MDI Drama is pleased to announce the selection of Adam Bock's award winning dark comedy The Thugs as its 51st competition one act play. We hope you will join us this winter as we defend our back-to-back 2017 and 2018 Maine State Drama Festival Championships. 

Adam Bock's The Thugs is a 2006-07 "Obie Award winning dark comedy about work, thunder and the mysterious things that are happening on the 9th floor of a big law firm. When a group of temps try to discover the secrets that lurk in the hidden crevices of their workplace, they realize they would rather believe in gossip and rumors than face dangerous realities." -- Samuel French


"Bock starts you off giggling, but leaves you with a chill." - Time Out New York

"A delightfully paranoid little nightmare that is both more chillingly realistic and pointedly absurd than anything John Grisham ever dreamed up." - New York Times

The Thugs
by Adam Bock


Mercedes - Carolyn Graber
Elaine - Rawl Blackett
Diane - Anna Redgate
Bart - Colby Bennoch
Daphne - Ruby Mahoney
Mary - Moxie McBreairty
Chantal - Dezi Zaman
Joey - Zachary Uliano
Aurora* - Haley Leonardi


Stage Manager - Julia Rush
Student Tech Director - Piper Charron
Lighting Design - Evelyn Zumwalt
Sound Design - Gianna Turk and Atty Brown
Video Design - Piper Charron
Crew Chief - TBD

Director - Casey Rush
Tech Director, Lighting and Sound - Grey Burkart
Tech Director, Scenic Design - Carlene Hirsch

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