MDI Drama Costuming

Welcome to MDI Drama's Costume Closet!

Costume Borrowing Policy

Over the course of the past fifteen years we have greatly expanded our costume collection. A large percentage of the pieces were designed and constructed by our costumer, most notably the historical period pieces.

We are glad to assist AOS 91 schools and island community non-profit groups by supplementing their productions with items from our collection. Though we can offer a reasonable number of pieces, we can not costume entire shows. All borrowed items must by returned having been professionally cleaned. Please note that we do not loan wigs or jewelry.

MDIHS students may not borrow costumes for class projects.

We do not loan costumes for personal use.

Our costumer, Marilee Marchese, is glad to offer guidance and recommendations for your costuming projects. She can be reached at or by calling her at home at 244-5105 (Nov.-June), or 244-7616 (July through Oct.).

Our costume storage is thanks to the tireless efforts of Marilee Marchese, costume volunteers like Chris Dougherty and Frank Bachman and the construction expertise of former MDI Drama tech director Eric Henry. 

Photo credit: Sean Keady

A glimpse into our costume collection...

Once Upon a Mattress

The Pajama Game

The Real Inspector Hound

The Birds