The Eastern Maine Tech Olympics - The Golden Wrench Award

Teams may consist of as few as two members with a maximum of five members. Team members need not be full-time techs; actors who help during load-in and strike also qualify. 

Each school is limited to only one team, and practicing beforehand is encouraged especially with the required knots. The competition tasks occur in the order listed below so teams can arrange their lineup to match team members' strengths. 

Please note: this is a friendly competition and schools with smaller or no tech crews should not feel discouraged to participate.

Tech Olympics Structure and Events

I. Tech Relay Race - Carry the torch from the back of the house to the front (and back) between each of the tasks.  The winner of this timed event will receive 100 points, second 90 points and so on down the line.

Box Frame Construction

Assemble a box frame.  Each team will be provided a 2x4 framed box assembly consisting of four equal 2x4’s, a box of screws and a screw gun. Once approved by the referee, return the torch to the back of the house.


Power and focus a light with a gobo and gel. The participant must plug a lighting instrument in with a  provided adapter, then gel and gobo, focus and shutter its beam into a spike-taped pattern on the cyc wall until the referee calls done; then the participant must restore the instrument to its original state. Return the torch to the back of the house.


Properly coil an XLR cable to be unrolled by a toss by the referee until deemed a pass. Return the torch to the back of the house.

Line Tying

Tie a bowline, a clove hitch and a regular square knot with the three ropes provided; all must be approved by the referee. Returning the torch to the back of the house.

II. Tape Measure Competition

One contestant per team must feed out a tape measure into the air as far as possible. The total length (in inches) reached before collapse is the number of points awarded to that team. 

Tie Breaker - Drop Cloth Folding

The team stands on a drop cloth in a line. They must flip the drop cloth over without touching the floor themselves. First team done wins.


Washington Academy - 2017 Golden Wrench Winner 
(Photo: Matt Hochman)


Hampden Academy - 2017 Silver Screwdriver Winner
(Photo: Matt Hochman)



2012 - Sumner Memorial High School

2013 - Washington Academy

2014 - Mount Desert Island High School

2015 - Mount Desert Island High School

2016 - Mount Desert Island High School

2017 - Washington Academy

2018 - Deer Isle-Stonington High School

MDI Drama: Tech Olympics 2017

Thank you to Liz Graves and The Mount Desert Islander for their coverage of MDI Drama