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Welcome Class of 2020!

To: Parents of the class of 2020

AOS 91 is in the final stages of expanding its practice of proficiency-based education across the district K-12.  For the class of 2020, this means that their diploma will certify the proficiency of standards in the subjects of English, math, social studies, science, physical education and health.  

We are adopting a district-wide, proficiency-based system (sometimes referred to as ‘standards-based’) to accomplish several goals:

  • To clearly communicate the expectations of student learning

  • To improve learning for MDIHS students by coordinating consistent and responsive teaching of the curriculum

  • To ensure that students’ grades accurately represent what students know and are able to do against rigorous standards

The meaning of ‘grades’ in a proficiency-based system is very specific. Your student’s grades will reflect what your student knows or is able to do against clearly articulated course standards. This means that work habits such as effort and time management are not a part of the grade calculation. Many of our teachers have already incorporated proficiency based assessment practices into their courses and have been using them for years--the shift is that this is now a shared, collective procedure.  

Shared, collective procedures ensures the integrity of our promise to provide the best teaching and learning possible for our students. Additional practices we will use include giving students multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency, using consistent grade scales, providing additional support for those who need it, and ensuring that there is opportunity to exceed for those who are ready.  

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or the MDIHS administrative team.

Julie Keblinsky, Dean of Curriculum

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