Once Upon a Mattress

2010 Fall Musical:

Music by Mary Rodgers
Lyrics by Marshall Barer
Book by Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller and Marshall Barer
Directed by Chris Dougherty

Don Grieco and David Lamon, Choreographers
Rebecca Edmondson, Pit Orchestra Director
 Marilee Marchese, Costume Director
Peter Miller, Tech Director for Scenic Design
Mark Smith, Tech Director for
Light and Sound
Vivian Hyde, Vocal Rehearsal and Performance Accompanist
Bronwyn Kortge, Vocal Coach
Casey Rush, Director of MDI Drama
Hannah Dewey, Stage Manager
Samantha Robinson, Crew Chief

Once Upon a Mattress is produced by special arrangement with
Rodgers and Hammerstein Theatricals, a division of the Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization, 229 W. 28th St., 11th Floor New York, New York 10001 - http://www.rnh.com/

November 12, 13, 19 and 20 at 7:00 pm

November 14 and 20 at 2:00 pm


Princess Sarah (“Many Moons Ago” solo) ... Sarah Stanley
Prologue Princess (ballet) ... Caitlin Schroeder

Prologue Queen (ballet) ... Clare Anderson

Prologue Prince (ballet) ... Logan MacDonald

Minstrel ... Ben Stevens

Minstrelettes ... Clare Anderson, Caroline Homer, Samanatha Luck

Princess No. 12 ... Caitlin Schroeder

Wizard ... Sam Robertson
Lady Larken ... Axis Fuksman-Kumpa

Queen Aggravain ... Arielle Levesque

Prince Dauntless ... Logan MacDonald

King Sextimus the Silent ... Noah Davis
Jester ... Morgan Lavoie

Knight of the Gate ... Aidan Pasha
Sir Studley, 2nd Knight ... Ezra Woodye

Sir Luce, 3rd Knight ... Gus DenDanto

Merrill, Lady-in-Waiting ... Katherine Parsons

Lucille, Lady-in-Waiting ... Rebecca O’Donnell

Sir Harry ... Finn Jordan

Kitchen Wench ... Chloe Corrion

Princess Winifred ... Rhiannon VonderHaar

Lady Mabelle ... Sierra Bloom

Luce’s Lady ... Hannah Murphy

1st Lady ... Ashanti Pettaway

2nd Lady ... Hannah Murphy

3rd Lady ... Morgan Thurston

Nightingale of Samarkand ... Sarah Stanley
Ensemble ... Sierra Bloom, Chloe Corrion, Hannah Murphy, Ashanti Pettaway, Caitlin Schroeder, Sarah Stanley, Bradley Thurston, Morgan Thurston


Orchestra Conductor ... Rebecca Edmondson

Violin ... Emma Ressel, Isabel Bohrer, Alexa Bonsey

Cello ... Ryan Dyer

String Bass ... Jarrett Sanner

Flute ... Rebecca Planchart

Clarinet ... Aaron Krevans

Trumpet ... Sean Cox, Emily Dunbar

Trombone ... Adam Perruzzi, Lily Horton

Guitar  ... Rebecca Petersen

Synthesizer ... Sophia Krevans

Piano ... Vivian Hyde

Production Staff

Director ... Chris Dougherty

Choreographers ... Don Grieco, David Lamon

Dance Captain, “Quiet” Choreography ... Bradley Thurston

Orchestra Director ... Rebecca Edmondson

Vocal Coach ... Bronwyn Kortge

Vocal Rehearsal Accompanist, Performance Pianist ... Vivian Hyde

Costume Design and Construction ... Marilee Marchese

Costume Helper ... Marietta Kruesi

Hair and Makeup ... Marilee Marchese, Frank Bachman

Technical Director for Sound and Lights ... Mark Smith

Technical Director for Scenic Design ... Peter Miller

Lighting Design ... Hannah Dewey, Mark Smith

Scenic Design ... Peter Miller

Stage Manager ... Hannah Dewey

Video Director ... Jason Robinson

Lightboard Operator ... Nathan Genrich

Soundboard Operator ... Francis Snyder

Crew Chief ... Samantha Robinson

Assistant Crew Chief ... Hana Bracale

Scenic Artists ... Paige Spaight, Hana Bracale, Isabel Erickson, Mea Clark

Prestidigitation Master ... Aidan Pasha

Running Crew ... Mea Clark, Luke Krebs, Lyle Gilpatrick, Paige Speight, Phoebe Dean, Isabel Erickson, Kyle Orr, Linnea Erickson, Jeb Innes, Lance Bishop and Jason Goodrich

Construction Crew ... Mea Clark, Luke Krebs, Lyle Gilpatrick, Paige Speight, Phoebe Dean, Isabel Erickson, Jane Pappas, Kyle Orr, Derek Deraps, Linnea Erickson, Jeb Innes, Lance Bishop, Hannah Dewey, Jason Robinson, Samantha Robinson, Nathan Genrich, Jason Goodrich, Francis Snyder, Aidan Pasha, Aaron Krevins and Sean Cox

Financial Coordination ... Wendy Littlefield

Poster, Program and Slideshow Design ... Casey Rush.

