MDI Drama Production History

I conceived of this project after recently speaking with several very active MDI Drama students. None of them had any idea about the early history of the drama program at MDIHS; in fact, few of them could even name the productions that had immediately preceded their involvement in the program. MDIHS boasts a deep and rich theatrical tradition; for that tradition, in the eyes of our current thespians, to fade into obscurity, to simply become so much stuff that happened a long time before they were involved in the program –- or even born –- is a shame.

My goal is to create a webpage for each production that features cast and crew info, the original program (if available) and photos. Please send additional production information, competition results, production programs (.pdf) and photos (.jpg, .gif, etc.) and/or updates and corrections to The more specific the information provided, especially with production/performance photos, the better.  
Much of the information about the early years of the drama program is derived from a review of the (mostly complete) collection of MDIHS yearbooks housed in the school's library. Often, however, it is unclear which non-musical shows were presented as one act competition or full length productions. In addition to this, the yearbooks don't seem to specify the titles of or include details about all MDIHS productions that may have occurred in a given year. Some editions only provide a collage or two of production/performance photos and no accompanying show information at all. For the sake of consistency, if only one non-musical production is named in the yearbook I have recorded it, perhaps inaccurately, as the competition one act. Also, it is not always clear who was the director of productions from the George Demas/Joyce Higgins years. In all instances in which there is no clear contradictory information available I have drawn the conclusion that George Demas served as director.

Special thanks to the following MDIHS and/or MDI Drama alumni and staff for their input and ongoing assistance with this project: Frank Bachman, Burt Barker, Melissa King Burkart, Brooke Richardson Cahilly, Laurie Carpenter, Ryan Corliss, Chrystine Weymouth Emeigh, Diana Faust, Kate Good-Smith, Matt Hochman, Tammie Butler Hooper, Emily Johnson, Joe Lewis, Robin MacDuffie, Richard E. MacPike, Peter Miller, Joe Marshall, Rob Marshall, Susan Taylor, Anna Smith, Mark Smith, Michelle Solomon, Dan Stillman, Sheila Wilensky and Sam Worden.

Special thanks to Larry Sweet for bringing in his copious MDI Drama files and spending a productive afternoon filling in missing information. I hope to have the time to post several production-related documents.

Thank you,

Casey Rush, MDI Drama Director 
December 2012

MDI Drama Regional One Act Finalists:

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Musical Play(s) & Director(s)

One Act Competition Play & Director(s)

Non-Musical Play(s) & Director(s)

1968-69 –– Of Mice and Men **** - George Demas   Rebel Without a Cause† - George Demas (w/Arthur Lawrence and Joyce Higgins)
1969-70 My Fair Lady - George Demas  Cock-a-Doodle-Dandy ** - George Demas   Dark of the Moon - Arthur Lawrence; The Ugly Duckling - Arthur Lawrence; The Miracle Worker - Joyce Higgins
1970-71 Man of LaMancha - George Demas  Beckett **** - George Demas   Oedipus Rex - Arthur Lawrence
1971-72 Lil' Abner - George Demas  The Lark **** - George Demas      A Tale of Chelm - Arthur Lawrence
1972-73 Camelot - George Demas  Inherit the Wind ** - George Demas  
Alice in Wonderland - Robin Marshall
1973-74 The Fantasticks - George Demas Electra **** - George Demas
  Blithe Spirit - Robin Marshall; The Cave Dwellers - Robin Marshall 
1974-75 Godspell - George Demas The Eternal Smile ** 1 - George Demas

The Beaux Stratagem - Robin Marshall; The Insect Comedy - Robin Marshall; The Mild Bunch, The Trojan WomenChalk and Slate (theater classes)

1975-76 Chautauqua '76 - George Demas  Faust **** - George Demas 
Hosted State Drama Festival

Song of the Scaffold - Robin Marshall; The Tempest (theater class); The Chalk Garden - Joyce Higgins

1976-77 The Canterbury Tales - George Demas  Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad **** - George Demas

  David and Lisa - Robin Marshall; American Graffiti (theater class) - George Demas

1977-78 Princess Bonnie - Joyce Higgins Peer Gynt **** - George Demas
The Mousetrap - Robin Marshall
1978-79 The Wiz - George Demas and Joyce Higgins Lysistrata ** - Joyce Higgins and George Demas   The Pilgrim and the Prince (a collaboration of the College of the Atlantic and MDI Drama) - Charlotte Bonica
1979-80 West Side Story - George Demas and Joyce Higgins

The Mischievous Machinations of Scapin ** - Joyce Higgins and George Demas   Merry Wives of Windsor - Joyce Higgins
1980-81 Fiddler on the Roof - George Demas Escurial ** -- George Demas   The Skin of Our Teeth - Joyce Higgins
1981-82 Hello Dolly - George Demas  One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ** - George Demas   ??
1982-83 Pippin - George Demas  Medea - Joyce Higgins and George Demas

  A Midsummer Night's Dream - Joyce Higgins
1983-84 Barnum - George Demas  Not Necessarily the Iliad ** - Joyce Higgins and George Demas     The Adventures of Joseph Andrews - Joyce Higgins 
1984-85 The Pirates of Penzance - George Demas; Pippin - ??   King Lear - Joyce Higgins and George Demas
  The Taming of the Shrew - Joyce Higgins
1985-86  Fame - Joyce Higgins (fall); Funny Girl - George Demas (spring)
Fame ** 2 - Joyce Higgins and George Demas   ??
1986-87 The Sound of Music - George Demas  Volpone Joyce Higgins and George Demas    The Hobbit - Joyce Higgins
1987-88 Annie - George Demas J.B. ** Joyce Higgins and George Demas  
The Comedy of Errors - Joyce Higgins
1988-89 The Music Man - Joyce Higgins Blood Wedding - Joyce Higgins   ??
1989-90 Oliver - Joyce Higgins  The Clouds - Joyce Higgins   ??

