Michele Gurtler, Guidance Director

MDIHS Administration

Matthew K. Haney

Ian Braun
Dean of Students

Julie Keblinsky
Dean of Curriculum

Alfred Dow, Jr.
Director of Athletics & Student Activities

Purpose of Student Handbook

The purpose of the MDIHS Student Handbook is to help keep parents and students informed and highlight the policies and procedures of Mount Desert Island High School. Since students are expected to understand their responsibilities as a student of our high school, I strongly encourage both students and parents to familiarize themselves with this website. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me for further clarification. I can be reached at 288-5011 (extension 3350) or by email at ibraun@mdirss.org

Please note that school board policy supersedes any errors or changes made to our policies during the school year. If there is any inconsistency of a school rule or board policy the school board policy takes precedent. School board policies can be located in the Main Office or can be found linked in the MDIRSS - AOS 91 website.

Ian Braun, Dean of Students