MDI Drama Staff

Current MDI Drama Staff (L to R): Casey Rush, Carlene Hirsch, Frank Bachman, Marilee Marchese, 
Chris Dougherty, and Grey Burkart.


Management and Tech Staff

        Casey Rush, MDI Drama Director -

        Grey Burkart, Tech Director (Lighting and Sound) -

        Carlene Hirsch, Tech Director (Scenic Design) -

        Marilee Marchese, Costume Director -

Production Directors

        Frank Bachman, Fall Musical Director, Spring Play Director -

        Chris Dougherty, Spring Play Director -

        Casey Rush, One-Act Play Director -

Musical Staff

        Frank Bachman, Fall Musical Director -

        Tami Willis, Choreographer -

        Annie Leonardi, Vocal and 
Pit Orchestra Director -

MDIHS Administration

          Matt Haney, Principal -

          Bunky Dow, Student Activities Director, Facilities Coordinator -


MDI Drama Staff 2010-2011 Year-in-Review Meeting: (L-R) Mark Smith, Peter 
Miller, Chris Dougherty, Frank Bachman, Marilee Marchese and Casey Rush