2019 Fall Musical Sponsorship Campaign

Dear Friend of MDI Drama,                                            Click here to view or download the campaign letter

I am pleased to announce the
2019 MDI Drama Fall Musical Sponsorship Campaign for our production of MAMMA MIA! As you may remember, in the past we have offered a chance to support the great work of our young thespians by purchasing production sponsorships.  In return, we offer premiums such as the placement of your business ads or special messages in the program and pre-show video presentation, recognition in the show’s program, and tickets to the performances.  

The pre-show slide presentation, which premiered twenty years ago in 1999, was the first endeavor of its kind on MDI — the idea is much the same as you may have seen before the feature presentation in a movie theater. At the $100 Director or above level of giving our full-color ad will be projected onto the downstage screen during the pre-show for each of our six performances of MAMMA MIA!. Along with photos from previous shows at MDIHS, interesting facts, and trivia, your ad will reach as many as 2400 local people.

All revenues generated by this campaign will directly benefit the Black Rose Fund to renovate the Higgins-Demas Theater in memory of Ashleigh Littlefield, a beloved MDI Drama alumna. The fund has already accomplished great things, including facilitating a rebuild of the entire stage, the purchase of new Higgins-Demas stage soft goods, a new larger entrance to the scene shop and, most recently, four robotic lighting instruments for our rep plot.

All that we ask from you is to submit your payment, ad
information and/or digital art (.gif or .jpeg) for the $100 Director or above level on or by November 1st. That way we have time to put the finishing touches on the slideshow and program.

To get started, just scroll down this page to complete the convenient form.

This is a great opportunity to support the positive efforts of our young people on and off the island.  Your sponsorship will help ensure our ability to continue providing performance opportunities to our young community.

Level of Sponsorship

  Friend  $20 recognition in program and slideshow
two tickets to 

  Patron  $30 recognition in program and slideshow
three tickets to 

  Rising Star  $50 recognition in program and slideshow
• your 1⁄3 page* ad in program
four tickets to MAMMA MIA!

  Director  $100 recognition in program and slideshow
• your 1⁄2 page** ad in program 
• your ad in slideshow
four tickets to MAMMA MIA!

  Producer  $250+ recognition in program and slideshow
• your full page*** ad in program 
• your ad (3x) in slideshow

eight tickets to MAMMA MIA!

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to view ad dimensions.

Be sure to mail your ad art and payment (please make checks payable to MDI High School Drama) to:

Mount Desert Island High School
Fall Musical Sponsorship Campaign
ATTN: Casey Rush
1081 Eagle Lake Rd.
Mount Desert, ME 04660

If your ad art is digital, you may email it to director@mdidrama.org.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.  And as always, thank you for your past and future support of local educational theatre.

Casey Rush
Director, MDI Drama


2019 MDI Drama Fall Musical Sponsorship Campaign Form *

Ad Dimensions:

* 1/3 page ad dimensions - "business card" - H 600px x W 1050px @ 300dpi

** 1/2 page ad dimensions - H 975px x W 1350px @ 300dpi

*** Full page ad dimensions - H 2250px x W 1350px @ 300dpi