Chess -- Fall Musical 2015

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Friday, November 13, Saturday, November 14, Friday, November 20, Saturday, November 21 at 7pm

Sunday, November 15 and Saturday November 21 at 2pm


Directed by Frank Bachman 

Pit Orchestra Director Rebecca Edmondson 

Music Director Bronwyn Kortge 

Tech Director, Scenic Design Peter Miller 

Tech Director, Lights/ Sound Grey Burkart 

Choreography Creation/Adaptation Tami Willis 

Costume Director Marilee Marchese 

Producer, Director of MDI Drama Casey Rush 



The Arbiter -- Jacob Sanner

Florence Vassy -- Mary Ellen Sharp

Anatoly Sergievsky -- Lucas Wood

Freddie Trumper -- Mary Paola

Alexander Molokov -- Tarzan Munson

Svetlana Sergievsky -- Thistle Swann

Walter de Courcey -- Emerson Jeffery

Mayor of Merano -- Allen Parsons

The Pawns -- Cala Coffman, Emily Homer, Abby Kelley, Bonnie Snyder, Desmond Reifsnyder, Lydia Reifsnyder, Chloe Vincenty

Civil Servants -- Molly Brown, Grace Drennan, Paige LeDuc, Gabby Link, Eleanor Shields

Chess Ballet #1 -- Chelsea Schroeder with Rosie Avila

Chess Ballet #2 & #3 -- Chelsea Schroeder with Rosie Avila, Cala Coffman, Maggie Collins, Emily Homer, Abby Kelley, Bonnie Snyder

Reporters -- Rosie Avila, Maggie Collins, Katherine Cornman, Ellie Jacoby, Chelsea Schroeder, Claire Shaw

Voices -- Cala Coffman, Emily Homer, Abby Kelley, Lydia Reifsnyder, Bonnie Snyder, Chloe Vincenty

Ensemble -- Rosie Avila, Molly Brown, Cala Coffman, Maggie Collins, Katherine Cornman, Grace Drennan, Emily Homer, Ellie Jacoby, Emerson Jeffery, Abby Kelley, Paige LeDuc, Gabby Link, Allen Parsons, Desmond Reifsnyder, Lydia Reifsnyder, Chelsea Schroeder, Claire Shaw, Eleanor Shields, Bonnie Snyder, Thistle Swann, Chloe Vincenty

Sergievsky Children -- Haji Avila, Rankin Moore

Chess Ballet Choreography -- Chelsea Schroeder 


Pit Orchestra Director -- Rebecca Edmondson

Piano/Accompanist -- Laurie Schrieber

Keyboard -- Carolyn Graber

Violins -- Annie Painter, Taki Ishimura

Flute/Piccolo -- Megan Howell

Flute -- Irene Choi

Clarinets -- Delanie Shepard, Danielle LeDuc, Nolan Murphy

Tenor Sax/Baritone Sax -- Matthew Cox

Trumpet -- Ben Hagle, Devin Christianson, Alec Fisichella

Trombone -- Pierce Vincenty

Guitar -- Ben Watson

Upright Bass -- Breaux Higgins

Percussion -- Dawson Burnett


Tech Director, Lights and Sound -- Grey Burkart

Tech Director, Scenic Design -- Peter Miller

Stage Manager, 
Crew Chief -- Nolan Crandall 

Lighting Design -- Christina Closson, Grey Burkart

Lighting Board Operator -- Christina Closson

Spotlight Operators -- Lysso Sanborn, Cory Richards

Lighting Crew -- Christina Closson, Cory Richards, Jacob Sanner, Ben Hagle, Max Cornman, Mason Gurtler, Rosie Avila, Lysso Sanborn