Special Thanks

Wendy Littlefield, Sharon, Gilley, Frank Bachman, Roger Innes, Bill Edmondson, Andrew Dewey, Susan Dewey, Lynn Boulger, Acadia Community Theatre, The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Maine, Beth Blugerman, Anne Swann, Mark Arnold, Gayle Gleason, Andrew Dewey, Ian Braun, Mary Corrow, Marie Doyle, Sue Vafiades-Diaz, Butch Bracy, Richard Bracy, Jamie Gonzales, Phil Blanchard, Roy Reid, Carlos Rosalies, Maggie  Masella, Kirk Clark, Laurie Schrieber of the Bar Harbor Times, Nan Lincoln, Earl Brechlin and Robert Levin of the Mount Desert Islander, Dr. Matthew Garrity-Janger, Pam Bush, Matt Haney, Bunky Dow, Matt Umphrey, Charlie Johnson, Dan Granholm, Nia Luck, Rachel Bishop, Linda Homer, Megan Smith, Kim Schroeder, Victoria MacDonald, Deb O'Donnell, Ellen J. Finn, Emily Bracale, Karen Willey, Michael Genrich, Lorena Beal, Karen Anderson, Velynda Wiley, Connie Stanley, Ed Stanley, Bianka Fuksman, Michael Cheche ... and all the parents, friends, neighbors, taxpayers, and just plain old nice folks who support MDI Drama.


In and about the castle, Spring 1428.

Musical Numbers


Act I

  Many Moons Ago - Princess Sarah
  An Opening For a Princess - Dauntless, Larken, Ensemble
  In a Little While - Harry, Larken
  In a Little While (reprise) - Harry, Larken
  Shy - Princess Winnifred, Sir Studley, Knights and Ladies
  The Minstrel, the Jester, and I - Minstrel, Jester, King
  Sensitivity - Queen, Wizard
  The Swamps of Home - Winnifred, Dauntless, Ladies-in-Waiting
  Normandy - Minstrel, Jester, Larken
  Spanish Panic - Queen, Wizard, Ensemble
  A Girl Named Fred (Song of Love) - Dauntless, Winnifred, Ensemble

Intermission – 15 minutes


Act II

Quiet - Queen, Ensemble
Goodnight, Sweet Princess - Dauntless
Happily Ever After - Winnifred
Man to Man Talk - Dauntless, King
Very Soft Shoes - Jester
Yesterday I Loved You - Harry, Larken
Nightingale Lullaby - Nightingale of Samarkand
Finale - Ensemble

Curtain Call

Once Upon a Mattress

A Musical (Comedy) in 2 Acts, a Prologue and 17 Scenes.

Book by Jay Thompson, Marshall Barer and Dean Fuller. (Based on the story The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen.) Music by Mary Rodgers. Lyrics by Marshall Barer.

  • Directed by George Abbott.
  • Dances and musical numbers staged by Joe Layton.
  • Scenery and costumes by William and Jean Eckart.
  • Lighting by Tharon Musser.
  • Musical direction, Hal Hastings.
  • Orchestrations by Hershy Kay, Arthur Beck and Carroll Huxley.
  • Dance music arranged by Roger Adams.
  • Orchestra conducted by Clay Warnick.

Opened 25 November 1959 at the Alvin Theatre, moved 24 February 1960 to the Winter Garden, moved 25 April 1960 to the Cort Theatre, moved 9 May 1960 to the St. James Theatre and closed 2 July 1960 after 244 performances. Total: 460 perfs.

Originally produced Off-Broadway 11 May, 1959 - 15 November 1959 - Phoenix Theatre (216 perfs.)

Adelphi Theatre, London - 20 September, 1960 (24 perfs)


Once Upon A Mattress is based on the famous fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea. Because of her noble birth, the Princess is unable to sleep on a bed of many mattresses when a tiny pea is placed underneath the bottom mattress.

The kingdom is an unhappy one. King Sextimus has been struck dumb by a witch's curse and is condemned not to speak again until "the mouse devours the hawk!" Queen Agravia has assumed power and she talks enough for the whole Royal household. She has decreed that no one in the Kingdom may wed until Prince Dauntless is married to a true princess of Royal blood. So far the Queen has tested the eligibility of eleven applicants and each has failed the almost impossible tests the Queen has devised.