–– §

A Man's a Man - Rob Jordan     Tales of Trickery - Rob Jordan
1991-92 Guys and Dolls - Rob Jordan   No Fading Star - Jolene Gillander
   Try to Remember 3 - Suzie Homer
1992-93 Jesus Christ Superstar - Dana Daniels-Lazareth The Other Son - Jackie Bachman   ??
1993-94 Gypsy - Mark Puglisi Fools ** - Jackie Bachman and Frank Bachman   ??
1994-95 Into the Woods - Dan Mills 
Othello ** - Dan Mills
Plaza Suite - theatre class w/ Dan Mills
1995-96 West Side Story - Dan Mills

Scapino **** - Dan Mills
Three Tall Women - Dan Mills;  You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown - Dan Mills
1996-97 42nd Street - Dan Mills

Trouble *** 4 - Dan Mills
The Fantasticks - Dan Mills; The Good Doctor - theatre class students w/ Dan Mills  
1997-98 Tommy - Dan Mills Junk Shop Jazz - Dan Mills 
 Lend Me a Tenor - Alan Gallant; The Capricious Pearls - ??? (freshman play); Giants Have Us in Their Books - Kathleen Lake


Evita - Frank Bachman

Suddenly Last Summer * - Kathleen Lake

Stage Door - Frank Bachman (freshman play); Passion of Dracula - Alan Gallant; Baby with the Bathwater - Kathleen Lake


On the Town - Frank Bachman

April Fish * - Mark Puglisi

Jessye's Journey (ballet) - Don Grieco Choices and GlimpsesJoshu Weiss and Carrie Beals w/ Casey Rush (freshman play); Dark of the Moon - Casey Rush


Pippin - Frank Bachman

Final Dress Rehearsal - Mark Puglisi

Three Russian Fairy Tales - Carrie Beals, Emily Wright and Joanna Walls w/ Casey Rush (freshman play); A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Casey Rush


The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Frank Bachman

Assembly Line ** - Mark Puglisi

The Street of Good Friends - Joanna Walls and The Actor’s Nightmare - Missy King Burkart w/ Casey Rush (freshman plays); Our Town - Casey Rush


The Wiz - Frank Bachman

The Inspector General * - Casey Rush

Fools - Andy Stocking and ??? w/ Frank Bachman (frosh play); While Shakespeare Slept - students (freshman plays); The Man Who Came to Dinner - Mark Puglisi


The Pajama Game - Frank Bachman

The Tempest - Casey Rush

Nothing But the Truth - Enrica Maffucci and Emily Doherty w/ Frank Bachman (freshman play); The Mouse That Roared - Mark Puglisi


Seussical the Musical - Mark Puglisi

Il Dentista * Casey Rush

The Birds - Jen Shepard


The Long Way Home - Frank Bachman

Pie in the Sky ** - Mark Puglisi

Death - Jen Shepard; The Glass Menagerie - Casey Rush


Funny Girl - Mark Puglisi

The Lottery * - Frank Bachman

Steel Magnolias - Elizabeth Rabasca


Oklahoma! - Casey Rush

Best Intentions * - Mark Puglisi

The Real Inspector Hound - Chris Dougherty; Sorry, Wrong Number - Frank Bachman


Little Shop of Horrors - Frank Bachman

Reunion - Mark Puglisi

Talk Radio - Casey Rush; Five Plays by Wendy Wasserstein - Chris Dougherty


Thoroughly Modern Millie - Chris Dougherty

Sganarelle, or The Imaginary Cuckold ** - Casey Rush

The Odd Couple (Female Version) - Frank Bachman; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest - Mark Puglisi


Once Upon a Mattress - Chris Dougherty

Children of Drancy ** - Casey Rush

Almost, Maine - Mark Puglisi; Crimes of the Heart - Frank Bachman


Cats - Frank Bachman

The Rimers of Eldritch - Casey Rush

Appointment with Death - Chris Dougherty; Barefoot in the Park - Frank Bachman

2012-13 The Pirates of Penzance - Frank Bachman
Interview: A Fugue for Eight Actors **- Casey Rush
  Wit - Chris Dougherty;  Arsenic and Old Lace - Frank Bachman
2013-14 The Wiz - Frank Bachman    Twelve Angry People - Chris Dougherty; Lend Me a Tenor - Frank Bachman
2014-15  Tintypes - Frank Bachman  The Dancers ** - Casey Rush   Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean - Frank Bachman; The Mousetrap - Chris Dougherty 
2015-16 Chess - Frank Bachman  The Other Shore ** - Casey Rush    The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) - Chris DoughertyTwo - Frank Bachman
2016-17  Tarzan - Frank Bachman  The Insanity of Mary Girard **** - Casey Rush    Eurydice - Frank Bachman; 
Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery - Chris Dougherty 

 2017-18    TBD TBD   TBD


* Regional One Act Runner-up    ** Regional One Act Champion    *** State One Act Runner-up    **** State One Act Champion

The first dramatic production at MDIHS, performed in January 1969 

§ No musical produced due to the death of Joyce Higgins

1 Hosted State Drama Festival

2 Hosted New England Drama Festival

3 Dedication of the theater to George Demas and Joyce Higgins

4 Participated in the New England Drama Festival as State Festival runner-up

MDI Drama shows w/ unknown year of production:

1970s - Merry Wives of Windsor - Joyce Higgins 

Season with incomplete listings: 

1980-1981, 1981-1982, 1985-1986, 1988-1989, 1989-1990, 1992-1993, 1993-1994

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