Sound Design -- Max Cornman, Ben Hagle

Sound Board Operator -- Max Cornman

Sound Crew -- Max Cornman, Ben Hagle, Jacob Sanner, Rosie Avila

Projection Video Design -- Pierce Vincenty, Mason Gurtler, Grey Burkart

Projection Video Operator -- Mason Gurtler

Scenic Design -- Peter Miller

Set and Painting Crew -- Rosie Avila, Nolan Crandall, Christina Closson, Max Cornman, Mason Gurtler, Ben Hagle, Gilbert Isaacs, Allen Parsons, Cory Richards, Lysso Sanborn, Jacob Sanner, Chelsea Thomas, Pierce Vincenty

Special Thanks -- Lisa Burton and Chris Vincenty for their support and the use of their projectors

Costume Design -- Marilee Marchese

Costume Construction -- Marilee Marchese, Ellen Kelley, Cas Dowden, Anne Swann, Thistle Swann

Chess Pin Construction -- Lorrain Bunker Smart

Chaperones/Dressers, Hairstyling and Makeup -- Lelania Avila, Claire Bingham, Linda Homer, Ellen Kelley, Pattie Savoie 


Ticket Sales -- Kim Schroeder, Ron Graves, Mike Frazier, Kim Frazier, Rosalie Brown, Peter Reifsnyder, Amy Walls

Ushers -- Karen Shields, Margaret Jeffery, Mandy Link, Jen Shae

Concessions Sales -- Sarah Burlingham, Jane Cornman, Kim Frazier, Joel Graber, Julie Hagle, Patti Savoie

Concessions Baking -- Sherri Christianson, Karen Collins, Ellen Finn, Kim Frazier, Julie Hagle, Linda Homer, Margaret Jeffery, Ellen Kelley, Mandy Link, Jill K. Murphy, Amy Walls

Flower Sales Coordination -- Chris Dougherty and Wendy Littlefield

Flower Sales Joel Graber, Noelle Malmborg-Reilly, Julie Meltzer

Financial Coordination -- Wendy Littlefield

Poster, Program and Slideshow Design -- Casey Rush



"The Story of Chess" — The Arbiter and Pawns

"Merano" — Mayor and Ensemble

"Freddie's Entrance" — Freddie and Florence

“Merano" (Reprise) — Ensemble

"Commie Newspapers" — Freddie and Florence

"Press Conference" — Freddie, Florence and Reporters

"Anatoly & Molokov" / "Where I Want to Be" — Molokov / Anatoly

“US vs. USSR” — Molokov, Walter, Florence with Pawns and Civil Servants

"The Arbiter" — The Arbiter and Pawns 

"Hymn to Chess"/"Merchandisers" — Ensemble

Chess Ballet #1" — Instrumental

"The Arbiter” (Reprise) — The Arbiter 

"A Model of Decorum and Tranquility" — Molokov, Florence, The Arbiter, and Anatoly

"Florence and Molokov" — Molokov, Florence, Walter and Freddie

"1956 – Budapest is Rising" — Florence and Freddie 

"Nobody's Side" — Florence and Pawns

"Mountain Duet" — Florence and Anatoly

Chess Ballet #2” — Instrumental

"Florence Quits" — Freddie and Florence  

"Pity the Child" — Freddie 

"Embassy Lament" – “English” — Civil Servants

"Heaven Help Your Heart" — Pawns

"Anatoly and the Press" — Anatoly and Reporters 

"Anthem" — Anatoly and Ensemble

Intermission • 15 Minutes

Concessions and Flowers Available in the Cafeteria to Benefit the Black Rose Theater Renovation Fund


"Golden Bangkok” — Instrumental

"One Night in Bangkok” — Freddie and Ensemble

"One More Opponent" / "You and I" — Anatoly and Florence

"The Soviet Machine" — Molokov and Civil Servants

"The Interview" — Walter, Freddie, and Anatoly 

"Someone Else's Story" — Svetlana

"The Deal" — The Arbiter, Molokov, Svetlana, Walter, Florence, Freddie, Anatoly 

"Pity the Child" — Freddie and Pawns

"I Know Him So Well" — Florence and Svetlana

"Talking Chess" — Freddie and Anatoly

"Endgame" — The Arbiter, Freddie, Molokov, Walter, Florence, Anatoly, Svetlana, and Ensemble

