The Silver Torch Award

The Silver Torch Award, established in 2003, is given to those Mount Desert Island High School senior techs who distinguish themselves through years of consistent and meritorious service to MDI Drama.

The recipients' names are recorded on a perpetual plaque located inside the house left entrance near the theater office.


Class of 2018 • Rosie Avila

Class of 2017 • Max Cornman, Christina Closson and Mason Gurtler

Class of 2016 • Nolan Crandall and Pierce Vincenty

Class of 2015 • Conor Crandall, Greta Smallidge and Wilder Young 

Class of 2014 • Lorelei "DD" Wehrfritz and Madi Uliano

Class of 2013 • Samantha Robinson and Francis Snyder

Class of 2011 • Hannah Dewey

Class of 2009 • Aaron Poirier, Zach Dewey and Anna Rose Keefe

Class of 2007 • Katie Anderson

Class of 2006 • Spencer O'Neil and Bryce Lambert

Class of 2005 • Lester Closson, Chas Powell and Casie Heckman

Class of 2004 • Andy Stocking

Class of 2003 • Jason Jordan and Jillian Sanner