MAMMA MIA! - Fall Musical 2019

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Sophie Sheridan - Born and raised on an island - Molly Collins
Ali - Sophie’s friend - Dezi Zaman
Lisa - Sophie’s friend - Camille Michaud
Donna Sheridan - Sophie’s mother, former Dynamo - Alexandra Stavnesli
Tanya - Donna’s friend, former Dynamo - Lily Crikelair
Rosie - Donna’s friend, former Dynamo - Claire Sanner

Young Donna - Original Dynamo - Ashley Graves
Young Tanya - Original Dynamo - Sarah Cook   
Young Rosie  - Original Dynamo - Stella Walke
Sky - Sophie’s finance - Colby Bennoch
Pepper - Barman at Taverna, Sky’s pal - Rex Demuro
Eddie - Worker at Taverna, Sky’s pal - Winslow Jeffery
Harry Bright- May be Sophie’s father - Finn Hansbury
Bill Anderson - May be Sophie’s father - Zach Uliano
Sam Carmichael - May be Sophie’s father - Alexander Shepard
Ruby - Donna’s mother - Moxie McBreairty
Mothers Trio - Mothers of daughters - Bella Walke, Anna Redgate, Maggie Murray
Syble Alexandrios – Local Island marriage officiant - Rawl Blackett

ISLAND RESIDENTS, WORKERS, VISITORS: Hayden Braun, Spencer Clark-Lovejoy, Eva Crikelair, Grace Curry, Ly Dillon, Alifair "Faye" Durand, Aaron Durgin, Mia Eason, Yarrow Fabian, Katrina Hardy, Alida Hodgkins, Zoë Horton, Megan Huff, Cassandra Keene, Julianna Lee, Bryce MacGregor, Julia Moses, Ava Philbrook, Eli Price, Amber Rinaldi, Emily Veith, CassieLyn Willis



PROLOGUE - The Courtyard

1. Overture

2. I Have a Dream Prologue - Sophie

SCENE ONE - Same – Sophie, Ali, Lisa
3. Honey Honey - Sophie, Lisa, Ali (offstage singers) - Moxie, Ashley, Stella, Sarah, Bella, Maggie, Anna, Alida, Ly, Spencer, Dade, Bryce, Eli

SCENE TWO - Taverna – Tanya, Rosie, Donna, Sophie, Sky, Pepper, Eddie,
4. Money, Money, Money - Donna, Sophie, Tanya, Rosie, Taverna Staff - Moxie, Ashley, Stella, Katrina, Eli, Spencer, Bryce, Dade, Ly, Mia, CassieLyn, Julianna, Faye, Eva, Emily, Zoe             
Taverna Visitors group 1 - Anna, Maggie, Bella, Sarah, Rawl, Katera, Jenee’, Alida, Julia,   
Taverna Visitors group 2 - Ava, Cassie, Yarrow, Megan, Amber, Aaron, Grace, Hayden
4a. Scene Change

SCENE THREE - Same - Harry, Bill, Sam, Sophie
5. Thank You For the Music - Harry, Sophie, Bill, Sam (off stage singers - Dezi, Camille, Moxie, Anna, Maggie, Alida, Sarah, Ashley, Stella, Ly, Spencer, Bryce, Eli, Dade)
6. Mamma Mia - Donna, Harry, Bill, Sam, (off stage singers– full company)

SCENE FOUR - Donna’s Room- Tanya, Rosie, Donna
7. Chiquiita - Rosie, Tanya, Donna  (off stage singers - Moxie, Stella, Maggie, Sarah, Alida, Ly, Eva, CassieLyn, Dezi, Camille)
8. Dancing Queen* - Young Donna, Young Tanya, Young Rosie, plus Rosie, Tanya, Donna (off stage singers - Full Company) *choreography by Ashley Graves
8a. Scene Change

SCENE FIVE - The Courtyard - Sky, Sophie, Pepper, Eddie
9. Lay All Your Love On Me - Sky, Sophie, Pepper Eddie, Sky’s Pals  Eli, Ly, Dade, Spencer, Bryce, Hayden, (entering later) Ali, Lisa Moxie, Bella, Anna, Maggie, Rawl, Katrina, CassieLyn, Mia, Julianna, Faye, Eva, Emily, Zoe, Alida

