MDIHS/HIggins-Demas Theater Rental Policy


These policies are in effect for paying rentals and non paying school use.  Please contact Student Activities Director Bunky Dow at or 288-5011, ext. 3327 for further information.

1.    General Rental Policy: 
a.    Mount Desert Island High School may be used for educational and cultural projects.
b.    There will be a minimum fee of $25.00 per day for any renter.

2.    Specific Rental Fees:

a.    Gymnasium: $300.00 per day
b.    Auditorium: $300.00 per day (Capacity seating - 396, no temporary seating can be added.)
c.    Cafeteria: $200.00 per day
d.    Kitchen:  $150.00 per day (If the kitchen is to be used, the renter shall employ for supervision, at least one regular high school lunch worker at a rate prescribed by the principal.)
e.    Classroom: $80.00 per day
f.    Tech Crew: $10.00 per hour per student if special lighting affects are required by the renter.
g.    Gymnasium Floor:  In the event that an event is held in the Gym, the renter must cover the gymnasium floor with protective covering such as plastic, or be responsible for fees associated with doing so.  (To be determined by athletic director if this needs to be done.)
h.    Police Coverage:  The renter is responsible for any police coverage at a rate determined by the police department ($40.00 per hr. currently)


1.    There will be an additional $25.00 per day light fee for any activity at MDIHS.
2.    Any rental rates may be amended, by the principal or school committee, as the situation warrants.  (If no admission is charged and the applicant represents a non-profit organization, then the fee may be waived or changed.  Principal will inform the school committee if rental and fees are altered.)


1.    All applications shall be submitted sufficiently ahead of time so that all activities are approved two weeks before the activity takes place.
2.    There shall be adequate police coverage at all times. The principal shall determine what is adequate.
3.    The rented area may not be changed in any way without prior approval in writing from the principal.
4.    The renter will be responsible for any vandalism/damage occurring during their use of the building.
5.    There will be NO SMOKING in the building or on the premises.
6.    There will be no use of drugs or alcohol in any form during these activities.
7.    A member of the Mount Desert Island High School custodial staff must be hired at the rate of $18.50 per hour.
8.    No dogs are allowed in the building.  
9.    The school is not responsible for any equipment, supplies, or items left at school -- any items left at school are left at the renter's expense and responsibility.  

ADOPTED 11/18/85 (Last Revised 9/18/2000)
REVISED 2/2004