The Dancers - One Act 2015

All Festival Cast Members

Griffin Graves • Grace Drennan • Mary Paola

Best Scenic Design

Conor Crandall

Best Lighting Design and Operation

Emilia Cullen

Best Sound Design and Operation

Max Cornman • Jacob Sanner

Photo: Chris Dougherty
The cast and crew of The Dancers



Horace - Griffin Graves

Mary Catherine Davis - Grace Drennan

Inez Stanley - Elise Robertson

Herman Stanley - Tarzan Munson

Lila the Waitress - Natalie Rogers

Elizabeth Crews - Mary Paola

Emily Crews - Sarah Soucek

Mr. Tom Davis - Caleb Graham

Mrs. Tallulah Davis - Molly Brown

Velma - Molly E. Brown

Horton the Busboy - Desmond Reifsnyder 

Stanley Sewell - Nolan Crandall

Photo: Chris Dougherty        

Technical Production Crew

Casey Rush - Director

Technical Director, Scenic Design - Peter Miller

Technical Director, Lighting and Sound - Grey Burkart

Crew Chief - Greta Smallidge

Stage Manager - Samantha Park

Assistant Stage Manager - Ethan Leonard

Set Design - Conor Crandall

Set and Paint Crew - Conor Crandall, Greta Smallidge, Nolan Crandall, Max Cornman, Emilia Cullen, Kevin Elk, Carley Henderson, Mason Gurtler, Allen Parsons, Cory Richards, Jacob Sanner, Pierce Vincenty

Lighting Design and Operator - Emilia Cullen

Lighting Crew - Christina Closson, Corey Richards, Mason Gurtler, Max Cornman, Allen Parsons, Jacob Sanner

Sound Design - Max Cornman, Jacob Sanner

Sound Operator - Max Cornman

Costume Design and Construction - Marilee Marchese

Hair and Makeup - Marilee Marchese, Frank Bachman and Chris Dougherty

Special thanks to Frank Bachman, Ed and Heather Dillon, Earl and Roxie Brechlin, Chris Dougherty and Matt and Angel Hochman. 

Special thanks to Ben Atwater and Storage Plus in Ellsworth for supporting our trip to State Drama Fest. 


The Dancers by Horton Foote

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