SCENE SIX- Taverna - Sophie, Lisa, Ali, Party Goers, Donna, Tanya, Rosie, later Harry, Bill, Sam
10. Super Trouper - Donna, Tanya, Rosie plus Sophie, Lisa, Ali, and (onstage Party goers) Ashley, Sarah, Stella, Moxie, Bella, Anna, Maggie, Rawl, Katrina, CassieLyn, Mia, Julianna, Faye, Eva, Emily, Zoe, Alida, Katera, Jenee’, Grace, Ava, Cassie, Yarrow, Megan, Amber, Julia
11. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme - Lisa, Ali Sophie, Harry, Bill, Sam (onstage Party goers - Ashley, Sarah, Stella, Moxie, Bella, Anna, Maggie, Rawl, Katrina, CassieLyn, Mia, Julianna, Faye, Eva, Emily, Zoe, Alida, Katera, Jenee’, Grace, Ava, Cassie, Yarrow, Megan, Amber, Julia)

SCENE SEVEN - The Jetty – Sophie, Bill
12. Name of the Game - Sophie, Bill (off stage singers - Moxie, Bella, Anna, Maggie, Dezi, Camille, Ashley, Stella, Sarah, Bryce, Spencer, Dade, Eli)

SCENE EIGHT - Courtyard (Nightclub)  Bill, Sophie, Lisa, Ali, Sam, Harry, Full Cast
13. Voulez Vous -  Full Cast


14. Entr’acte

SCENE ONE - Sophie’s Dream Bedroom- Sophie, Dads, Sky
14a. Under Attack – Sophie, Dads, Sky and Full Cast (except Donna, Tanya, Rosie)
SCENE TWO – Courtyard - Donna, Sophie, Sky, Pepper, Eddie, plus Eli, Spencer, Bryce, 
15. One of Us - Donna
16. S.O.S. - Donna, Sam

SCENE THREE - The Beach Pub - Tanya, Pepper, Eddie, Harry, Rosie, Bill plus Beach Goers
17. Does Your Mother Know - Tanya, Pepper, Eddie, Lisa, Ali, Beach Goers – Moxie, Ashley, Katrina, Mia, CassieLyn, Faye, Eva, Emily, Stella, Ly, Spencer, Bryce, Dade, Hayden, also entering later after dance break - Rawl, Bella, Maggie, Anna, Alida, Ava, Jenee’, Katera, Aaron, Eli, Julia, Julianna, Zoe, Cassie, Grace, Amber, Yarrow, Ava

18. Knowing Me, Knowing You - Sam

SCENE FOUR - Donna’s Room - Donna, Harry, then Sophie, then Sam
19. Our Last Summer - Harry, Donna, (off stage singers) Full cast
19a Intro Slipping Through My Fingers (Scene) Donna, Sophie
20. Slipping Through My Fingers – Ruby, Mothers Trio plus on stage Yng Donna, Yng Tanya, Yng Rosie, Ali, Lisa
21. Winner Takes It All - Donna
21a. Scene Change

SCENE FIVE - Courtyard - Rosie, Bill
22. Take a Chance on Me - Rosie, Bill (off stage singers full cast)
22a. Dancing Queen Hymn - Full Cast
SCENE - Syble Alexandrios, Sophie, Sky, Full cast
23. I Do, I Do, I Do -  Sam, Tanya, Rosie,  Donna, Full cast

SCENE SIX - The Jetty - Sophie, Sky,  Harry, Bill, Sam, Donna
24. I Have a Dream - Sophie, (off stage full cast)

BOWS - Full Cast
25. Bows - Company bows, Principal Bows
26. Mamma Mia Bows - Full Cast- all singing, all dancing
27. Dancing Queen Bows - Donna, Tanya, Rosie, Young Donna, Young Tanya, Young Rosie, Full Cast
28. Waterloo - Full Cast- all singing, all dancing
29. Play Out