One Act 2017

MDI Drama presents its one act competition offering for 2017, Lanie Robertson's thought provoking play 
The Insanity of Mary Girard

• Local premiere: Saturday, March 4th @ 7PM at the Higgins-Demas Theater, MDIHS

• Regional drama fest performance: Friday, March 10 @ 9PM at the Higgins-Demas Theater, MDIHS

• Black Rose Fund performance: Wednesday, March 22 @ 7PM at the Higgins-Demas Theater, MDIHS

Donations to benefit the Black Rose Fund to Renovate the Higgins-Demas Theater


Mary Girard

Mary Paola

Fury #1/Warder

Ethan Leonard

Fury #2/Mrs. Lum

Sammie Park

Fury #3/Polly Kenton

Thistle Swann

Fury #4/Mr. Phillips

Desmond Reifsnyder

Fury #5/Mrs. Hatcher

Sarah Soucek

Steven Girard

Emerson Jeffery

Production Staff and Crew


Casey Rush*

Technical Director for Lighting and Sound

Grey Burkhart*

Technical Director for Scenic Design

Carlene Hirsch*

Costume Design and Construction

Stage Manager

Marilee Marchese*

Julia Rush

Lighting Design

Christina Closson

Lighting Operator

Christina Closson

Lighting Crew

Arthur Dwyer, Katera Shelton,

Eric Graves, Atty Brown, Aidan O’Connor, Mason Gurtler and Piper Charron

Video Design

Piper Charron, Rosie Avila 

and Mason Gurtler

Video Operator

Piper Charron

Sound Design

Ben Hagle, Jacob Sanner 

and Alec Fisichella

Composer, “Steven’s Theme” 

Alec Fisichella

Sound Operators

Max Cornman and Ben Hagle

Scenic Design

Max Cornman and Maev Rogers

“Tranquilizing Chair” Design 

Max Cornman

Construction Crew

Max Cornman, Rosie Avila, Brianna Kerr, Maev Rogers, Anna Rogers, South Graves, Chelsea Thomas*

Makeup and Hair Design Mary Paola

The ​Tranquilizing C​hair​, invented by Dr. Benjamin Rush,​ ​is "a device used for 'excitable patients'​ who were insane or believed to be . . . with leather straps to bind the arms and legs of the person sitting in it" and 
". . . a square wooden box that fits over the head." -- Lanie Robertson

The Insanity of Mary Girard contains mature subject matter.

Synopsis: "In 1790, Mary Girard is committed to an asylum. After Mary became pregnant by another man, her husband had her declared legally insane. Now, Mary sits in a chair as the "furies" dance around and impersonate people from her past. By the end of this haunting and highly theatrical piece, she has grown rather convincingly into her diagnosis."

The Insanity of Mary Girard was first produced at The Painted Bride Art Center by Theatre Center Philadelphia on July 4, 1976.

Rehearsal and Performance Calendar

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Insanity of Mary Girard - Rehearsal and Performance Schedule 
for Production Weeks

Insanity of Mary Girard - Rehearsal and Performance Schedule for Production Weeks

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