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To all our directors and visiting schools: MDI Drama is pleased to host the 2019 Eastern Regional of the Maine Drama Festival on March 8-9. Please be sure to review the 2018-2019 Drama Council Bulletin  and the official rulebook (see links below).

Festival materials are linked below in the Directors' Packet. NOTE: You will not receive a mailing from us as all pertinent documents are linked at the bottom of this page.  

Program and Festival Information: Please complete all of the online forms in the Directors' Packet as soon as possible. The deadline is Sunday, February 10. 

• The Master Schedule and Performance Schedule for the Festival weekend are here. Doors will open half an hour before each block of plays, and no performance will start before the top of the hour. These will be updated as information becomes available or changes.

Tech Day, Saturday, March 2.  All schools are expected to have a representative present.

8:00 am     Doors open. Please arrive BEFORE 9 am if you plan to install special equipment or specials.  

11:00 am   General meeting, facility tour and basic demonstration of equipment.

All directors are required to complete the Special Installations form. Items that are not in place by the time of the meeting must at least be clearly indicated to the Festival Tech Director prior to the session. All directors must have the opportunity to see what will be available for use on Festival weekend.  It is strongly suggested that you bring your light and sound operators to familiarize them with the operation of our equipment.  Please do not bring all of your students.

Please bring a copy of your performance license/cutting permissions to the meeting.

Important Festival information

  • Tickets are available to the public at the door.
  • Theater doors will open half an hour before each block of plays. No performance will start before the top of the hour. These will be updated as information becomes available or changes.
  • Entry to or exit from the theater once the doors have closed is not permitted except in case of emergency.
  • MDIHS classes will be in session on Friday, March 8 during load-in and tech checks. Access to your home bases will not occur before 3:00 pm. Visitors will be asked to remain in the gym before and after their tech checks until school ends. Alternatively, you could walk around Bar Harbor, check out Acadia National Park, etc.
  • No a la carte meals are sold during the festival. Meal plan tickets must be purchased in advance. Meals are freshly cooked on site. There will be several selections for each meal. Details and order forms will be sent to you via email. Again, there is no a la carte service.
  • No photography or recording of the performances.

Directors' Responsibilities

A reminder that the MPA wishes to stress that it is the responsibility of visiting directors to monitor student behavior during the entirety of the competition weekend. To that end, please be sure that you have enough chaperones to be able to do so. 

It is a festival requirement that all students attend all of the performances except for the one that conflicts directly with your own. 

Finally, please remember that it is each visiting director's responsibility “to inform his or her students that they must secure their own money and personal possessions. The MPA, host director, and host school are not responsible for lost money or possessions.” (From the 2015-2016 Guidelines/Rulebook - Maine Drama Competition).  

Please feel free to contact me by phone at 288-5011, ext. 3135 or by e-mail to, the last being by far the quickest and most reliable way to reach me.

I look forward to seeing you on Tech Day.

Chris Dougherty

Host, 2019 Eastern Regional of the Maine Drama Festival


rs' Packet

Forms to Complete
- Please complete by Sunday, February 10th 
  • Meal Plan Order Form - Directors will be sent an email from  about meal plan choices. 

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