"The Other Shore" - One Act 2016

"Considered one of the greatest works of modern Chinese drama, Gao Xingjian’s experimental 1986 play has actually never been performed inside mainland China; its initial run at the Beijing People’s Art Theater was cancelled for political reasons . . . and the Chinese government banned The Other Shore and all subsequent works." 
-- KC Wright, Backstage

Fifth Place

2016 Class B Maine State Drama Festival

All-Festival Cast

Mary Paola
Natalie Rogers 

Special Commendations

 Excellence in Sound Design: Max Cornman, Jacob Sanner and Ben Hagle 
Excellence in Video Design: Pierce Vincenty and Mason Gurtler


2016 Downeast Regional of the Maine Drama Festival

All-Festival Cast

Mary Paola
Natalie Rogers

Special Commendations

Ensemble Acting Award 
Overall Technical Excellence

Judges' Comments

Phillip Hackett "Exceptional ensemble work." "Fabulous [lighting, costuming and sound]." • "This stylistic type of staging is very difficult to execute and perform, and it was done incredibly well. It was very similar to the work of The Living Theatre in NY and frankly just as good. I loved it."

Midge Pomelow "Choreographed movements - stunning." • "Even [when the ensemble is veiled] everyone was focused, present." • "Beautiful interpretation - spot on." • "Beautiful use of real projections." • "Lighting was so well done." • "A chorus of voices, androgynous costuming, lovely yet basic multipurpose set -- concise choreography -- it all worked. Conflict, tentative resolution -- humor, grief, you gave us a world."

Tracy Ann Lord "Very difficult play to critique as I was watching rather than taking notes." • "Enigmatic ambiance [is] difficult to create, but you accomplished this." • "Actors created [a] willing suspension of disbelief." • "Fascinating and successful."

Megan Cross - "Beautiful, expressive and wonderful . . . your acting was outstanding."  Ensemble - "A true team effort -- the bar was set high." • Overall acting - "You excelled here. A+." • "Beautiful with projectors and movement establishing time and place. Harmonious presentation." • To sound design team: Max Cornman, Jacob Sanner and Ben Hagle: "Music added an important stylistic element which enhanced your story." • "Show commanded full commitment -- a total buy-in of the strange world allegory. You succeeded. Kudos to the stage manager (Jacob Sanner) for calling a great show." 

Dawn McAndrews - "The ensemble and individual actors used their bodies expressively and fully throughout." • "The ensemble was very strong and maintained a languid fluid pace and action." • "Great stage pictures that were in and of themselves evocative and plot-focused." • "The primary set pieces and projections were compelling and supported the production." • "The soundscape was stunning." 

Reed Farrar - "This was a beautiful, mysterious piece." • "I enjoyed the acting overall . . . the ensemble work was so good." • "The lights, sound and set perfectly complemented the show . . . it was seamless and well done." • "The young man's scenes with the Heart were captivating and beautiful to watch."

The Ensemble

Mary Paola - Actor Playing with Ropes 
Natalie Rogers - Woman (Language Teacher, Heart) 
Tarzan Munson - Man 
Sarah Soucek - Girl 
Molly Brown - Mother 
Desmond Reifsnyder - Zen Master 
Grace Drennan - Young Woman 
Nolan Crandall - Father 
Thistle Swann - Young Lady 
Sammie Park - Old Lady 
Emerson Jeffrey - Shadow

Production Staff

Director: Casey Rush*
Tech Director, Scenic: Peter Miller* 
Tech Director, Lights and Sound: Grey Burkart* 
Crew Chief: Nolan Crandall 
Set Design: Nolan Crandall, Max Cornman 
Set and Paint Crew: Rosie Avila, Christina Closson, Max Cornman, Nolan Crandall, Mason Gurtler, Ben Hagle, Allen Parsons, Jacob Sanner, Kristian Wehrfritz 
Lighting Design: Christina Closson, Jacob Sanner, Mason Gurtler 
Lighting Crew: Rosie Avila, Christina Closson, Max Cornman, Mason Gurtler, Ben Hagle, Allen Parsons, Jacob Sanner, Kristian Wehrfritz 
Sound Design: Max Cornman, Jacob Sanner, Ben Hagle 
Sound Operator: Max Cornman 
Video Design: Pierce Vincenty, Mason Gurtler 
Video Operator: Mason Gurtler 
Costume Design and Construction: Marilee Marchese*

Choreography - Mary Paola

Special Thanks to Chelsea Thomas*, Anne Swann*, Kirk Lurvey*, Chris Dougherty* and Frank Bachman* ​

Selections from the album Cylinders by Chris Zabriskie ​are​ licensed under an​ Attribution License. ​

The song ​"Thaw (Outro)" by Kai Engel is licensed under an​ Attribution-Non-Commercial License

The Other Shore is performed through arrangement with Georges Borchardt, Inc., for Gao Xingjian. All rights reserved.


Photo - Chris Dougherty

The cast and crew of MDI Drama's The Other Shore, the 2016 Downeast Regional Drama Festival 
Class B One Act Champion.

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