Chess Ballet #3” — Instrumental

"You and I” (Reprise) — Florence and Anatoly

"Finale" — Florence, Walter and Ensemble




As the townsfolk of Merano, Italy, prepare for the world chess championship: the current champion, Frederica “Freddie” Trumper of the United States, arrives with her manager, Florence Vassy. As Florence confronts Freddie about her brash behavior towards the press, her challenger, Anatoly Sergievsky, argues with the scheming Soviet Commissar Alexander Molokov on the selling out on his dreams to get to where he is today. The events unfold with the American and Soviet delegates each vowing their side will win: the Arbiter insisting on a clean game: and marketers looking to make a profit. During the intense match, Freddie suddenly throws the chessboard to the floor and storms out of the arena leaving Florence to attempt to negotiate reconciliation, trading heated words with Molokov. It turns out that Freddie engineered the outburst in the hopes of extracting more money from his sponsor Global Television, through Walter—the company's representative. 

Confronted by Florence, Freddie viciously reminds her of her late father, believed captured by Soviet forces during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.  However, convinced to attend a meeting with Anatoly, Freddie does not immediately turn up, leaving Anatoly and Florence awkwardly alone together. As romantic feelings arise, Freddie, who was working out new financial terms with Global TV, interrupts them. 

The chess tournament continues, however, Freddie flounders, leaving herself just one loss away from losing the title. Having had enough of Freddie's atrocious attitude, Florence finally quits. This leaves Freddie to ponder her actions and ultimately resign from the competition resulting in Anatoly becoming the new world champion. Assisted by Florence, Anatoly immediately defects, seeking asylum at the British embassy. When a mob of reporters ambush Anatoly and ask why he is deserting, he tells them his country will never truly leave his heart.


A year later, Anatoly is set to defend his championship in Bangkok, Thailand against the new Soviet challenger Leonid Viigand. Freddie is already there, now Global TV's official commentator for the tournament. Florence and Anatoly are now lovers, and worry about Freddie's presence as well as the impending arrival of Anatoly's estranged wife, Svetlana, no doubt part of Molokov's plan to shame him into returning to the Soviet Union. Walter manipulates Freddie into embarrassing Anatoly on live TV. Molokov, who indeed is responsible for Svetlana's presence in Bangkok, blackmails her into urging Anatoly to throw the match. Walter informs Florence that her father is still alive though imprisoned, may be released if she can convince Anatoly to lose. Molokov and Walter team up to get Freddie personally to persuade Anatoly throw the match however, all attempts fail. Svetlana and Florence reflect upon their respective relationships with Anatoly. Freddie informs Anatoly of a significant flaw in Viigand's strategy that will help him win. In the deciding game of the match, Svetlana castigates Anatoly for wallowing in the crowd's empty praise and Florence expresses similar annoyance with him for casting aside his ideals; regardless, Anatoly achieves a superb victory against Viigand.  

Later, Florence confesses her feelings that he should return to his family in the Soviet Union as they reflect on the conclusion of their romance. Informing Florence that Anatoly has returned to the U.S.S.R., Walter startlingly admits that no one actually knows if her father is still alive. Feeling used, Florence sadly recognizes the truth of Anatoly's earlier sentiment.


Chris Dougherty, Bunky Dow, Matt Haney, Ian Braun, Julie Keblinsky, Wendy Littlefield, Kim Schroeder, Matt and Angel Hochman, Anne Swann, Mary Corrow, Jenny Rogers, Mark Arnold, Michael Remy, Jeff Zaman, Butch Bracy, Phil Blanchard, Roy Reid, Kert Clark, Paul Day, Bob Keller, Matt McCurdy, Matt Umphrey, Mark Shields, Desiree Sirois, Anna Travers, Earl Brechlin, Nan Lincoln and Mark Good of The Mount Desert Islander, BMI Theatrical Supply, Worldwide TicketCraft

MDI Drama would like to thank David Lublin and VIDVOX, LLC for providing a VDMX5 license

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