The Knights and Ladies of the Court are most distressed by the situation but the most concerned are Lady Larken and her handsome lover, Sir Harry. Lady Larken has informed Sir Harry that he is to be a father so the situation is quite desperate. Sir Harry, determined to find a true princess, sets off for, until now, unexplored parts and returns with Princess Winnifred. She arrives dripping wet have swum the moat and proceeds to act as unlike a princess as one could possibly imagine. Prince Dauntless is very impressed by the new princess and is soon obviously in love with her - to the consternation of the angry Queen, who decides to give her an impossible test. She consults the Wizard and together they decide on the the sensitivity test - a pea is placed beneath twenty mattresses and the Queen decrees that if Princess Winnifred cannot sleep she will prove her royal birth. However, to ensure that she does sleep, she proceeds to do everything to make her tired out. A ball is held where the dancing is fast and furious and Winnifred is encouraged to drink heavily. She is also given a sleeping draught and a singing bird is provided to sing her to sleep.

However, the Queen fails, for Winnifred cannot sleep and spends the night counting sheep. The Queen is furious and orders Princess Winnifred to leave, but Prince Dauntless defies her and puts an end to the curse upon the King for, as the Jester proclaims, "the mouse has devoured the hawk!"

At the final curtain, we discover that the Princess was unable to sleep because the Jest has placed under the top mattress his lute, a helmet, a large spiked ball, some livestock and some old armour. Of course, all ends happily and the Queen is punished.

Original Broadway Cast

(in order of appearance)

  • Minstrel: HARRY SNOW.
  • Prince: Gene Kelton.
  • Princess: Chris Kamer.
  • Queen: Dorothy Frank.
  • Wizard: Robert Weil.
  • Princess Number Twelve: Mary Stanton.
  • Lady Rowena: Patti Karr.
  • Lady Merrill: Cheryl Kilgren.
  • Prince Dauntless: JOE BOVA.
  • The Queen: JANE WHITE.
  • Lady Lucille: Dorothy Aull.
  • Lady Larken: ANNE JONES.
  • Sir Studley: Tom Mixon.
  • The King: WILL LEE.
  • Jester: JERRY NEWBY.
  • Sir Harry: DAN RESIN.
  • Princess Winnifred: CAROL BURNETT.
  • Sir Harold: David Neuman.
  • Lady Beatrice: Dorothy Frank.
  • Sir Luce: Stuart Hodes.
  • Lady Mabelle: Marjorie Pragon.
  • Nightingale of Samarkand: Gina Viglione.
  • Lady Dorothy: Dorothy D'Honau.
  • Sir Nicholas: Peter Holmes.
  • Sir Joseph: Joseph Carow.
  • Lord Howard: Gene Kelton.
  • Lady Jerane: Jerane Michel.
  • Lord Casper: Casper Roos.
  • Sir Steven: Jack Schwartz.
  • Sir Paul: Paul Richards.

Musical Numbers

  1. Prologue
  2. Many Moons Ago - Minstrel, Court
  3. An Opening for a Princess - Prince Dauntless, Lady Larken, Knights and Ladies
  4. In a Little While - Lady Larken, Sir Harry
  5. In a Little While (reprise) - Lady Larken, Sir Harry
  6. Shy - Princess Winnifred, Sir Studley, Knights and Ladies
  7. The Minstrel, the Jester and I - The King, Minstrel, Jester
  8. Sensitivity - The Queen, Wizard
  9. (The) Swamps of Home - Princess Winnifred, Prince Dauntless, Ladies
  10. Normandy - Minstrel, Jester, The King, Lady Larken
  11. Spanish Panic - Minstrel, Lady Jerane, Lady Beatrice, The Queen, Princess Winnifred, Prince Dauntless, Knights and Ladies
  12. Song of Love - Prince Dauntless, Princess Winnifred, Knights and Ladies
  13. Quiet - Jester, Knights and Ladies
  14. Happily Ever After - Princess Winnifred
  15. Man to Man Talk - The King, Prince Dauntless
  16. Very Soft Shoes - Jester, Knights and Ladies
  17. Yesterday I Loved You - Sir Harry, Lady Larken
  18. Lullaby - Nightingale of Samarkand
  19. Finale - Entire Court

Scenes and Settings

The action takes place in a small kingdom in medieval times.

Act 1

  • Scene 1: Throne Room.
  • Scene 2: The Yellow Gallery.
  • Scene 3: Courtyard.
  • Scene 4: A Corridor.
  • Scene 5: Winnifred's Dressing Chamber.
  • Scene 6: The Grey Gallery.
  • Scene 7: On the Greensward.
  • Scene 8: The Yellow Gallery.
  • Scene 9: Great Hall.

Act 2

  • Scene 1: Castle.
  • Scene 2: Winnifred's Dressing Chamber.
  • Scene 3: A Corrdior.
  • Scene 4: Wizard's Chamber.
  • Scene 5: The Grey Gallery.
  • Scene 6: The Bed Chamber.
  • Scene 7: A Corridor.
  • Scene 8: Breakfast Hall.
Source: http://www.guidetomusicaltheatre.com/shows_o/once_upon_mattress.htm